Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I noticed last week set a new visitor record of 5320, which is 760 unique visitors a day (including a lot of random google hits though) after this blog is up for little over half a year and still growing! I just wanna say thanks for the support everybody. It's very fun and I keep enjoying the input and output (your daily dose of 'wtf', lol) both, and the great synchromystic people with all those wonderful idea(toy)s.
I have some more symbolist movie type ups in the works to post soon, always fun to use an accessible opener to many different esoteric subjects, though those posts do take up an amazing amount of time!
Please keep spreading the word too. I'm throwing this dedroidify banner out there, I'll cook up some more in the future, have been thinking about a few new header possibilities as well. Oh for the myspacers, I noticed a while ago my myspace its privacy was automatically enhanced by an upgrade they did, so I set it again so that everyone can make a friend request. Also the RSS page and file has been updated, if you don't know what RSS means check the link it's explained and you get an import RSS file with the updates of dozens of great websites. Thanks again everybody, if you have any suggestions or requests I look forward to them, and keep dedroidifying!

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