Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Little bits of wisdom from Man with the Iron Fists

The Buddha is the enlightened one. The one who sees clearly through his third eye, which is the mind. The Buddha nature... we all have it. But because of the design of our flesh, we do not go according to our nature. The five colors blind the eyes, thus when we see through the veil of color of skin we see all men are the same, and all life is precious.

Abbot, why do you sit in silence here for so long?
Abbot: Words are traps for ideas. Once the idea is caught, the trap is no longer needed. Thus, he who knows, does not speak. This is called, mind to mind. Heart to heart.

Abbot, why so many frightening images?
Abbot: When one is young, righteousness is instilled by fear. When one is in the middle, it's by choice. When one obtains the light, he performs Dharma through understanding.

As the old saying goes. Hairs represent earthly trouble... Thus we shave our hair off.

Although chi exists naturally in your body, we can also extract it from the nature around us. Our special elixir... "gold nectar" can restore your chi. You have absorbed your lessons well, your heart is pure and your chi is strong. Your next lessons are destined to come from somewhere else.

In the beginning there was the word, yet when man failed to hear the word, we were forced to teach by action. The chi in your body travels through the twelve vessels and builds up in your dantien. The triple burners (?!) convert all particles to energy. By learning to regulate breath, you're controlling your chi, a man is capable of amazing feats. If one can finds the source to one's own energy, he can transmute that energy to activate inanimate objects - oooh that's how his iron fists work! :p Ok nevermind most of the last paragraph!

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