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Flow my tears, the policeman said

Jason Taverner is a Six, the product of top secret government experiments forty years earlier which produced a handful of unnaturally bright and beautiful people. He is also a TV star, the prime-time idol of millions... until, inexplicably, all record of him disappears from the data banks. Now he is a man with no identity, in a police state where everybody's records are monitored. Can he ever be rich and famous again... if, indeed, those memories are not illusions.
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All his identification cards were gone. Cards that made it possible for him to stay alive. Cards that got him through pol and nat barricades without being shot or thrown into a forced-labor camp.
I can't live two hours without my ID, he said to himself. I don't even dare walk out of the lobby of this rundown hotel and onto the public sidewalk. They'll assume I'm a student or teacher escaped from one of the campuses. I'll spend the rest of my life as a slave doing heavy manual labor. I am what they call an unperson.

"You TV celebrities no one's ever heard of sure have quick reactions," she murmured.

(speaking about Proust's Remembrance of Things Past) ..."I never read it," Jason said. "But on my program we did a dramatic rendering of a scence... I don't know which. We got a lot of good mail about it, but we never tried it again. Those out things, you have to be careful and not dole out too much. If you do it kills it dead for everybody, all networks, for the rest of the year."

"I think," Kathy said at last, "that the sevens made the coup not come off."
He thought, Sevens. Never in his life had he heard of sevens. Nothing could have shocked him more. Good, he thought, that I let out that lapsus linguae. I have genuinely learned something, now. At last. In this maze of confusion and the half real.

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When and how was Ayahuasca discovered by the world outside the Amazon?

By Dennis McKenna (Terence's Brother, check out the book True Hallucinations!)

The earliest Europeans to mention Ayahuasca were Jesuits travelling in the Amazon. One of the earliest such reports of this “diabolical potion,” written in 1737, describes it as: “an intoxicating potion ingested for divinatory and other purposes and called ayahuasca, which deprives one of his senses and, at times, of his life.”

Several early explorers of northwestern South America also referred to ayahuasca, yage and caapi. They all cited a forest liana but offered little detail.

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An Atheist Goes Undercover to Join the Flock of Mad Pastor John Hagee

By Matt Taibbi,

Check out this excerpt from Matt Taibbi's new book, The Great Derangement"

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Jungle Trip Ayahuasca

Jungle Trip Ayahuasca

Therapy? Die Laughing

Therapy? Die Laughing

Gimme something to breathe
Give me a reason to live
Close your eyes and see...
what you have inside

I think I've gone insane
I can't remember my own name
I think I've gone insane

Another dream has gone
And your friends just tell you lies
Then you realize... you gonna die anyway
I think I've gone insane
I can't remember my own name

Lost in a world without reality
I'm frightened to move
I'm frightened to speak
And I would kill for a good nights sleep
I'm feeling
I'm feeling dead

I can't remember

SuperHigh Me Teaser

SuperHigh Me Teaser

I posted this before but now I've seen the docu. Teaser for Doug Benson's documentary SuperHigh Me, a spoof of "Supersize me" and documentary where he quites smoking pot for 30 days, and then starts again for 30 days, wake & bake style from morning to evening. Pretty hilarious and interesting results from tests he takes sober and high! I wish some more stoner fun was put in there though, kinda silly just to show him mostly smoke it. But very much recommended nonetheless.

A hilarious scene that had me and my buddy cracking up: Highlight the next line by selecting it with your mouse, only if you've seen the docu!
Malaria sucks

Daily Dedroidify: Alan Watts about the Kali Yuga

Daily Dedroidify: Alan Watts about the Kali Yuga

According to Hindu scriptures the cycle of creation is divided into four yugas (ages, eras). We call each one a Yuga and name them after the four throws in the Hindu game of dice; Krita, the perfect throw of four; Treta, the slightly imperfect throw of three; Dvapara, the throw of two; and Kali, the worst throw of one.

And so the first period, the Krita Yuga ... the longest period, runs for 1,728,000 years (not to be taken literally), during which the whole world is as perfect as a fresh flower and as unblemished as the skin of a young girl. It's beautiful, everything's right and life is glorious.

The second period, the Treta Yuga ... is a little shorter. It runs for 1,296,000 years, during which a small element of evil and decay comes into life and the tips of the petals are very slightly browned.

The third period is the Dvapara Yuga ... running for 864,000 years. The syllable Dva in Dvapara means two, double or dual, so that in this age, the powers of good and evil are equally balanced.

The fourth period is the shortest running for only 432,000 years in which the power of evil and destruction takes over. An age of spiritual decay, violence and hypocrisy. We're supposed to be living in that now, what's called the Kali Yuga ... the Age of Darkness. The Ancient Greeks knew it as the Iron Age.
At the end, your eternal Self takes the form of Shiva, the Lord of renewal through death; blue bodied and ten armed with a necklace of skulls. But with one hand in the gesture called 'fear not' as a reminder that all this is in illusion and play. And then Shiva dances the Tandala dance, the dance of fire in which the material world is destroyed and the Self returns to the state of Pralaya, of peace, uninvolvement, and pure bliss into a new Satya Yuga ... the Golden Age.

"We are living in a time of disintegration and iconoclasm which the Hindus call Kali Yuga. It hurts and frightens us, but is not essentially evil. It is rather a universal passion in which man cries, 'My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?' But it is the prelude to a Resurrection, because spiritual growth depends upon ceasing to cling to any form of life for security. Forms are not contrary to the Spirit, but it is their nature to die: their transience is their very life, and a permanent form would be a monstrosity- a finite thing aping God."
Alan Watts

10.000 days in the fire is long enough. You're going home.

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...Krishna had a chosen disciple, called Ontaven. This disciple asked him for some guidance, and Krishna told him: In seven days the city Danvaraguay will be destroyed. The period of the Kali Yuga will begin. In this new era the people will be cowardly and untrustworthy and will be lacking of mutual goodwillingness. They will have weak health, be undermined by disease and will live shortly.
Therefore leave the world behind and retreat in solitude. There You will always think of me, You will give up worldly desires and through attentive meditation You will regulate your souls life. Learn to live by thinking, believe that the unvierse is in me and that it only exists because of me; conquer Maya, the illusion of all apparition; visit the wise. May I be in You and You in me.
One that through wisdom and insightful truth rejects vain deceit, attracts the divine light and makes it shine inside himself. His heart will be as pure as the undulated surface of a clear pond, and it will mirror my image. Renounce the spirit of right of property in passing things completely, this is the first step to completion. Only by renouncing totally the earthly matters can greed, selfishness and other urges be fought.
The soul is the absolute ruler of the senses, and I am the absolute ruler of the soul. The space is bigger than the elements, and I am bigger than the space. The will is bigger than the obstacles, and I am lord over the will. Brahman is bigger than the gods, and I am bigger than Brhaman.
The sun is more radiant than all other heavenly bodies, but I am more radiant and inspiring than the sun. In the words I am the wisdom, in all wishes and commands, I am the one that commands that nothing alive can be be killed; in the alms I am the bread; of the seasons I am the inspiring spring.
The truth, the wisdom, the love, the good, the charity, the prayer, the Vedas, Eternity are my images.

From Eliphas Levi: Elements of Kabbala