Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Red Knight: Dragon Rulers and the Tree of Life

Remember The Red Knight I posted before, well I somehow 'manifested' a free digital camera, and while it's quite visible from the image quality it's a free one, perhaps I'll be able to make bigger posts with clearer shots in the near future.

We start with the album Hydra.
The Hydra is a primeval monster that VLAD DRAKUL conjures up to help him keep his power. The next album is even more forward.
That's the "Son of the Dragon" showing Vlad Drakul and his evil accomplice Demoniah in the back.
Vlad Drakul: Now the conjuring ritual of CHAVAJOTH, the demon of my ancestors!
From the smoke, the demon: "Greetings Vlad Drakul, last of the Dragon Rulers! What do you desire of me, CHAVAJOTH the timeless one?
Vlad: Assistance for the completion of my revenge on Johan, the Red Knight! Grant me a combatant!
Chavajoth: Your ancestors honored and served me! But not you, Drakul! Why would I help you?
Vlad: Don't mock me CHAVAJOTH! Do you know this black withered, blood inscripted piece of human skin? The pact between you and my kin! Help me! By the seal of Salomo!
Chavajoth: Calm down Drakul! I was only testing you! You are indeed initiated and your request will be granted. Of course I do require a little compensation... your soul!!!
Vlad: Later! First... my vengeance!
Chavajoth: The personal intervention of a Hell King would let the Powers of Light strike back destructively. No I will not join you myself. But I will loan you another servant of Darkness... (Demoniah).
Later the Red Knight and Merlin find a golden sarcophagus.
In the half withered hands of the Mummy King a golden chest rests that Merlin opens at once.
Merlin: "Gold tablets... full of cryptic symbols! My God I realize what this is! This defies all imagination!
Remember the Atomium Sync Trail post? This depiction of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life sure looks a lot like the atomium as well.
Merlin: With this one can lift life on earth or destroy it!
Merlin: I have every reason to worry about the hidden knowledge Johan! The only possible solution is this! Gone with it! In the future this knowlegde will be rediscovered... hopefully by then man will be able to supress the immense power that rests in it...


ViølatoR said...

Sheesh! The golden pages of strange symbols is the Book of Thoth which was written on gold leaf and sealed in several layers of boxes. I like the "By the seal of Salomo!" Not very subtle is it?

dedroidify said...

heh got that right