Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Antero Alli: The Eight-Circuit Brain (Excerpt from new book)

Reality Sandwich is featuring an excerpt from Antero Alli's new book The Eight-Circuit Brain: Navigational Strategies for the Energetic Body, forthcoming from Vertical Pool Publishing.
The Four Survival Circuits: Their Fixations and Anchors

Each of the first four "survival circuits" are driven by variations on the primary will to survive. Fixations refer to any concentration and investment of consciousness in specific events and experiences that activate a given circuit. Fixation also demonstrates how consciousness can become fixed, or "stuck," in one circuit over another by overemphasis. Anchors refer to how we know a circuit has been earned and integrated and is ready to serve as a stabilizing influence, or anchor, for absorbing and integrating the shock from its higher overtone function (1 & 5, 2 & 6, 3 & 7, 4 & 8; more on this later).

C-1 Physio-Biological Intelligence; the will to survive fixations: food, shelter, self-preservation, material goods, safety and security.

Anchor: degree of confidence earned and maintained to assure physical survival.

C-2 Emotional-Territorial Intelligence; the will to power fixations: self-defense, territoriality, status, ego-strength, emotional honesty.

Anchor: degree of emotional confidence earned and maintained to assure personal worth.

C-3 Symbolic-Conceptual Intelligence; the will to sanity fixations: thinking, problem solving, analysis, semantics, system theories.

Anchor: degree of mental confidence earned and maintained to assure peace of mind.

C-4 Social-Moral Intelligence; the will to socialize fixations: friendship, domestication, sexual rites and tribal identity, ethical codes, religions.

Anchor: degree of social confidence earned and maintained to assure sense of belonging.

The Four Post-Survival Circuits: Their Catalysts and Shocks

Catalysts refer to whatever triggers and stimulates the specific energy, or current, innate to a given circuit. Shocks refer to the specific impact these currents and energies have to stimulate growth and evolution in their corresponding survival circuits, i.e., 5 & 1, 6 & 2, 7 & 3, and 8 & 4.

C-5 Somatic Intelligence of Body Wisdom and Five Senses

Catalysts: whatever triggers the experience of rapture, communion with nature, tantra (yoga, meditation, ritual), charisma, second wind, falling in love (endorphins) and the expanding presence of being here now.

The Shocks of Ecstasy and Bliss (absence of suffering).

C-6 Intuitive-Psychic Intelligence of the Brain, Spine, & CNS.

Catalysts: whatever triggers the experience of the energetic body or aura, the second attention, intuition, clairvoyance and other psychic abilities, ritual magick, reality selection, direct perception of a relative nature of reality.

The Shocks of Uncertainty and Freedom (absence of falsely assumed certitudes and dogmas).

C-7 Mytho-Poetic Genetic Intelligence of DNA and the Planetary Entity.

Catalysts: whatever triggers the experience of ancestral and past life memories, autonomous archetypes, synchronicity, planetary (Gaia) mind, cosmic consciousness.

The Shocks of Indivisibility and Cosmic Unity (absence of dualistic consciousness).

C-8 Quantum-Nonlocal Intelligence of Subatomic interactions.

Catalysts: whatever triggers near death experience, out of body experiences, the dreambody/dreamtime continuum, communion with Void and the mysterious singularity at the heart of subatomic activity.

The Shocks of Death and Impermanence (absence of ego-identification and release from physical body).
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