Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WTF - 11000 people on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is innocent Facebook page

I've deleted my Boston Bombings related posts because I don't wanna be associated with people like this... I never came to a conclusion, I listed evidence and interesting info that could be related to a conspiracy. I quote myself "Some more conspiracy related info, no idea what to think of it myself." But each year I just wanna distance myself more from the "conspiracy community". I'd rather be a closet conspiracy researcher than be associated with what's going on online. There's a difference between good media/government skepticism and this, jumping to conclusions while falling flat on your face. Maybe it's time most of the people who are crying to wake up, wake up themselves, they're obviously talking in their sleep.


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I occasionally visit your blog, although I don't really subscribe to your views on a lot of what you've written about (you may feel the same about my blog, if you've ever seen it) Anyway, I agree with you in what you're saying here today. THIS is exactly what I was trying to explain with my 'review' about Ed Chiarini and whether he's a necessary evil...or not....THIS is exactly what I was talking about..and what I assumed would eventually occur...the 'theories' are turning up and being reported in the mainstream now...perfect fodder for destroying independent thought, and a surefire way to discredit ALL researchers (whoever they are/what ever they believe). It doesn't necessarily mean that the orignal 'theory' is wrong/mistaken...but NOW anything can be turned into a 'nut job's theory'...THIS is potentially very dangerous for all of us...I know you've deleted your post but it may be very difficult to unentangle yourself from the 'conspiracy theorist' web... Some very accurate, thoroughly researched 'theories' are all now at jeopardy because of this going so mainstream


SURESHOT1978 said...

Ditto dude.

I have reached the point of over saturation!

with all of it..
I think that maybe
things of this nature are
either being coopted by
people that
maybe are helping to guide the
wheel of this vehicle into a

and its becoming
very hard to not start to
see the word "Conspiracy"
as what it was back in the day..

now If I say
I don't know about "XYZ"
because it doesn't make sense?

they can play a Youtube video
of some crazy Nut freezing
a Bush video and
talking about the Shapeshifter agenda!?!
and some how now that
becomes what im saying!?!


I just observe
and feed my curiosity now.

but that's it..
change what I can
with myself
and focus on positive
aspects of my relatively short time
on this fucking Rock.

me llamo

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Try these.