Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kim De Gelder(anagram for Ledger) - the Joker Killer - to prison for life

Kim De Gelder, the cowardly poor excuse of a human being that killed 5 and injured 24 people, mostly babies in a nursery for the love of all that's sacred, is being sent to prison for life. There was a lot of confusion if he would be held accountable for his actions as his sanity was disputed by a lot of psychologists. Psychologists who apparently throw darts to come up with their theories. There were two big camps of "psychologists and experts" who were trying to convince the jury he was insane, and the other that he was accountable for his actions. Medication has almost been entirely ignored, as usual... But thankfully they're not sending this psychopath to a mental health facility but a prison.

Why I'm posting this is the weird connections to pop culture. He was obsessed with the Dark Knight, had died his hair red and his face was first reported to be in white makeup, though his attorney later denied that and just said his face was really pale. He had a history of depression and admitted to have heard voices in his head.

The nursery's name was Fabeltjesland, Little Fables-land, named after the fictional world of the children's series Fabeltjeskrant. Which means Little Fables Newspaper... the main character of this series was an owl, depicted here, you know like Molech is an owl. Holding a newspaper of fables. The opening song mentions - translated "today in the paper it is said, how the animals are doing. Because animals are just like humans. With the same human wishes. And the same human actions/shenanigans. That all appears in the paper of little fables land."
From another site: Upon his arrest, Gelder was found carrying a list of nurseries, three knives, and an axe. He displayed erratic behavior, strange fits of laughter, and weird smiles. When asked what he was doing, Gelder’s only response was “I have a question.” The bizarre quote is reminiscent of a scene in the Dark Knight movie when the Joker violently gatecrashes a party looking for the character of Harvey Dent. “I only have one question: where is Harvey Dent? I’ll settle for his loved ones,” says the character played by Ledger, before threatening a woman with a knife. The media quickly picked up on the similarities between Gelder’s actions and the Batman movie, including the fact that the name Gelder is an anagram for Ledger, but investigators have dismissed the coincidence and said it is not relevant. 
You have to wonder about that movie and all the deaths it has led to. Are you able to dismiss it all as coincidence with all the events? I'm not sure I can. The wikipedia page of the movie mentions nothing of its aftermath.

"Tonight you are all going to be part of a social experiment."
The Joker

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