Thursday, June 5, 2008



A visually stunning movie and again related to Mind Control. Here is the Synchromystic write up by PseudOccult Media, which has amazing synchromystic roundups of observances in the media.

MirrorMask: Josefine Cronholm - Close to You

Check out the unrelated comments for a free display in online paranoia & sadness!


Anonymous said...

You're that 'jack psychofeathers' guy, the one that made that whole "secret" ezboard at Dark Planet so you could make loads of people think you were me.

dedroidify said...

I'm gonna start approving all your batshit crazy posts for comedy purposes and to hopefully show yourself how fucking paranoid & sad you are. Maybe that will shut you up.

If it doesn't, maybe I'll do a megapost with all your comments to further illustrate it, with your e-mail adress attached to it, ok mushroom blotter?

I don't even know what dark planet is.

John M. said...

Well I think you're that 'Osama Goldstein' guy that keeps leaving flyers in my mailbox so that I would think you were somebody else.

dedroidify said...

Shit, that's actually true. I am Osama Goldstein, a cia muslim jew phantasm that does flyer terrorism :p

Awesome blog you have there John, love the quote too! "It's no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense" - M. Twain

John M. said...

I is YOU! J'accuse!

Actually, I lobbied for the ten-minute-hate, but they would only give us five. ;}

Thanks, I appreciate that.

Back at ya, I always enjoy my daily dedroidification. Great work. Don't stay away too long.

oh yeah, I'm not overly susceptible to quotes, but that one always smacked me upside the head.