Sunday, June 1, 2008

Philip K. Dick and the Illuminati

Philip K. Dick and the Illuminati:
Monday night he [Dick] called me and said that the night before - Sunday - he'd been smoking some marijuana that a visitor had left, and felt himself entering that by-now-familiar state in which he had visions (generally not dope-related - unless you count Vitamin C as dope), and he said, "I want to see God. Let me see you."

And then instantly, he told me, he was flattened by the most extreme terror he'd ever felt, and he saw the Ark of the Covenant, and a voice (Voice?) said, "You wouldn't come to me through logical evidence or faith or anything else, so I must convince you this way." The curtain of the Ark was drawn back, and he saw, apparently, a void and a triangle with an eye in it [emphasis added], staring straight at him. (How prosaically I put all this down, especially when I pretty much believe it's true!) Phil said he was on his hands and knees, in absolute terror, enduring the Beatific Vision from nine o'clock Sunday evening until 5 A.M. Monday. He said he was certain he was dying, and if he could have reached the telephone he'd have called the paramedics. The Voice told him, in effect, "You've managed to talk yourself into disbelieving everything else (more gentle and suited for human consumption) I let you see, but this you'll never be able to forget or adapt or misrepresent."

Phil said that during the ordeal he said, "I'll never do dope again!" and the Voice said, "That's not the issue."

Later in the article the author talks about Phil seeing the vesica pisces on a girl's pendant, the day after I read that passage for the first time in VALIS I synchronistically saw an otherwise unmarked car with the symbol on it.

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