Sunday, April 7, 2013

Alien Encounters - pilot with Whitley Shrieber & Audrey Hewins

I found this on a torrent site but apparently can't find a decent official webpage about it. This page on the Biography Channel's website (here it's called Alien Intent though) has a little summary but the links in the menu on the left are not related to the show.
"For those who feel that they've survived a close encounter with an extraterrestrial, questions linger and torment them long after the incident has ended: Who were these things? Where did they come from? Am I losing my mind? Why was I chosen? In this special, world-renowned UFO expert Whitley Strieber attempts to answer these questions, by helping those who are struggling to find closure from their haunting and seemingly very real personal encounters. Strieber, along with a network of leading scientists and researchers, tackle the UFO phenomenon on a human level, reaching out to those who have had paranormal experiences with an objective mindset and a determination to find the truth."
I thought it was pretty scary stuff, Strieber and Hewins recounting their alleged experiences. Aliens abducting humans to alter their DNA, and seeing an alien-human hybrid child is just a little of what you'll see re-enacted on this show...


Stefan Avalos said...

f you like this and want to see more, email Bio and tell them you want to see more of this show.
It was a pilot and if they don't hear from people and get Neilsen numbers that reflect anything, they won't make more episodes. You could make a difference.

Dedroidify said...

Speaking only for myself, I'm from Belgium not the US so won't affect the ratings much either way, but I didn't like the show that much: I found it excessively fear mongering - if what they say isn't true or exaggerated which is impossible to verify.

TLDR: I wouldn't cause the pilot scared me shitless for a few days :p