Monday, July 13, 2009

Obama is a Reptilian Shapeshifter, wait, what?!

First a friendly reminder that all posts are just possible/probable, and not what I "believe". For instance, I'm absolutely agnostic when it comes to lizzies. The only reason I didn't e-prime that title is for the humor! Just following a DS9 sync trail here! Benjamin Sisko resonating Obama strongly, I find the following tidbits from a couple of episodes interesting.

Star Trek DS9 6x06 The Sacrifice of Angels
Reptilian Cardassian Gul Dukat in Sisko's place on DS9
Holding Sisko's Baseball
The USS Defiant's only option at one point is to enter the
wormhole and destroy as much of the Dominion troops
before they reach the Alpha Quadrant.
A desperate suicide mission...
or so it seems...

But, Sisko is the emissary/messiah remember
The prophets help him out in a vision, they are in the stargate after all!
That vision starts with him, holding his imaginary invisible baseball, hmm.

"The Game must go on!" say the prophets in the appearance of the people he knows,
like Dukat, holding the baseball again, hello let your mind associate the two now thanks ;)
And guess who hands over the baseball to Sisko when defeated, why Gul Dukat of course.

Moving on to episode 6x09 Statistical Probabilities...
Damar has been granted Gul Dukat's old place by the Vorta, cause Dukat went mad after Damar killed his daughter and Dukat stayed on DS9 and was captured.
"Pretender! You don't belong on that throne!"
It takes a genetically engineered (and crazy) human to realize it...
basically that line applies to every 'ruler' btw ;)

But the crazy guy said it because this Third Eye Lizzy belongs on the throne in the DS9 story, interesting lighting huh? This lizzy who has become rather mad again after being initially cured, stranded with Sisko on a planet, hallucinated talking to people who aren't there voicing his subconscious thought processes in the episode 6x11 Waltz. In the next Sisko episode 6x13 Far Beyond the Stars, Sisko gets his own psychotic episode, imagining himself back in time in the USA when all men apparently weren't created that equal (racism sensitivity episode!)
More lizzie hints, Cassidy puts on Sisko's Hoffman Lenzes so he can see the lizzies too... ;)
"YOU CAN'T DESTROY AN IDEA! That's ancient knowledge!"
Sisko's father was the They-Live preacher from the prophets in this episode
Just like the Hoffman-lenzes sunglasses, from They Live, a movie about aliens secretly ruling our planet.
As Sisko ends his vision/psychosis and 'shapeshifts' to his old self again.

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