Monday, August 4, 2008

Aldous Huxley On Language

Aldous Huxley On Language 1 & the rest (5 parts)

update: streaming videos down, check out torrent sites for this lecture.

An excellent must hear talk on language, its limits, the realities it forms and ends wonderfully about constantly evolving our model of reality. This is what this blog is all about! He even suggests teaching children about this, I agree, if we had more awareness about language we would be much less susceptible to propaganda and a lot of corruption in this world could go away. I hope to generate as much awareness about belief systems as I can with more projects in the near future.


Unknown said...

this video has been censored. I am unable to watch it. It has been removed from youtube from apparent abuse?

Dedroidify said...

Copyright bs. It's no longer on streaming sites. You can download it from torrent sites though so check that out.