Thursday, July 17, 2008

alien parasites

Warning, this is the most disgusting vid I've ever posted :p

Is this where they got their Venom/Oily X-files parasite ideas from?

alien parasites

vid info: we were at the drunkfest when one of us killed a grasshopper (by accident;)) Suddenly three black worms started to crawl out of it as you see. We looked on the net and books what could it be, and we think these creatures are called hairworms, they are supposed to brainwash the grasshopper to jump into the water and drown, because water is worms' natural habitat. But... apart killing some more grasshoppers and finding worms in each of them, they were also in the bugs and bigger insects that we also killed ;) heh. Luckily we didn't continue our research on dogs, cats and thank god not humans.

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Anonymous said...

venom indeed, perhaps nano tech like morgellons, or a tape worm. Maybe people can be infected.