Friday, July 18, 2008

Watchmen Trailer

Watch a better version here (don't read the synopsis, they basically spoil the whole movie lol). but here's the embedded youtube:

Watchmen Trailer

Oeh, this looks really good. The Graphic Novel is by Alan Moore, I wonder if he liked this movie (he hated all the others based on his work ;p)

Thanks TechnOccult


Anonymous said...

Alan's been treated so badly by Hollywood I really hope this turns out well. Great trailer really, but I hope the next one shows more plot and dialogue. We already know Snyder's about style over substance to some degree. At least they're trying to get the look right.

James Ratte said...

its a hydrogen symbol on his forehead, but it looks like a blue target too, which I just heard Stewart Swerdlow say on his recent Red Ice interview, is a pineal gland symbol

this movie has potential

Anonymous said...

Alan Moore certainly liked the paychecks from Holly-wood.

I don't believe that he didn't like the movies. I believe that if he really didn't he wouldn't have kept selling them.

This is a PR stunt to make Alan Moore look 'Cool', and not like a sellout or tool of the MAN. His graphic novels are great, but they absolutely participate in an the ritualized atmosphere that is our civilization.