Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bill Killed: David Carradine found hung in Thailand

David Carradine at age 72 apparently hung himself in Thailand, autoerotic asphyxiation is also suspected. Another possibility is suicided, possibleas Carradine comes from a family of actors along with the hanged-man archetype returning with a celebrity death (see Heath Ledger of course), maybe more will bubble up later in the synchrosphere. He had spoken of suicide before his death though.

I liked this quote:
"I'm not afraid of anything. Why would you be afraid of death? It would be an inconvenience. I have a lot of undone things and it's bound to get in the way. But, no, it doesn't scare me at all."

Double Jeopardy: It all started on the MORNING STAR

This movie just started on tv, and grabbed my conspiracy reality tunnel's attention for a while. Sorry short post with some random pickings, I saw this terrible movie before and don't wanna go through that again. But man this makes me wonder how much we'd see if we really start paying attention and know what to look for.

Plot: A woman framed for her husband's murder suspects he is still alive; as she has already been tried for the crime, she can't be re-prosecuted if she finds and kills him.

Opening lines, mother Libby (jack) PARSONS to child, fishing on the shore, son's lines start with a -, interpret it as 'them' talking to us:
I'm hungry I hope we catch something (with this movie)
Hey help me pull, turn this slowly, slowly! (we help 'them', slowly)
-I am doing it slowly...
Oh matty look
you see that
you see that big boat out there (and a one)
she is the prettiest boat on whidbey island (and a two)
that's the MORNING STAR (hellooo, Lucifer)
someday when yo'ure big enough we're gonna teach you how to sail, it's the best thing there is sailing
-better than fishing?
yeah but you know what kiddo, I don't think I want you to grow up (heh)
-why (easier to control)
what if you grow up and marry some beautiful girl who's gonna go sailing with me then?
not a chance.

The Coast Guard boat approaches Morning Star:
Morning Star! This is the coast guard put the knife down now and step away!
-I don't know, I don't know... where my husband is!

the 911 call from the husband:
Mayday, mayday, this is Morning Star.
-State your emergency. -I've been stabbed.
I'm bleeding. Jesus... My name is Nicholas Parsons.
-State your position? -I don't know.
Three miles northwest of Whidbey Island, I guess.
Oh, God!

In court:
Mrs. Parsons, you've heard the testimony presented to this court, -
-and your explanation is that someone must have climbed aboard the Morning Star.
That's right.
Well, let's consider all the possibilities.
Maybe a band of pirates. Or aliens. Did aliens murder your husband?
No, aliens weren't beneficiaries in your husband's life insurance policy.

Also interesting from a dvd review site:
"Sporadic negative dirt (during second unit photography, such as establishing shots of a cursed boat, The Morning Star) hardly downgrades my opinion of the image, which is letterboxed at 2.35:1."

Can You Feel IT?

Thanks to Alienpunk for the heads up on the crazy symbolism in this vid

The Jacksons - Can You Feel It

The video starts with some of their prime directives
In the beginning the land was pure
Even in the early morning light
You could see the beauty in the thorns of nature
Soon men and women of every color and shape would be here too
And they would find it all too easy sometimes not to see the colors
And to ignore the beauty in each other
But they would never lose sight of the dream of A better world that
They could unite and build together in triumph

More of the lyrics which are supposedly Jehova Witness (freemasonic creation)
inspired as MJ was one then. The song was also used by psycho-illusionist Derren Brown in 2006, Derren Brown used the song along with various other psychological motivators to convince a group of 4 people to each commit a bank robbery by their own free will.
The symbolism of the video speaks for itself:

5 eye pyramids in a row:
illuminati all seeing-eye pyramid the jacksons
freemasonic freemasons all seeing-eye pyramid the jacksons

Through the Stargate:

Pyramid and Rainbow:
And the humans in trance just how they like us
Later MJ included this in his lyrics, and the 2 "They don't care about us" videos are pretty good as well. What happened after that were probably the consequences...

California Beach Devils, Fractality, and The Muses of The One Eyed God

California Beach Devils, Fractality, and The Muses of The One Eyed God

Excellent video by Labyrinth of the Psychonaut & HOWMusick

A Process of healing: Mindfulness style

Regina Stribling: Mindfulness has helped me time and again to be present and calm in my life during times of strife. These mindfulness awareness steps are adapted from my own experience with Buddhist psychology. Each phase is a phase of transformation and a phase of acceptance. A balance occurs through these phases by simply paying attention to what is occurring in the present moment. Jack Kornfield, a renowned Buddhist Psychologist, advocates for mindfulness through the integration of focus and investigation with concentration and tranquility in his dharma talk The Seven Factors of Enlightenment.

1. (Focus and Investigation) Recognizing the emotional/mental state or behavior: When an emotion or ruminating thoughts occur, the first step is becoming aware of what is occurring. Instead of following the scent of drama welled up in the emotions or thoughts, stop for a moment. What is actually happening right now? For example saying to myself, “I am feeling depressed about not being with him.” Is that the most honest answer? Is depression what I feel or is it a deep sense of loss? Truly asking myself, “What is this state I am feeling right now?” Then simply name the emotion or thought. For example: sadness, anger, thought about him/her.

2. (Concentration) Tending to the emotion/behavior through helpful tools: Helpful tools are those core positive coping mechanisms that assist in bringing peace to the mind and body. For example: mindful breathing, journalling, yoga, painting, biking etc. Most of our moments are filled with the not so positive tools of coping with life such as eating a carton of ice cream, driving recklessly through the mountains, or drinking a lot of wine. I chose rather unique examples because we each have our own ways of coping that are unique to the individual. We all know what is best for us and yet we continue to chose the seemingly “easier” option. Even so, this step is about honest concentration.

Only you know the positive coping mechanisms that support you in your life. If you don’t, ask someone who might know and can give you a hint.

3. (Awareness) Listening, paying attention, and being present with the emotion/behavior exactly as it is-honestly in a non-judgmental way: Upon finding the root to the emotion, I listen and pay attention to my sensations in my body. I may say to myself “Okay, I am really sad right now. I feel really low about him leaving. My hands are shaking and my heart hurts.” Really being aware of what is occurring as if I am an eagle soaring above the situation. Then I may say to myself, “It is okay to be sad right now.”

Once being present with the emotion occurs, then a space opens inside of us to recognize that the state or situation will not last. Saying to myself, an ancient Jewish line of wisdom, “This too shall pass.”

4. (Tranquility through Expression) Letting go/Releasing the emotion and eventually the situation: Releasing occurs in different ways. One way is being able to smile and laugh at the drama of the situation. Another is through crying, walking out the anger, or swinging on a swing. Ultimately the best way to release and let go of a pending emotion and situation is forgiveness. Yes, even Buddhists rely on forgiveness. Forgiveness in the form of self-forgiveness and also forgiving the other person/people involved. We all are only human and are doing the best we can in any given situation with what we have been given ourselves. Soygal Rinpoche (The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, HarperCollins Publications) writes about forgiveness as “Your feeling of being unforgiven and unforgivable is what makes you suffer so. But it only exists in your heart or mind.”

One aspect of feeling an emotion is that sometimes we indulge and sob excessively or punch walls to allow catharsis to happen. Yet simply allowing the emotion to be as it is without indulging allows for a greater sense of peace to eventually enter.

5. Positive Reframe: Bringing in balance by allowing space to exist: This last step is extremely helpful. Once going through the previous steps, you can then reframe the situation in a positive light. For example, seeing the loss of a boyfriend/girlfriend as an opportunity. Yes an opportunity for another situation perhaps an even better situation to occur. By honestly experiencing a challenging emotion/behavior/situation as an opportunity, you are more capable of letting go and accepting your life as it is, fully in the present moment. In doing so, the fire and storm around the situation lessens. The grip on your part in the drama becomes more loose which allows space to enter. When space enters, there is now room for peace to enter into a situation previously thought of as detrimental, hysterical, or never ending. The reframe may not happen right away, however, keeping the reframe in mind is a helpful beginning.

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