Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bashar al-Assad (with Russia & China) Versus the People of Syria

A Belgian news journalist is in Syria reporting on the hopeless situation. The Syrians tell him they are getting hopeless that after two years the international community is still not helping. Syria is getting increased media coverage in Belgium because several Belgian young people are going to Syria to fight alongside the rebels... One father is there now trying to find his son.

This situation in Syria is of course still going on partly thanks to the vetos in the UN by the heartless diplomats of China and Russia... Incredible and just ridiculous how useless the UN is. The government are even using air strikes on its own citizens and the west is still largely ignoring this conflict... This is a country in the Middle East where people want democracy, where are the "world police" who like spreading democracy so much? Oh, what's that? Distraction incoming.

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