Friday, May 23, 2008

Ultraculture Journal One

"Real Magick happens when you drop the bullshit and remember that you're God. Just like everybody else. No ritual required."

"So welcome, welcome. Welcome to the party and welcome to the first issue of Ultraculture Journal, the periodical of choice for Discerning Divinities. Buddhists say your soul changes phase every seven years and biologists say that your body completely replaces its cells every seven years too, but we aim to take the high road and get both done by the time you're done reading our first issue. You've been forewarned. Nothing will be the same ever again."

"And that's all Ultraculture is. You and your friends, armed with the certainty that comes knowing that you are God. All of them, in fact, among all of them. Here to play, here to create., along with everybody else. Everybody else, who just happen to be God too, conspiring to make the best of all possible Universes. That's my Truth. That's what I'm offering you, along with a suitcase full of joys."

Ultraculture Journal One

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