Saturday, July 19, 2008

Batman Begins (warming up for Dark Knight)

I watched the 'first' movie again to warm up for the sequel. I didn't watch it with my full attention so I'm sure I missed loads going on, but here's just a few things I found interesting:

Just before the following dialogue we see Wayne Tower which is a pure Pillarmid (Pyramid on top) as the Wayne family go to the theater with the public transportation system.
[Bruce awakens from a nightmare]
Thomas Wayne: The bats again?
[Bruce nods]
Thomas Wayne: You know why they attacked you, don't you? They were afraid of you.
Bruce Wayne - age 8: Afraid of me?
Thomas Wayne: All creatures feel fear.
Bruce Wayne - age 8: Even the scary ones?
Thomas Wayne: Especially the scary ones.

Also resonating 9/11, this is Wayne Manor, featuring Two towers, and the house will get burned down at the end of the movie, together with the 9/11 like wrecked building poster of The Dark Knight, that's a collection of 3.
Rachel Dawes: [looking at the ruins of the burned down Wayne Manor] What will you do?
Bruce Wayne: Rebuild it. Just the way it was, brick for brick.
Alfred Pennyworth: *Just* the way it was, sir?
Bruce Wayne: Yeah. Why?
Alfred Pennyworth: I thought this might be a good opportunity for improving the foundations.
Bruce Wayne: In the south-east corner?
Alfred Pennyworth: Precisely, sir.

In the theater we see acrobatics on ropes (that's what's in this picture :p) which resonate the hanged man which gets interchanged with scary rememberance visions ofBruce's bat trauma (bats which are creatures also hang upside down, duh ;p). The hanged man resonates the sacrifice that makes sacred, personal loss for a greater good or a greater gain.

As the parents get killed outside to create the Batman. But later in the movie Alfred also lets us know that their deaths sparked the rich into action to start cleaning up the city. And even later in the movie Ra's Al Ghul shares this:
He says that the League of Shadows (secret society) had attempted to use economics as a means of destruction, which led indirectly to the murder of Bruce's parents when Joe Chill attempted to mug them after losing his job. Ra's Al Ghul (aka Henri Ducard - Liam Neeson) uses Ken Watanabe's character to pose as him and this saves him his life as he doesn't die in the fire Bruce creates but his double does.
[Bruce Wayne begins to burn down Ra's Al Ghul's temple]
Henri Ducard: What are you doing?
Bruce Wayne: What is necessary, my friend.

Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) is Bruce Wayne's supplier of tech goodies and weapons. In Wanted with Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman plays a similar role like Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Shadows is called the 'Fraternity of Assassins' (who came up with that catchy name :p). Both orders create order out of chaos. As Obama resonates Morgan Freeman too (who doesn't he resonate with lol) as Freeman played a black president before, this is kind of funny. If Bert is involved btw, you know they're evil :p.

Henri Ducard: Theatricality and deception are powerful agents.

Bruce Wayne: You're vigilantes.
Henri Ducard: No, no, no. A vigilante is just a man lost in the scramble for his own gratification. He can be destroyed, or locked up. But if you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, and if they can't stop you, then you become something else entirely.
Bruce Wayne: Which is?
Henri Ducard: A legend, Mr. Wayne.
Henri Ducard: But a criminal is not complicated. What you really fear is inside yourself. You fear your own power. You fear your anger, the drive to do great or terrible things.

Ra's al Ghul: Tomorrow the world will watch in horror as its greatest city destroys itself. The movement back to harmony will be unstoppable this time.
Bruce Wayne: You attacked Gotham before?
Ra's al Ghul: Of course. Over the ages, our weapons have grown more sophisticated. With Gotham, we tried a new one: Economics. But we underestimated certain of Gotham's citizens... such as your parents. Gunned down by one of the very people they were trying to help. Create enough hunger and everyone becomes a criminal. Their deaths galvanized the city into saving itself... and Gotham has limped on ever since. We are back to finish the job. And this time no misguided idealists will get in the way. Like your father, you lack the courage to do all that is necessary. If someone stands in the way of true justice... you simply walk up behind them and stab them in the heart.

Ra's al Ghul: When a forest grows too wild, a purging fire is inevitable and natural.

The Power of Symbols
Bruce Wayne: People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy and I can't do that as Bruce Wayne, as a man I'm flesh and blood I can be ignored I can be destroyed but as a symbol, as a symbol I can be incorruptible, I can be everlasting.
Alfred Pennyworth: What symbol?
Bruce Wayne: Something elemental, something terrifying.
Alfred Pennyworth: I assume that as you're taking on the underworld, this symbol is a persona to protect those you care about from reprisals.
Bruce Wayne: You thinking about Rachel?
Alfred Pennyworth: Actually, sir, I was thinking of myself.

Random silly remark: When Batman runs away from the cop Gordon after introducing himself (Gary Oldman), one cop who sees him jump across roof tops almost says: "what the hell was bat!? (that :p)"

[Batman flies up to find Ra's al Ghul and his warriors]
Ra's al Ghul: Well, well. You took my advice about theatricality a bit... literally.

Batman makes me think of Saturn, the black, the judge, the (old) logo and belt can represent saturn's ring. Alfred tells Wayne he has to party as a smokescreen to conceal his Batman-ness, so he goes to a restaurant with 2 'european girls' :p and takes a liberating bath - symbolizing a psychological rebirth.

Criminal Justice System
In the movie we also get a taste of the Criminal Justice System in corrupt Gotham. Dr. Jonathan Crane or his 'alter' Scarecrow is a corrupt, sadistic psychiatrist specializing in psychopharmacology at Arkham, secretly allied with Ra's al Ghul and Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson), smuggling the former's hallucinogenic drugs into Gotham to create fear gas to use upon his patients in cruel experiments and ultimately destroy Gotham through fear induced panic, a nice metaphor for the terrorism scare the Bush admin and other countries are using against their own populations.
MK Alter syncy: Batman: [after gassing Crane with his own fear toxin] Who are you working for? Crane!
Dr. Jonathan Crane: Dr. Crane isn't here right now, but if you'd like to make an appointment...

Mind Power
[Criminal boss Falcone has been committed to Arkham]
Dr. Jonathan Crane: Outside, he was a giant. In here, only the mind can grant you power.
Rachel Dawes: You enjoy the reversal?
Dr. Jonathan Crane: I respect the mind's power over the body. It's why I do what I do.

Last lines of the movie
Jim Gordon: What about escalation?
Batman: Escalation?
Jim Gordon: We start carrying semi-automatics, they buy automatics. We start wearing Kevlar, they buy armor-piercing rounds.
Batman: And?
Jim Gordon: And *you're* wearing a mask and jumping off rooftops. Now, take this guy: armed robbery, double homicide. Got a taste for theatrical, like you. Leaves a calling card.
[Gordon presents Batman with a clear plastic evidence bag containing what appears to be a single playing card; Batman turns it over to reveal a "Joker"]
Batman: I'll look into it. (so will I, asap! ;p)
[turns away from Gordon and walks toward the rooftop ledge]
Jim Gordon: I never said, "Thank you."
Batman: [looks back to Gordon] And you'll never have to.

Can't wait to see The Dark Knight! Btw a much more thorough and different analysis from Inside the Cosmic Cube can be read here: Legerdemain of the Dark Knight II - The Turn, and part 1 (also about movie syncs but not about the movie itself as much as part 2.

Eye(s) in the Sky

Eye(s) in the Sky

This is a video clip of storm clouds forming in Lvov, Ukraine.

Robert Anton Wilson: "Conspiracies and TSOG" podcast

Two great interviews with RAW at Psychedelic Salon, the first is from "Everything is under control" which you may have seen on video, the second is a quite recent one about his book TSOG (Tsarist Occupational Government) I hadn't heard before, he talks about belief systems, politics and conspiracies. The podcast ends with an interesting critique of Terence McKenna's view of the feminin, though I don't necessarily agree completely. The podcast also talks about a Leary talk where he exchanges thoughts with RAW who's in the audience, don't know which one it is yet but will definitely check it out and post it later. Here are some great RAW quotes:

"Most people are living in a world they can’t understand. And when people can’t understand something they tend to go for sinister explanations of it."

Robert Anton Wilson (Bob)"I prefer to think that, at minimum, there are about 24 conspiracies afoot. . . . I cannot find any proof of any conspiracy that really existed, that was brought into court and convicted, that lasted more than ten years before everybody double-crossed everybody else, and the conspiracy fell apart."

"He [John von Newman] realized that most of our perceptions are in the ‘maybe’ mode. They’re not yes or no, they’re not true or false, they’re just ‘maybes’. I think ‘maybe logic’ is probably the greatest invention of the 20th century."

"I regard religion and patriotism as the two major mental illnesses afflicting this planet."

"The CIA/Tsarist/Nazi Alliance began to me to seem more and more the key to everything that’s been crazy and bizarre and incomprehensible about American foreign policy in the last fifty years. I think the central thinking of the ruling class of the United States is basically within the Tsarist paradigm."

"Patriotism is loyalty to a gene pool."

"I would say faith is the chief fomenter of war in the whole history of the world. Even in comparatively secular societies it becomes an article of faith that the government is justified. The other side is all wrong. We’re all right. And nobody’s supposed to think about the question at all. That becomes despicable. I believe we should think about the despicable."

"It absolutely stops thinking entirely if you’ve got enough faith."

"‘Faith is believing what you know aint so’. That’s why they put lightening rods on their churches."

Six minutes Dark Knight Trailer

The Dark Knight - Prologue

Spoilers abound! Pseudoccult media already has a post up about it: 6 MK Minutes of The Dark Knight. Interesting in the post is the pic of Harvey Dent: "Believe in Harvey Dent" (does that make you think of someone political? :p) and in the trailer of Dark Knight he says something along the lines of "after the (k)night comes the dawn!" If this long trailer is an indicator the movie seems to definitely live up to the hype! In it the Joker says a modified Nietzsche quote by Antero Alli (knowingly or not who knows), "What doesn't kill you makes you stranger" from his book Angel Tech.

Rick Strassman DMT interview

Martin Ball at Reality Sandwich has a fascinating interview with Dr. Rick Strassman: Voyaging to DMT Space
"It was obviously hard to come up with a model, at least in my mind, at least with what I knew at the time, to really be able to accept and hold and take the stories that people were telling me, and come up with a theory that I could live with scientifically and personally and ones that would make sense to the volunteers."

The Phoenix: Obama Heath Will2K 2pac Freeman

Take the Nobama post of yesterday & the Heath Ledger Syncfest post of 2 days ago. Put them both in a blender, and what do you get: The Phoenix. The phoenix is the crow, raven or bat in Heath's post, and the Hancock Eagle in the Nobama-Hancock post. Tupac also syncs up here as the phoenix as a gazillion albums came out after his death. Just as the movies that came out after Heath and Brandon's deaths, and remember in Will Smith's I am Legend he dies at the end (there's an alternate version where he lives, but that is not the version that millions of people saw in theaters), and is resurrected as the Phoenix in Hancock. I think the Nobama post title could be eerily correct. (Not so much anymore though after commenter post, see further :p)

Remember all that Obama assassination talk a while ago? Remember that they tried to equate Obama with JFK (who was assassinated, if you happen to be from another planet ;p) and the JFK name drop at the end of Hancock. Remember that Ledger & Lee (and many others) might have been' suicided'.

And now for the most disburbing sync of all. The Crow & The Joker have white painted faces. Does that mean we still ain't ready to see a black president (- ugh)? And they'll get rid of him and let Bush declare his martial law?

Tupac, with whom Obama also syncs up as pointed out at The Blob, was shot dead, or faked his own death. So what to think? Any comments are appreciated. Btw in the Blob comments Naa'ray found this great sync with Tupac, check his R U STILL DOWN? album cover, the fingers make up the Twin Towers - along with that title, that's pretty wow! Tupac of course, wrote this a long time ago ;p.
On the other hand, Will Smith (W2K) aka Mr. Millenium (MM) hasn't been suicided and reigns as the hero in loads of movies, not to mention he's known as the FRESH PRINCE so I think I might be hitting the ball wrong here and Obama will become president. Another sync I can come up with is they tried to "character assassinate" Obama in the media with his pastor (who to me seemed to talk more sense than any politician :p). So maybe that counts as assassination and rebirth after that too. And then there's the sync with Morgan Freeman who has played an American president before in the movies. As you probably have figured out, I have no freaking idea lol. (thanks to the comment at the end of the article I think I do now ;p)

This is all just sync speculation, I'm clueless about how things will turn out, yesterday I commented somewhere I'd prefer Bush over Obama being president with a fake "hope you can believe in" message (if they intend to declare martial law and use those FEMA camps, I mean all those facilities are staffed for a reason aren't they? Or are the reports of that false?), but I'm not so sure now ;p Bush is getting way too cocky as seen in that Daily Show vid posted today. Obama will have to be more careful, I hope :p. Time will tell.

update: anonymous commenter: The connections between the people empower the symbol. The symbol is not the people themselves. The synchs link them.

Bill O'Reilly VS his Producer

Bill O'Reilly VS his Producer (really nice edit ;p)

rofl! Colbert parody. O'Reilly on it nice try :p

Daily Show: It's the stupid economy

Daily Show: It's the stupid economy

This is pretty hilarious. Just imagine a Bilderberg conference during Clinton's reign. They say, we need an American president with balls, who'll usher in this new age of fascism in a huge cloud of enormous bullshit! *silence* *you hear a sip* Dubya slams down his glass, spills on his shirt and the table, burps and says "fuck it, I'll do it" while turning his eyes sideways with that nonchalant grin-look.

Synchromystic Megapost at the Blob

Check out another amazingly long list of syncs in this post at the blob:
World Trade Galactic Centre

Daily Dedroidify: Discordianism

Daily Dedroidify: Hail Eris!

Discordianism is a modern, chaos-centered religion founded circa 1958–1959 by Malaclypse the Younger with the publication of its principal text, the Principia Discordia. It is widely regarded as a parody religion, and has been called "Zen for roundeyes", based on similarities with absurdist interpretations of the Rinzai school. Discordianism recognizes chaos, discord, and dissent as valid and desirable qualities, in contrast with most religions, which idealize harmony and order. The religion is largely composed of whimsical and absurd ideas, though many adherents claim there is a deeper meaning to their flippant attitude. Eris is the matron deity of the religion. (and also the name of the new 10th planet of our Solar System!)

Like it or not, you've just become a Discordian Pope by seeing this image. And now have the power to name anyone you wish a Pope as well. You are infallible! Maybe!

Religions have Dogmas: established beliefs or doctrines held by a religion, ideology or any kind of organization, thought to be authoritative and not to be disputed or doubted. While in the context of religion the term is largely descriptive, outside of religion its current usage tends to carry a pejorative connotation — referring to concepts as being "established" only according to a particular point of view, and thus one of doubtful foundation. Discordianism only has Catmas: which are relative metabeliefs ;p

It is difficult to estimate the number of followers and correctly identify Discordian groups. This is because of the anarchist ethic that pervades Discordianism, which is reflected in the encouragement to form schisms and cabals. Additionally, few adherents hold Discordianism as their only or primary faith. Instead, Erisians tend to adopt Discordianism as a complement to other faiths.

The Principia Discordia contains the Law of Eristic Escalation. This law states that Imposition of Order = Escalation of Chaos. It elaborates on this point by saying that the more order imposed the longer it takes for the chaos to arise and the greater the chaos that arises. This can be read as an argument against zero tolerance and hard security, or just a statement about the world.

"Consult your pineal gland" is a common saying in Discordianism. Some Discordians seem to regard the pineal gland as the source of answers to life's most difficult questions. The pineal gland is believed by some, such as Dr Rick Strassman (read this book DMT: the Spirit Molecule), to produce trace amounts of DMT (dimethyltryptamine), a psychedelic chemical which is believed to play a role in dreaming and other mystical states. It should also be noted that the pineal gland was also used in Descartes's explanation of Cartesian Dualism as the "seat of the soul" and the connection between the material and immaterial world. In some cases it is referred to as "the atrophied third eye". It has also been suggested that the third eye (Ajna) physically resides at this location between the two hemispheres of the brain.

The most famous tale of Eris recounts her initiating the Trojan War. The goddesses Hera, Athena and Aphrodite had been invited along with the rest of Olympus to the forced wedding of Peleus and Thetis, who would become the parents of Achilles, but Eris had been snubbed because of her troublemaking inclinations.
She therefore (in a fragment from the Kypria as part of a plan hatched by Zeus and Themis) tossed into the party the Apple of Discord, a golden apple inscribed Kallisti – "For the most beautiful one", or "To the Fairest One" – provoking the goddesses to begin quarreling about the appropriate recipient. The hapless Paris, Prince of Troy, was appointed to select the most beautiful by Zeus. Each of the three goddesses immediately attempted to bribe Paris to choose her. Hera offered political power; Athena promised skill in battle; and Aphrodite tempted him with the most beautiful woman in the world: Helen, wife of Menelaus of Sparta. While Greek culture placed a greater emphasis on prowess and power, Paris chose to award the apple to Aphrodite, thereby dooming his city, which was destroyed in the war that ensued.

Read the Principia Discordia if you can withstand enormous amounts of laughter, FNORD?!


You know I like to share my festival experiences, I listen to most kinds of music and you know I like expanding the reality tunnels. Yesterday there was a small little festival called Woosha at the beach close to where I live. A free festival nonetheless, man we should do this every week! It started out slow with some slow rock bands but after that it was party time with The Subs who were awesome. I haven't danced like that in years :p

I didn't actually see this band but thought I'd share since these guys are Belgian (like me - and all the bands in this post, maybe not for long though, politicians are doing their best to break up the country in Flemish and Walloon parts...) and only 16 years old. In the video the director wants to pimp up the video and the band and him end up fighting.

Freaky Age - Where do we go now

Then this slow rock thingy with one totally excellent song, but they played over their time and when you're stuck listening to slow guitar music when you wanna party people are not that happy :p

Absynthe Minded - My heroics, part one

Then it was time to paaaarty, one of my buddies was so hammered on bacardi he knocked a contact out of another buddy's eye, hit the floor about 7 times and touched about everyone in a 5 meter radius around him lol. I wasn't feeling to up for the evening in the beginning cause I'm usually not that into dance music but he told me: "just think that you're in Zion in the second matrix movie lol *jump around*" :p He threw up in his car between his legs too teehee.

The Subs - Kiss My Trance

The Subs - Fuck That Shit

This one's pretty good too, not 'video' enough to embed: The Subs - Papillon
They also played a great remix of the play your guitar on the mtv Dire Straits song.

They finished with this 'classic' lol, when the last song started playing it started to rain, on the beach, I don't think there's a more perfect way to end a great night.