Thursday, April 5, 2012

In Minneapolis, the world's quietest room

There was an article in a Belgian paper recently about the quitest room, an anechoic chamber - I can't even imagine how noise must sound in there. It said the longest anyone has ever been able to remain in it was 45 minutes, a reporter. Because of the sensory deprivation, people start to hallucinate quite fast. The room is used to test the resolve of Astronauts to suppress hallucinations before they are allowed to go into space. It sounds so fascinating, I would love to give it a try, I also would love to find a flotation tank once like John Lilly used.


Wicca: a guide for the solitary practitioner by Scott Cunningham

I'm reading an actual book for once instead of a pdf! I'm really liking it so far, I needed some help with rituals and think I will find some helpful pointers in here. The author makes the link of Wicca to Shamanism which I, oddly enough, never made but makes so much sense.

From the Publisher: Cunningham’s classic introduction to Wicca is about how to live life magically, spiritually, and wholly attuned with nature. It is a book of sense and common sense, not only about magick, but about religion and one of the most critical issues of today: how to achieve the much needed and wholesome relationship with our Earth. Cunningham presents Wicca as it is today: a gentle, Earth-oriented religion dedicated to the Goddess and God. Wicca also includes Scott Cunningham’s own Book of Shadows and updated appendices of periodicals and occult suppliers.