Monday, May 26, 2008

Stewart Swerdlow - History of Mind Control

Stewart Swerdlow - History of Mind Control

A lecture during a storm and you can see the lightning through the window, which gives it a pretty cool effect. Though sometimes I wonder where the line between belief systems and truth is drawn with researchers like this, I like exploring their different reality tunnels to challenge catma.

2 comments from the google video page:
"it was going pretty well until he started saying that Leary, Ginsberg et al were all working for the PTB along with most of the rock stars of the 60s & 70s." Tribal Oscillator

"yeah, the crap he spews at lennon, leary, morrison, et al, is such nonsense he is lucky he isn't living in a mental hospital .. he is just making this s**t up .. who knows where the lies end & the truth begins he is a mind controller himself spewing his own fear tactics .. he is probably being used by the illuminati himself." Blyleven

I have to say I call bullshit too at first catma glance. Alan Watt (not Watts) says similar things and was unconvincing too. How liberating information, entheogens & techniques can be mind control is beyond me, though obviously there is a lot of crappy stuff around too in the New Age, Spirituality, and so on, it doesn't negate the good. He apparently doesn't discard all consciousness material, though it's unclear from this lecture what his stances are. I'm willing to explore this further if anyone has convincing information of how mysticism could be used against us. (Which apparently isn't Watt or Swerdlow).


Anonymous said...

Ik heb zijn 'Healers Handbook' gelezen, wat ik op het moment zelf wel interessant vond, maar toch niet genoeg om het nadien nog eens te bekijken. Heb zijn site wat gevolgd vroeger en ik begon z'n overtuigingen nogal vervelend te vinden. Mijn inziens vermengt hij feiten met z'n eigen interpretaties. Wat op zich niet fout is, maar hij ziet overal 'mind-control' agenten. Ik geef hem gelijk wat betreft de enorme programmatie die heeft plaatsgevonden en blijft duren, alleen geeft hij z'n interpretaties hiervan door aan z'n lezers met een stelligheid die mij wantrouwend maakt. Ik vrees dat z'n eigen verleden als "mind-control victim" hem nog parten speelt. De groeten :-)...............~~~~ p ~~~~

dedroidify said...

Translation from dutch/flemish: "I've read his Healers Handbook, which at the time I found interesting, but not enough to look into it again. Watched his site a bit before and I started to find his convictions a little annoying. In my perspective he's mixing facts with his own interpretations. Which in itself isn't wrong, but he sees mind control agents everywhere. I grant him the enormous programming that has and is still taking place, only he passes his interpretations to his readers with an attitude that makes me suspicious. I'm afraid his own past as a "mind control victim" still affects him. Regards p"

I think I have to agree with this, and for me this seems to be true for many researchers. Not the mind control aspect, but mixing truth with interpretation, and/or just being exposed to disinfo themselves, or they're disino agents themselves, etc, so many possibilities. The datastream is corrupted.

JM said...

Having followed Swerdlow around the web for a while now, and looking at some of the dodgy places and New Age-y radio shows he frequents, I reckon he's OK if you want a bit of conspiracy 'entertainment' but I would say take it with a big dose of scepticism. How you view him depends on how you view the story of the Montauk Project, I suppose. (Anyway, I like my rock music & entheogens too much to go along with his ideas, LOL)

As for Alan Watt, I can't take the guy. He seems to me to be the epitome of the 'dour Scotsman' archetype - all doom and gloom and no solutions.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Stewart...There's this author Stuart Wilde, which I find very interessting and talking about the mind-control subject, his book "Gods Gladiators" is a very good one imo. Its style is very personal and SW covers quite some subjects in his own unique style. He doesn't just give us information about the fields upon fields, the matrix,... but also give alternatives and possible escape routes. Regards.... ~~~~ p ~~~~

dedroidify said...

Meh I explored Stuart Wilde and found in him a sensationalist money maker on anything he could come up with.

jm said...

I'm gonna agree with anonymous about Stuart Wilde - that book 'God's Gladiators' is an excellent read if you can get your head round his style.

Maybe you've just seen or read SW's 1980s output dedroidify, I can assure you he's come a long way since then.

dedroidify said...

OK I'll check that out, thanks.

Kali said...

yeah, he changed quite a bit if you know his earlier work.... some say it
happened after his "journeys" with entheogens (ESPecially aya and mushrooms)

dedroidify said...

Well I checked out Stuart Wilde, saw montalk even liked his God's Gladiators, but I also found he's charging 5000 whatevers to join a little club he founded. Can't respect that, or even the people who join. Sorry.