Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Habits

As I need to straighten out a lot of aspects of my offline-life, I'm lessening my dedication to this blog. There will still be sporadic posts though nothing is for certain.


~~~~ p ~~~~ said...

Haaaa, the freshness of life outside the internet...
is calling... Take a deep breath.. . :-)

Well, thanks a lot for keeping up this blog and the website already for some time. I can see you put a lot of effort in it.

Anyway, i'll keep on visiting your blog.

cheers &

godspeed on your path!

~~~~ p ~~~~

dedroidify said...

Thanks P. No need to worry, I just can't guarantee six or five posts anymore. Though it could be that things stay normal for a while too.

I just need more time off the puter ;) way more time.

And godspeed to you!


Joe said...

Just wanted to drop a note and say how much I appreciate the work you put into this blog. You deserve a break. Just don't forget about us entirely!


Michael Skaggs said...

Dedroid! Same is going for me too my friend! I think we all need a break from the hive mind for awhile, reality beckons to us does it not?

You've done some amazing stuff my friend, I will keep checking from time to time...

Peace brother!

MartinMS said...

Same from me; amazing blog - but let's not forget that the medium IS the message ... and life, full, real, beautiful life happens offline.(But man, you're not going to actually STOP posting, are you???? How am I going to avoid getting down to real work?)
All the best

P.S.: Was my Woodrose piece of any use to you?

dedroidify said...

Thanks guys. Yes reality doesn't happen behind a screen! Well it does but come on :p

I won't stop posting, It'll depend on what I come across how many posts there are. Don't panic if there's a day without posts though.

What woodrose piece was that martin? (my memory, it has a mind of its own)

Anonymous said...

Maybe a new hobby... like caving?


How do they do it?

- jj

dedroidify said...

JJ I am in need of more time, not more time consuming hobbies :p

How do they do it? More like "fucking why" to me :p
I spoke about this with some buddies this week coincidentally. What's up with this crap, is it trying to get lost or stuck? I don't get it :p

MartinMS said...

If I understood you correctly you asked about woodrose in your NETHERlands post, and since I really like these beauties I wrote a rather long comment - never mind, memory is for people who refuse to live absolutely in the here and now :-)

dedroidify said...

Oh yeah MartinMS, thanks very much. I don't think I'll try them myself, I'm of the terence school of don't diddle the dose and go out of your freaking whatever hehe ;)

Love that memory line haha!