Monday, July 13, 2009

Alan Watts on dissolution

Via Posthuman Blues
"As so long as we can be scared of that, and so long that we can made to think that death is a bad thing we can be ruled. That is why no government likes mystics. Because if we define the mystic as the person who is no longer scared of death. Because the mystic is in the simplest possible language the person who understands, that you have to have nothing to have something. So you can't fundamentally scare the mystic with death. Say: What end can it all come to, what's all the trouble about? The most it can come to is nothing."
Alan Watts


the BCth said...

I tell myself I'm not scared of death, and I know there is nothing to fear, but my actions betray the regrettable truth: on some mysterious level, I am still afraid. How to transcend that, I know not, except by long endeavour to remember the truth of what is.

gordon said...

alan watts with a little Godspeed! you black emperor accompanyment, perfect

Figgs said...

I'm pretty sure I'm not scared of death. I've had close calls in cars, bikes, and even swam out off a coast really far once, and I just knew I could die if I were not able to respond accordingly. Such moments really serve me as a reminder that life is delicate, yet abundant. There's something precious there. The will to sustain perfect health is strong in me, so I just may survive until I no longer need to.

And when it's time to face the Threshold at the time of Death, I will be ready to strip away my ego and become the deathless nothingness.. or divine soul radiance which integrates the lessons of its most recently ended phase of existence to advance along a mysterious eternity of wandering and seeking further union with the source of creation. Whatever the case may be, I will gratefully participate in it. :D

nonpoint831 said...

Great video. Death has interested me more and more lately, and even just recently i've dealt with a death of a very close family member not even a week ago, and this video helps broaden my view towards death. My views on death started to open up while reading The Death and Trial of Socrates. But anyways, good, simple truth in this video; awesome! Thanks adding, and keep this website running, I come here all the time!