Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Robert Anton Wilson talks about Alfred Korzybski, Friedrich Nietzsche,...

Robert Anton Wilson talks about Alfred Korzybski, Friedrich Nietzsche,... (Check out Discordian420's channel)

In this clip, Robert Anton Wilson talks about the influence of Alfred Korzybski, Friedrich Nietzsche, Benjamin Tucker, Karl Popper, Timothy Leary, Harry Stack Sullivan, Eric Berne, Wilhelm Reich, and James DeMeo on his books and ideas.
"There is nothing rationally desirable that cannot be achieved sooner if rationality itself increases. Work to achieve Intelligence Intensification is work to achieve all our sane and worthwhile goals." -Robert Anton Wilson


Push Trailer

Do they still make action movies that don't involve the paranormal? ;) [btw, remember labels in this and any post are just probable] The Lead actor in this has the facial expression range of Seagal and the movie was kinda disturbingly pushing very young Dakota Fanning's legs.
Who I saw last week in a bit of the terrible Spielberg's War of the Worlds again, geez she's annoying in that one. Tom Cruise-Control can drive anywhere through Alien-attacked New York and an area where a few planes crashed :p and while they flee NY both kids together ask the following just a little too much "IS IT THE TERRORISTS?" "WHAT IS IT? IS IT TERRORISTS?"

Will Ferrell as Bush & more

SNL Clip: Will Ferrell Goodnight Saigon (tribute to Billy Joel's Vietnam-vet anthem) Darrell Hammond wtf ;p, song starts after a minute or so. Featuring Tom Hanks, Anne Hathaway, Paul Rudd, Green Day and many many more.

Will Ferrell is GWB in You're Welcome America
Quite underwhelming but a few laughs

These two SNL season finale links work for yankeedoodles only:
Cheney & Bush reunited & The ghost of Harry Carey on SNL Weekend Update "Waterboarding is torture"

My favorite:

Will Ferrell as Bush

Government Motors: The first RED President

American taxpayers celebrate as they become owners of 60% of GM! ;)

The Future of Psychedelics - an Interview with Alexander T. "Sasha" Shulgin

The Future of Psychedelics - an Interview with Alexander T. "Sasha" Shulgin by Dee
"...Sasha claims to be inspired partly by the history of Wilhelm Reich and considers Castanada to be his model and hero, not only seeing psychedelics as a potential enrichment to everyday life, but also as a means to increasing personal insight and expansion of one's mental and emotional horizons.

Psychedelics may be best defined as physically non-addictive compounds which temporarily alter the state of one's consciousness. Sasha believes that the use of psychedelic drugs, including the minor risks involved (an occasional difficult experience or perhaps some body malaise) are more than balanced by the potential for learning. He has a strong preference for psychedelics over heroin or cocaine (especially crack), both of which he has tried, because he feels both tend to allow the user to escape from who he or she really is, even to the point, from who you are not. Heroin, in particular, he feels, creates a loss of motivation and alertness and under its influence, nothing seems important to him. Cocaine, on the other hand stimulates a sense of power, but also the inescapable knowledge that it is not true power.

There is a healthy dose of humour in Sasha's writings and I was looking forward to talking with him about the future of psychedelics and the likely highs for the 21st C."
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