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The Orion Conspiracy

The only new things are those which have been forgotten.

A short film by Seb Janiak

From the vid info: More than fifty years of misinformation and manipulation in the shadow of the media have divided and impoverished public opinion, so as to control it all the better. This film is neither a work of fiction, nor a documentary. (it's a bit of both :p) Forget the words "esoteric" or "fantastic", here we're speaking about REALITY...

The Orion Conspiracy part 1

The Orion Conspiracy part 2

The Moon doesn't exist.

The Moon doesn't exist.

"Believe me, and see the vid." (rofl @ consensus reality)

Etienne De Crecy's Hypercube

Etienne De Crecy live

After Daft Punk's Illuminated Triangle, Etienne De Crecy displays this Hypercube, Tesseract thingy. Check out another demo of the thing.

Daily Conspiracy: Product

Nevermind making a product, let's make some money!

Only one thing is relevant in producing nowadays, money. Prices kept low because of (child) slaves or underpaid workers but whose business is that?

unhealthy foods, cheap electronics with those lovely emf fields, worthless 'upgrades', cheaper source materials, retarded material trends, new deathtrap cars because budget required cutting a few checkups, chocolate from child slave labor, cheaper thinner walls for extra neighbour friendliness, overpriced stupid cellphones, crap revenge movies & poor cgi with subliminal entrainment, recycling 'music' and video games, fake & cheap reality tv, pre-marketed subcultures, merging of companies & banks - more power for the few over the many...

"People interests should come before business interests. You can only screw yourself."
Jimmie's Chicken Shack

"The bottom line is money! Nobody gives a FUCK!"
System of a Down

"Can any melting or burning imaginable get rid of these ever-rising mountains of ruin - especially when the things we make and build are beginning to look more and more like rubbish even before they are thrown away?"
Alan Watts

Interviewer: The 20 dollar bill. A friend of mine remarked that it looked like a coupon. It made me think how abstract money really is. It's no longer a certificate that you can redeem for its value in silver or gold, it's just some kind of arbitrary credit that you have in your bank account. Obviously if there is a belief in the monetary system that keeps it afloat
Robert Anton Wilson: If everybody went to the bank and took out their money the whole system would collapse. Because the banks are allowed by law to loan 8 times as much as they have on deposit, that's considered safe because it's unlikely that everybody will go in
and take their money all at once. (Though they habitually loan a lot more).

The funnier pages popo (police provocateurs) and pluto have already been posted.

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Georgia-Russia Media Bias

The Psychopathology of Work

Work, now? Never, never. I'm on strike.—Arthur Rimbaud

Depersonalization and alienation from our deepest desires is implanted during childhood via school, church, movies, and TV, and soon reaches the point where an individual's desire is not only a net of contradictions, but also a commodity like all the others. "True life" always seems to be just a bit beyond what a weekly paycheck and credit card can afford, and is thus indefinitely postponed. And each postponement contributes to the reproduction of a social system that practically everyone who is not a multimillionaire or a masochist has come to loathe.

That is the problem facing us all: How to break the pattern of work—of week-to-week slavery, that habit of habits, that addiction of addictions; how to detach ourselves from the grip of Self-Defeating Illusions For Sale, Inc., a.k.a, the corporate consumer State. Especially ingrained is that pattern of working for someone else: making someone else's "goods", producing the wealth that someone else enjoys, thinking someone else's thoughts (sometimes actually believing them one's own), and even dreaming someone else's dreams—in short, living someone else's life, for one's own life, and one's own dream of life, have long since been lost in the shuffle.

The systematic suppression of a person's real desires—and that is largely what work consists of—is exacerbated by capitalism's incessant manipulation of artificial desires, "as advertised." This gives daily life the character of mass neurosis, with increasingly frequent psychotic episodes. To relieve the all-embracing boredom of daily life, society offers an endless array of distractions and stupefactions, most of them "available at a store near you". The trouble is, these distractions and stupefactions, legal or illegal, soon become part of the boredom, for they satisfy no authentic desire.
Work kills the spirit, damages the body, insults the mind, keeps everyone confused and demoralized, distracts its victims from all the things that really matter in life...Our struggle calls for labor organizers of a new kind...To bring about the meltdown of miserabilism, we need awakeners of latent desires, fomentors of marvelous humour, stimulators of ardent dreams, provokers of the deepest possible yearning for a life of poetic adventure.

Read the entire article by Penelope Rosemont here at

Tao Te Ching: Book of The Way

This is a cool site to read the Tao Te Ching (increase font size with ctrl+):
the tao that can be told
is not the eternal tao
the name that can be named
is not the eternal name

the unnamable is the eternally real
naming is the origin
of all particular things

free from desire, you realize the mystery
caught in desire, you see only manifestations

yet mystery and manifestations
arise from the same source
this source is called darkness

darkness within darkness
the gateway to all understanding

Daily C: Oil, Petroleum, Black Gold - Scourge of nature & wallets

Oil prices have skyrocketed, while the Oil Industry made RECORD PROFITS! Feel ripped off yet?

# "Global Warming": About 22 billion tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are being released into the earth's atmosphere each year due to coal-burning power plants, automobile exhausts, factory smokestacks, and other waste vents.
# Road accidents kill an estimated one million people each year worldwide.
# With the China economy booming, car presence & pollution are increasing dramatically. People moving from countryside to cities already have health problems.
# The prevalence of Asthma has risen steadily since 1980. Not to mention decline of general health & fertility.
# Robbing indigenous people of their land so they can destroy it with their oil rigs, doesn't sound a bit criminal to you?
# War for oil, sound familiar anyone? Anyone wanna estimate a bodycount? Be my guest.
# Violent supression of Free Energy like Zero-point, Cold Fusion and Cold Electricity and of other energy sources like Brown's/Rhodes Gas, Biodiesel, Hydrogen in combustion & Fuel Cells, Solar power, LPG,...

"In 1932, Standard Oil struck oil in the British protectorate of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf and all the major powers began decades of covert and overt struggle to control that region, of which the current culmination, as I write, Includes, George Bush Jr. owning most of the oil in Bahrain and George Bush Sr. declaring that the U.S. has a "moral" imperative to police that area. Today (1991), American missilies are raining on Iraq and Iraqi missiles are bombarding Israel. (The American missiles are "good" because they only kill "bad" people; the Iraqi missiles are "bad" because they only kill "good" people. Understand? I am writing about the Planet of the Apes.)"
Robert Anton Wilson: Cosmic Trigger 2: Down to Earth

"When the oil prices plummet... the oil companies will be gone quicker than fire through a gas line, and all of us will be left picking up the pieces of our destroyed local economy."
Maggie Palmer, writing from Pinedale, WY -


"Why don't those damn oil companies fly their own flags on their personal property - maybe a flag with a gas pump on it." Major General Smedley Butler

"This gas shit is crazy. I seen people leave their car on the freeway and start walking. There ain't been a drive by in LA in three months! You hear n*ggas talking: I can't afford to kill that mothafuckah!"
Paul Mooney

(The News Articles page and No Balls page didn't get posted because one isn't updated anymore and the other isn't about the "Live & let live" philosophy I have now ;p. Remember these pages of the daily conspiracy series, are very old ;p.)

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Terence McKenna: Time and Mind (the Tykes)

Check out this 4 page Partial Transcription of a lecture by Terence McKenna - May 26/27, 1990 - New Mexico on the Machine Elves. This is only a small excerpt:

So you burst into this space. It's lit, socketed lighting, some kind of indirect lighting you can't quite locate. But what is astonishing and immediately riveting is that in this place there are entities - there are these things, which I call "self transforming machine elves," I also call them self-dribbling basketballs. They are, but they are none of these things. I mean you have to understand: these are metaphors in the truest sense, meaning they're lies! Uh, it's a jeweled self-transforming basketball, a machine elf. I name them 'Tykes' because tyke is a word that means to me a small child, and I was fascinated by the 54th fragment of Heraclitis, where he says: "The Aeon is a child at play with colored balls" ... and when you burst into the DMT space this is the Aeon - it's a child, and it's at play with colored balls, and I am in eternity, apparently,
in the presence of this thing.
There are many of these things, but the main thing that's happening is that they are engaged in a linguistic activity of some sort, which we do not have words for, but it's visible language. They are doing the visible language trip. When you break into the space, they actually cheer! The first thing you hear when you pass across is this 'hhhyeaaaaaayyy' - you know the Pink Floyd song? "The Gnomes have Learned a New Way to Say Hoo-Ray?" This has gotta be what these guys were talking about; how else could it be? It doesn't make any sense otherwise.
You break into this space... the gnomes say hoo-ray! And they come rushing forward and they, and, and the thing then that happens is... and people say "is there risk, to DMT? it sounds so intense. Is it dangerous?". The answer is: yes, it's tremendously dangerous; the danger is the possibility of death by astonishment. And you must prepare yourself for this eventuality, because you are so amazed. Amazement seems to be the emotion that has torn loose and swamped everything else - I mean astounded? When was the last time you were genuinely 'ASTOUNDED'? I mean, I think you can go your whole damned life without being 'ASTOUNDED'... and this is astonishment, you know, raised to the N-th degree to the point that your jaw hangs...

Jack Nicholson's Car ('78)

Jack Nicholson's Car ('78)

Jacques Vallee: Dimensions Excerpt 2

The Case of the Tranquilizing Light
A case that took place in March 1958, and which was later reported in the pages of The Flying Saucer Review by French investigator Joel Mesnard, provides an opportunity to verify again the strange properties of the lights associated with the UFO phenomenon in modern as in ancient times.The witness here is a twenty-eight-year-old French legionnaire who was on sentry duty at the Algerian camp of Bouahmama, in the desert south of Constantine. Shortly after 12:30 A.M., this man heard a whistling noise that seemed to be coming from the sky, and as he looked up he saw a very large object, about one thousand feet in diameter, coming down some 150 feet away from him.
The most remarkable thing about this object, however, was not its enormous size but the intense conical beam of emerald-green light that came down from its underside. The recollections of the legionnaire beyond this point are vague and, by his own admission, may not correspond to reality. Instead of either firing his gun to alert others or picking up the field telephone to call his superiors, he remained staring at the object for over three-quarters of an hour. According to this man, as interviewed by Joel Mesnard: "The pale green and emerald colors were the most beautiful, relaxing, and fascinating colors he had ever seen."
The object departed in the most classical way: first the whistling noise, then the rising to an altitude of about three hundred feet, and finally the climb at "tremendous speed" toward the northwest. As the object left and the man returned to full awareness, the happy, ecstatic feeling he had experienced was replaced by sadness. He picked up the telephone and reported what he had seen to his superiors. They initially thought that the experience was a hallucination due to stress, but it is to the credit of the French military that a thorough investigation was pursued. Instead of sweeping the case under the rug (and the French Legion in Algeria had more pressing problems at that time than investigating UFO landings!), the officers went to the site, examined it carefully, found no physical evidence, resumed their questioning of the witness, and, as he kept insisting on the veracity of the
event and they had no reason to doubt his truthfulness, they sent him to Paris for a more detailed examination. In Paris he was kept under observation for one week at the Val-de-Grace Military Hospital. An electroencephalogram revealed nothing unusual. The medical staff concluded that he was in a state of good mental and physical health and was not suffering from the strain of war in any unusual way.
Mr. Mesnard met the witness in May 1970. The legionnaire had returned to civilian life and impressed the investigator with his practical, down-to-earth sense. He had been looking for no publicity whatsoever and was even reluctant to discuss his experience. When he did so, he answered questions in a straight, matter-of-fact way. He has had no illness of any kind since the day of the sighting, no new experience of an unusual type, and he recalls the extremely peaceful state induced by the presence of the object. "It was like time running very slowly... it was like being in another world."
Is the mechanism of UFO apparitions, then, an invariant in all cultures? Are we faced here with another reality that transcends our limited notions of space and time? I see no better hypothesis at this point of our knowledge of UFO phenomena. Certainly the space visitors hypothesis fails to explain adequately the ancient symbolism. We do not have a simple series of incidents that could be explained as an encounter with space travelers who might have spotted the earth and explored it casually on their way to another cosmic destination. Instead, we have a pattern of manifestations, opening the gates to a spiritual level, pointing a way to a different consciousness, and producing irrational, absurd events in their wake.
The Phoenician amulets, the close encounters with "occupants" in our time, the ancient beam from heaven, and the focused light from UFOs seem to imply a technology capable of both physical manifestation and psychic effects, a technology that strikes deep at the collective consciousness, confusing us, molding us – as perhaps it confused and molded human civilizations in antiquity.

Alex Collier - Exopolitics EarthTransformation Conference 2008

Alex Collier - Exopolitics EarthTransformation Conference 2008

"They don't care about themselves, about each other, or their home. Why would we help them?" About the despiccable Hoomans on Planet Urf.

Mysterious Skulls

Mysterious Skulls

Several kinds of mysterious skulls have been found, oh whatever could they be (seen Indiana Jones 4 yet? :p):

# Anthropologists have already admitted that the shapes of the long Peruvian skulls (4 different variations of these have been found now) is unlike the deformity caused by binding. They resemble Egyptian depictions of Nefertiti and 2 of the 6 female children to her and Aken-aten with some unusual family traits. They also resemble reptilian entities found in Iraq, which are dated at 5000-4500 BC and housed in the British Museum.
# The mainstream uses pathology to explain the big round skulls. However previously unknown "fibers," for lack of a more precise term, have been found embedded in the bone, along with a reddish residue in its cancellous holes, considered impossible for human bone 900 years old. Extensive DNA testing is being done to prove wether the skulls are human or not. It's taking a bit long though...
# unverified info: The horned skull of which supposedly several have been found, accompagnied by skeletons of approximately seven feet. According to the French museum Surnateum an analysis has demonstrated that the horns are genuinely part of the skull. "An in-depth examination and X-rays leave no room for doubt: the skull is not a forgery." Horns, in the time of Moses, were a symbol of authority and power. Many gods, including YHVH have been depicted as having them. Kings and holy men were shown sometimes with exaggerated crowns. In Hebrew, "ray of light" and "horn" are spelled the same. Also, Alexander the Great is known in Eastern traditions as Dhul-Qarnayn, the two-horned one. (Supposedly simply cause of a coin found with different ram horns).
The picture series of 12 shows the 3 different kinds of skulls

# Mystery skulls at World Mysteries - Incan Skulls at Crystalinks
# StarChild Project: testing continues in England - About the DNA testing
# National Geographic episode of "Is it real?" about StarChild skull
# French Museum holding a horned skull - Horned skull at Subversive Element (unverified info)

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John Lilly's Simulations of God - Science of Belief excerpt 4 Synchronicity & Coincidence Control

Excerpt 1, number 2, number 3 and the book download link.

God as Science (continued)
Freud, in a brief monograph on religion, wrote, "No, science is no illusion, but it is an illusion to suppose that we can get anywhere else what science canot give us." This is an expression of a Westenr man with a very deep belief in the efficacy of knwoledge, carefully collected and experimentally verified. It is also an expression of a man who did not know mathematics, who was weak in the construction of theory and strong in the collection of empirical facts ruthlessly gathered irrespective of the social attitudes of his time. Freud's conflict with Jung over the intuitive sources of knowledge is well known; Freud worshipped the laws of cause and effect, which Jung thought were not necessarily true. Jung tried to enunciate with Pauli the "law of synchronicity." Synchronicity is the result of the effect of the human psyche upon events. This can be freely translated into another system which I derive from empirical science, a system I call "Coincidence Control." Coincidence control goes something like this: If you live right, the coincidences will build up for you in unexpected and surprising and beneficial ways. If you do not live right, the anti-coincidences will build up in unexpected and direful, sometimes disastrous ways. The criterion of wether or not you are living right is empirical observation of the coincidences. If the coincidences build up, you are living right. If they do not build up, you are not living right and had best examine your way of life.
Of course this system depends upon the method used to interpret events in terms of what one wants. The method of interpretation, the pattern-recognition systems applied to events, the chosen variables, the chosen parameters, and the patterns that these seem to make to the observer determine what one calls a "coincidence." There is a basic fallacy here in projecting one's own wishes onto the world and its events. One can easily rationalize, i.e., choose any theory that will fit the apparent pattern-recognition system of events. For example: I leave a gas station and drive down a freeway seventy miles. On the way I see three or four accidents, one of which happened two minutes before I arrived at the scene. If I had been two minutes earlier I would have been completely crushed by a huge truck that turned over with a load of steel and blocked the whole freeway. At the gas station I had been delayed two minutes while I sought out the man to clean my windshield. If there had not been this delay I would have arrived at the accident scene and probably would have been totally destroyed.
What's wrong with this story? The whole story depends upon my construction of it. My brother, David Lilly, has a saying, "Hindsight is twenty/twenty vision." One might say, "Please don't disturb my theory with the facts." Now let us go back over the series of events with a more objective point of view.
Before leaving the gas station I looked at a road map and wondered wether I should continue down the freeway or take off into the mountains between the freeway and the sea. I then thought of what I had to do at the other end of the trip and, realizing that I couldn't take the amount of time I would need to go into the mountains, I chose to continue on the freeway.
I had another alternate, but I did not use it. The map showed that there was another freeway running paralllel to and a few miles from the one I used. There were many more probabilities, but when I finally made my decision these became certainties concerning a short time in the future. In other words, the certainty in the fact of the indeterminacy of the real situation may last only for a few minutes or perhaps up to a few hours. As time is extended the indeterminacy increases. As the indeterminacy increases, the probability that something will happen which now can be named "coincidence" increases. Any unexpected event that does not follow the pattern of certainty that one is laying on the future one tends to call a "coincidence." Coincidence Control, then, is merely a hindsight name for that which one chooses to call a coincidence out of all events going on. One's survival mechanisms in his biocomputer tend to select certain events as if they are the ones that determine his survival or non-survival. Hence it is these systems which are paramount in selecting the patterns called "coincidence." (On this topic, I recommend a book called 'the Rules of Chaos, Or why tomorrow doesn't work" by Stephen Vizinczey.)
This view of coincidence as projectino from a certain biocomputer expresses only a part of the synchronicity of Jung. Jung's synchronicity statement includes, then, psychic control of events, i.e. a certain amount of determination by a given individual of what will happen to him in the future. If he has an unconscious self-destructive aspect, he may not survive the events that he creates. J.W. Dunne, in a book called An Experiment with Time, shows that one can detect real events that are going to happen a shot time in the future. His theory expressed a parallel time track or a loop in time. Such events, according to Dunne, are not determined by the psyche but are perceived by the psyche; the determinants are beyond the self, resident in the total feedback system of which one's self is only a small part.
Recently I encountered one such instance which is in agreement with Dunne but which can be interpreted by the Jungian or the Coincidence Control view as well. A friend of mine, B.M., who lives in a beach house on the Pacific Ocean, dreamed during the night that a dolphin came up on the beach in front of the house and was then pushed back into the sea by the children of the neighborhood. I arrived at his house that morning, he told me the dream at breakfast, and within two hours a dolphin came up on the beach and he, his wife, and the children participated in pushing it back into the sea.
This could have been a incidence of Coincidence Control, i.e., by his dream my friend was setting up the possibility of the ocincidence that the real dolphin would arrive, directly by some form of mental telepathy or other means of control which our science does not yet know about. Or it could have been a causal event in the Jungian sense with a synchronicity of the dream material and of the actual event of the dolphin's arrival on the beach. Or it could be interpreted, as modern scientists would interpret it, as "merely a coincidence."
I would prefer to say that the total field situation involved-of my expected arrival at his house, of his association in his mind of me and dolphins- had programmed the dream. He may have had dreams of dolphins many other nights without remembering those dreams. Dolphins do beach themselves in Southern California and are pushed back to sea without much to-do unless they die and must be disposed of. Thus in the fabric of probabilities one would have to find out how many people dream of dolphins beaching themselves and how many nights of the year and many of these dreams are followed within, say twenty-four to forty-eight hours by an actual beaching of dolphins along all the beaches of Soutnern California and possibly of the whole world. Until we had the results of this survey (and I'm afraid they would not be very accurate), until we had worked out a method of accurately reporting both the internal event (the dream) and the external event (the beaching), we would not have an experimental-science toehold on the connection between these types of events. I don't know what the connection is, if any, other than that the patterns of the dream and the patterns of the event happen to match by some means we do not yet know. I hope that eventually man will be sufficiently advanced to begin to investigate such happenings with a more relaxed attitude toward them and without attempting to "prove" something by means of such correlations. I find such happenings exciting, but this does not prove that there is either mental telepathy or coincidence control.
I have often experienced a feeling of awe, of revernce, and of weirdness in the presence of dolphins. When dolphins begin to cooperate with one in a commmunication of information back and forth by whatever means is available to each side, one begins to feel that here is someone in that particular body who in an alien and far-out way is at least one's peer if not superior. However, my scientific training says, "Do not allow your feelings of awe, of reverence, and of weirdness be mistaken for the appreciation of a truth. The work has just begun with these feelings; these feelings are your motivation to start an experimental series to find out what is going on and how it happens." If I allowed science to be my God and dictate the truth to me from strictly intuitive unconscious sources, I would be making the same mistakes that many people have made in the past who refused to polish up and discipline their theories so that they were applicable in the experimental and experiential sphere. Sloppy thinking is not a science. Science is the best thinking of which the human species is capable - ruthless, with no holds barred, at least in the province of the mind.
No, science is no illusion, and it may not be an illusion to suppose that we can get from anything else what science cannot give us. However, we must realize that we cannot today be dogmatic as to what science in the future will be. There are regions of mystery, regions of ignorance, regions which we have yet to penetrate in science. It would be an illusion to suppose that our present science is complete. Science, as far as I am concerned, is an open-ended system, a system of exploration, of processing data which makes sense, a logical system. And yet, in the future it may include regions which today we call illogical, irrational, psychotic, superstitious, occult, esoteric, religious or what have you. The new frontiers, as we see them as frontiers, are developing into the inner sciences as well as in the other sciences. Those who have occult esoteric authority and try to dictate what is real may be on the right track. One of science's jobs is separating one's own projections into those which match those simulations which simulate best some reality inside or outside. There may be those who have tapped into omniscient sources of information who have attained states of mind, states of being, states of consciousness way beyond those of the ordinary human. I have been through such experiences and have felt while in those states, that there are omniscient sources available to the human through his institution, through his unconscious.
The only problem then becomes one of expression with an incomplete science, an incomplete language, an incomplete human vehicle. Coming back from such regions, one feels squeezed into the human frame, the human limitations, the human brain as a limited computer prejucided and filled with pseudo-knowledge that blocks the transmission of True Knowledge.
Any sage, any wise man, any guru that I have spoken to showed his humanity in many, many ways in the sense that he was not an error-free computer. Some of these people claim that God is Science of a more advanced form than any that we can know, and yet they have failed to express this in sufficiently cogent, succint and understandable terms so that they are useful on the planetside trip. I find such people using all-too-human mechanisms of brainwashing, of human control of groups, and of creating "in-groups" to worship them and their knowledge. They have not gotten beyond God as the Group, or God as Myself, or God as Her/Him/It.
And yet there are those like Einstein and others who have gone to these regions and then come back and used all their inspirations and intuitions of these vast regions into something that will revise our science and make it advance into the future science that can approach more closely that which one knows exists. As Gregory Bateson, author of Steps to an Ecology of Mind, said in talking of a psychic who was demonstrating his powers, "We like to think it is not difficult." Science is difficult; any discipline requires a degree of dedication, inner-directed work after one receives intuitive jumps in understanding. No, science is not an illusion, but to derive by scientific methods that which will bear up under experiential and experimental testing by the self and others is a lot of hard work.

Jacques Vallée: Dimensions

An excerpt from the fascinating book Dimensions by Jacques Vallée, the first I'm reading of him, talking about science and history, entity contact and the heavenly beam of light. The images in the article are not what Vallée is exactly talking about but what related images I could find on google. You can download the book here.

A Universal Fact
The problem before us now is this: if the reality behind the UFO phenomenon is both physical and psychic in nature, and if it manipulates space and time in ways our scientific concepts are inadequate to describe, is there any reason for its effects to be limited to our culture or to our generation? We have already established that no country has had the special privilege of these manifestations. Yet we must carry the argument further: if the UFO phenomenon is not tied to social conditions specific to our time, or to specific technological achievements, then it may represent a universal fact. It may have been with us, in one form or another, as long as the human race has existed on this planet.
Something happened in classical times that is inadequately explained by historical theories. The suggestion that the same thing might be happening again should make us extremely interested in bringing every possible light to bear on this problem. Beginning in the second century B.C. and continuing until the fall of the Roman Empire, the intellectual elites of the Mediterranean world, raised in a spirit of scientific rationalism, were confronted and eventually defeated by irrational element similar to that contained in modern apparitions of unexplained phenomena, an element that is amplified by their summary rejection by our own science. It accompanied the collapse of ancient civilizations. Commenting on this parallel, French science writer Aime Michel proposes the following scene.
Consider one of the Alexandrian thinkers, a man like Ptolemaeus, the second-century astronomer thoroughly schooled in the rational methods of Archimedes, Euclid, and Aristotle. And imagine him reading the Apocalypse, various writings about Armageddon. How would he react to such an experience? He would merely shrug, says Aime Michel: "It would never occur to him to place the slightest credence in such a compendium of what must regard as insanities. Such a scene must have taken place thousands of times at the end of classical antiquity. And we know that every time there was the same rejection, the same shrugging, because we have no record of any critical examination of the doctrines, ideas, and claims of the counterculture that expressed itself through the Apocalypse. This counterculture was too absurd to retain the attention of a reader of Plato. A short time – a very short time – elapsed, the counterculture triumphed, and Plato was forgotten for a thousand years. Could it happen again?"
Only a thorough examination of the ancient records can save us from the effects of such cultural myopia. Among other interesting objects, some of the artifacts that have come to us from Phoenicia provide insight into the idea of contact in antiquity.

Phoenician Amulets
History books tell us that the Phoenician civilization was established long before the Hebrew migrations, when several Semitic tribes founded a series of cities on the Mediterranean littoral. The main ones were known as Tyre, Sidon, Tripoli, and Byblos, and each was governed by an oligarchy or by a king. At the height of its development, Phoenicia itself extended through that part of Syria that goes from Nahr-al-Kabir (Eleutherus) on the north to Mount Carmel on the south.
Sir E. A. Wallis Budge, one of this century's most distinguished scholars of Egypt and Mesopotamia, states that the Phoenicians were not a literary people. Unlike most Semitic peoples, they loved the sea. They used their abundant forests to supply timber for their ships. Their work was exceptionally refined and their products were sold by their merchants throughout the ancient world, in Europe, Asia, Africa, and India. They had learned from Babylon the art of dyeing, from Egypt the craft of glassblowing, and they used accurate systems of weights. Little is known of their religious beliefs, although it is often pointed out, on linguistic grounds, that the names of their gods showed direct Babylonian, Egyptian, and Greek influences.
Of their ritual practices we are told that they sacrificed their firstborn children in times of trouble; that they killed their prisoners of war on the altars of their gods; and that their women surrendered their virginity in the sanctuaries of Astarte. For their personal magical protection the Phoenicians appear to have adopted the type of amulets used in Babylonia and Assyria, and a collection of cylinder seals has been preserved in the British Museum. Some of these artifacts, which are shown in Wallis Budge's book Amulets and Superstitions, may date from a few centuries B.C., probably from about 400 to 300 B.C. Five of these cylinder seals depict a Winged Disk, often with appendages. Figures that are referred to in the literature as "divine beings" are seen emerging from these disks in four cases. And in every one of them human figures in ceremonial dress appear to be involved in rituals that contain. Assyrian features.
The first cylinder seal shows a hero holding in each hands the foreleg of a winged beast. One of these two beasts has horns on its head and a tail. Above the human being is the winged disk, from which a god is emerging. ("Ahuramazda or some Assyrian god," writes Sir Wallis Budge.) The interpretation of the second amulet involves scorpion-men and sexual symbols. It is apparent that two strange creatures, obviously male, are supporting a winged disk above a sacred tree. To the right is a worshipper, while another person is bringing some sort of animal as a sacrifice. Here, again, two divine figures are to be seen, emerging from the disk.
In the third amulet two large winged figures – classically interpreted as "priests wearing winged garments" – frame a large disk with extended legs. Directly beneath the disk is a symbol of lightning or a thunderbolt, before which a man appears to be standing in adoration. There is something on top of the disk.
Another artifact: a sphinx and a goat stand on either side of a sacred tree above which is a winged disk. Two men are performing a ritual in connection with the scene.
In the last amulet two of the strange dwarfish figures, which authorities call scorpion-men (despite their large breasts on this particular seal), are supporting a "winged disk from which project the heads of three divine beings." Two men are in adoration before the disk, beneath which a sort of vaulted door can be seen. To the left is a very strange figure interpreted as "a god holding a gazelle or goat under each arm."
The interpretation of this collection of artifacts raises several questions, because the classical statement that the flying disk is simply a primitive representation of the sun or the soul leaves much to be desired. Is it common for the winged disk (a frequent symbol in antiquity) to show several beings emerging from its upper part? In what context are such representations encountered? If the disk is interpreted as some mythological symbol connected with the cosmos (as is indicated by the abundance of astronomical designs in the seals: stars, crescent moons), should we speculate that the representation of a disk with extended claws may in fact seek to preserve the memory of a vision, or observation, of a flying craft capable of landing?
This speculation does not answer all our questions but it provides a stimulating avenue of research into ancient symbolism. It is certainly fascinating to read the best accepted interpretation for the zig-zag symbol in some of the amulets is lightning or a thunderbolt. Why should a thunderbolt be associated with a winged disk, and why should three people in elaborate magical garments stand in adoration before it? The scene suggests plan and purpose rather than a chance occurrence of some purely natural phenomenon. It suggests overt contact with a flying craft.
Equally fascinating to the student of close-encounter cases are the scenes in which animals are carried to the hovering disk. In one case, a god is seen holding a horned animal under each arm – a scene certainly reminiscent of many a claim of animal kidnapping by UFO occupants. Three of the cylinder seals show approximately the same thing: a disk above some elaborate ground structure, a human in adoration, and someone bringing a horned animal toward the center of the scene.
The beings themselves fall into the following categories:
  1. Human beings that Assyriologists call worshippers, priests, kings, etc. Sometimes they are wearing winged garments.
  2. The gods. They are shown either emerging from the disk and wearing, in some cases, elaborate headdresses or walking outside the disk, as in one amulet where an entity seems to be wearing its hair in three long tresses on either side of the head.
  3. The scorpion-men, who have large phallic attributes in one figure but in another case would more properly be called scorpion-women. They are only seen supporting the disk. It would be interesting to find out where the word scorpion comes from in connection with these figures. The scorpion-men are consistently about two-thirds the size of men, who in turn are smaller than the gods. (Professor Douglas Price-Williams of UCLA points out that in the Gilgamesh epic the scorpion creatures were the guardians of the mountain of the sun. The scorpion-man in the Babylonian Enuma Elish was a monster created by chaos at the beginning of the world. Price-Williams adds: "These creatures would thus be tellurian beings, 'chthonic' as Jung would have said.")
  4. Various monsters, such as a horned creature or a sphinx.
Why should the observation of a flying disk be represented in the context of an obviously magical ceremony that does not appear to have any traditional characteristic of Phoenician religion? We are told, for instance, that the Phoenicians held the same view as the Hebrews concerning the survival of the soul, that they buried their dead with great care, and that their sacrificial ceremonies involved killing human beings and sacred prostitution. Why then is it that, if the seals are associated with spiritual or religious values, they depict nothing of this, but do instead show winged disks that appear to come from a star, contain strange beings who carry off earth animals, and emit lightning bolts? And why are the human assistants wearing special vestments with wings on them?
Representation of flying disks in religion does not stop with the Phoenicians. The symbol is a basic one in the early Christian church, and it is consistently associated with the angels. Christian theology does not have much to say about the angels, just as official Muslim theology remains discreet about the jinn. Some rare documents, however, give details concerning the nature of these beings. According to Japanese researcher Y. Matsumura, the religious Sophia, a written document commenting on the dogma of the Greek Orthodox Church preserved in the Leningrad National Library, describes the process of communication between God and the angels:
How does the Lord guide His Angel, if the Angel cannot see the face of His Lord? An Angel has a projection on the upper part of his eyes, where a sacred cloud rests. He has also a thing to recieve sounds on his head. This thing makes noises as an Angel recieves an order where to go from his Lord. Then he quickly looks at the mirror in his hand, and he gets in the mirror something on which an instruction from God is given.
I have not been able to verify directly the existence of this document and the accuracy of the translation, but it is consistent with a number of paintings, icons, and murals that depict contact between "God" and His messengers and contact between the messengers and men. Communication for a long time took place through pictorial representation rather than words, and it is not surprising to find few descriptions of such contact in written language.
I am inclined to a literal, rather than purely symbolic, interpretation of the scenes depicted on the Phoenician amulets, and I am also tempted to accept as a working hypothesis that in times remote contact occurred between human consciousness and another consciousness, variously described as demonic, angelic, or simply alien. This would explain much of the symbolic power retained in our own time by the concept of "signs in the sky." It would account for the fact that modern-day UFOs seem to present archaic as well as futuristic designs (as in the representation of the Arabic astrological sign for Venus on the object seen at Socorro, New Mexico, by patrolman Lonnie Zamora), and it would also explain the fascination that people of all countries and races have always had for the strange entities from "above."
How constant these observations and visions have remained will be seen by comparing the Phoenician seal story with the following letter from a woman who saw a scorpion-man... in our time!

A letter from a British woman begins:
At the lecture by Jacques Vallee at the London A.A. [Architects Association] on the 12 of December I was surprised by one of the slides of a Phoenician seal showing a winged sphere held up by two creatures which he described as "Scorpion men." Perhaps I have seen such a man myself....
It was the summer of 1968, about 4:00 P.M. She was driving from London to a place near Stratford to visit friends for the weekend. She had a companion in the car with her. Just outside Oxford they both saw a shining disk in the sky. They slowed and then stopped to watch it as it darted and dodged. Another car stopped to watch it, too. Eventually it sank behind the trees. They resumed their trip, but the really striking events took place after the disk had disappeared:
During the drive between Burford and Stratford I had some startling, and to me, novel insights into what I can only describe as the Nature of Reality. They were connected in some way to this shining disk, and have had a profound effect on me, causing what is commonly known as a personality change. I won't try to explain what those insights were since almost all the religions of the world have tried to do this and have failed. (In that afternoon I changed from an agnostic to a gnostic, if that means anything at all.) However, these insights hit me like bolts from the blue, as though from outside, one after the other. I've never had a similar experience since.
The letter continues with a description of what the woman saw that evening after supper, a
description that seems to come straight out of a John Fowles novel: the guests were in the sitting room, which had open French windows leading out onto the lawn, and the woman went over to the window to get a breath of fresh air. The weather, she wrote, was "very hot and close."
The light from the room shone in an arc of about ten feet around the window. In that area I saw, as soon as I came to the window, a strange figure. My perception of it was heightened by the state of frozen panic it produced in me. It was for me without any doubt, a demon, or devil because of my Western oriented interpretation (I imagine) of the vision or creature or animal or man, or whatever it was I saw. Like the "Scorpion man," as well as Pan, it had dog or goat-like legs. It was covered in silky, downy fur, dark, and glinting in the light. It was unmistakably humanoid, and to my mind malevolent. It crouched, and stared, unblinkingly, at me with light, grape-green eyes that slanted upwards and had no pupils. The eyes shone and were by far the most frightening thing about it. It was, I think retrospectively, trying to communicate with me, but my panic interfered with any message I might have received. If it had stood to its full height it would have been about four to five feet tall. It had pointed ears and a long muzzle. It gave the impression of emaciation; its hands and fingers were as thin as sticks.
Eventually, convinced that I was hallucinating, I went and sat down for a while, until the panic had subsided. Then I went to see if it was still there. It was, except that it had moved further into the shadows on the edge of the arc of light. I made sure I kept away from that door for the rest of the evening, and left the next day. I told no one. That it may have been connected with the shining disk I only realized when I saw that slide.
I have other reports in my files of such forgotten observations that the witnesses only recollected when their memory was triggered by a slide, a book cover, or a lecture.

The Beam of Light
A major feature in all religious traditions involves a mysterious beam of light emanating from a point in the sky or from a cloud of peculiar shape and focused on a human being. This beam usually is interpreted as a sign of blessing which conveys information from a divine source.
I am intrigued by this concept because it is a recurrent one in modern contact cases. Psychic experimenter Robert Monroe has described a similar phenomenon in his own investigations of out-of-body consciousness. On the night of September 9, 1960, as he was lying on his bed, Monroe says (in his book Out of the Body):
I suddenly felt bathed in and transfixed by a very powerful beam that seemed to come from the North, about 30º above the horizon. I was completely powerless, with no will of my own, and I felt as if I were in the presence of a very strong force, in personal contact with it. It had intelligence of a form beyond my comprehension, and it came directly (down the beam?) into my head, and seemed to be searching every memory in my mind. I was truly frightened because I was powerless to do anything about this intrusion.
On September 16, at night, again from the verbatim notes of Robert Monroe:

The same impersonal probing, the same power, from the same angle. However, this time I received the firm impression that I was inextricably bound by loyalty to this intelligent force, always had been, and that I had a job to perform here on earth....
I got the impression of huge pipes, so ancient they were covered with undergrowth and rust. Something like oil was passing through them, but it was much higher in energy than oil, and vitally needed and valuable elsewhere (assumption: not on this material planet).

On September 30, the same pattern:
They seemed to soar up into the sky, while I called after them, pleading. Then I was sure that their mentality and intelligence were far beyond my understanding. It is an impersonal, cold intelligence, with none of the emotions of love or compassion which we respect so much, yet this may be the omnipotence we call God. Visits such as these in mankind's past could well have been the basis for all of our religious beliefs, and our knowledge today could provide no better answer than we could a thousand years past.
By this time, it was getting light, and I sat down and cried, great deep sobs such as I have never cried before, because then I knew without any qualification of future hope of change that the God of my childhood, of the churches, of religion throughout the world was not as we worshipped him to be – that for the rest of my life, I would "suffer" the loss of this illusion.

Lauràelle, The Ceremony & The Sword (and a freaking Gargoyle)

Check out this fascinating post at Robert Bruce's website, about the OBE experience and what is possible, this is just incredible ;p)

I have hesitated over the telling of this tale for many years. I have a lifetime of experiences like this to share, but some (like this one) may seem way over the top to some people, no matter how its written. This is simply because they lack any kind of experience that would allow them to relate to it. Because of this, part of me says to keep these things to myself, while another part urges me to share everything freely. So, although I am still undecided on this matter, I've decided to take a risk and let you, the reader, be the judge.

The following experience happened in the late 80's. This is one of the most extraordinary OBE experiences I have had to date. It occurred during a powerful real time projection around midnight. It depicts some highly unusual events. Please trust that I have taken great pains to add nothing to this powerful experience; and have not taken poetic license nor romanticized it in any way. On the contrary, I shortened and toned it down a great deal during the writing of it.

Many of you are, or will soon become, projectors in your own right. Some of you, I am quite sure, will have experiences every bit as awe-inspiring as this one may seem to you right now. And after reading this, at least you will have something to measure your own extraordinary experiences against. And maybe one day you'll think to yourself, hey, that Astral Knights story of Robert's is not so weird after all. When out-of-body it really does pay to be prepared for the unexpected -- understatement! And if you think: "Hey, Robert's getting really strange on us here" then I challenge you to prove me wrong or otherwise: get out of your body and see for yourself what's really and truly out there.

My friends, there is a whole lot more to OBE and other dimensions than meets the eye. Other dimensions, even the relatively simple and stable real-time zone, have aspects to them that are hidden for the most part, even to the most serious and dedicated of experienced projectors. I honestly think its more a matter of sincerity, heartfelt open-mindedness, belief and a willingness to believe, than it is of skill or ability or natural talent. But I do not extend this thought to include the imaginations and fantasies of a vaporous mind.

The following is, going by all I know and trust and hold dear, a fully objective Real-Time experience, had immediately after leaving my physical body. I was fully awake when I left my body, fully awake and coherent during the experience, and fully awake when I reentered it. There was no break in consciousness at any time, and I had a full shadow memory download. I did not leave the real-time environment; nor my own house (nor my own mind for that matter) at any time during this experience.

It begins. Buzzing out of my body around midnight, I floated towards the dining room and stopped cold. A being, looking much like a traditional gargoyle, was hovering near the kitchen entrance, high up on the wall. It was an ugly brute about the size of a large dog, humanoid but with over-long legs and arms, dark leathery body and a leering caricature of a face with dull-red glowing eyes. It was hunched motionless with knees held to its chest just inside the wall about head-high. It seemed to be watching me but I don't think it was aware I had spotted it yet. I floated forward to confront it and it sprang to life. It moved with the strobe-like jerkiness common to many negative entities; when seen clairvoyantly or during a real-time OBE. Turning, it moved through the wall away from me…and into the nursery. A fierce shiver of energy coursed through me and all fear vanished as I thought about what this thing might be doing to my children.

A cold, calm rage filled me and my heart center (of my projected double) throbbed heavily as energy poured into me; coming from my physical body. I desperately wanted to drive this thing away, or kill it if I could. There had been an uncomfortable atmosphere in our house lately that came and went. My children had not been sleeping well, having nightmares, night terrors and et cetera.

I racked my brain for a way to attack it and remembered something I'd read many years ago by Dione Fortune, in her excellent book, Psychic Self Defense. Dione said to ask for your sword and armor whilst out-of-body, or if this failed, to create them for yourself. I decided to try creating one first, not having much faith that some mysterious being or force from above might actually give me a sword and armor. I'm a realist at heart and although I'd seen a lot of strange and wonderful things, especially during out-of-body experiences, I'd never seen anything that might lead me to believe something as fantastical as this might ever happen.

I held out my hand and visualized a big, double-handed broad sword, just as Dione had suggested in her book. The sword slowly formed and came into sight over a few seconds, like an image appearing on photographic paper in development fluid. I turned to move after the creature but the sword faded as soon as I ceased holding it in shape with my mind. I remade it several times but it kept fading away. Frustrated and with a sense of growing urgency, I gave up on the idea of creating a sword. In exasperation, I decided to try the other method. 'What did I have to lose,' I thought? Quieting my mind I raised my hand, sincerely and most-reverently asking God aloud for my sword. What happened next totally blew me away and changed my understanding of OBE forever!

Wanna know what that was? Read on here :p

Dis-orient: Turned away from the East

Coldcut & Saul Williams - Mr Nichols (daily conspiracy post of today)

please mr nichols
come back inside the window
i can't promise you anything but i trust there's far greater reason to live

i know you've become disheartened and disillusioned by the current state of affairs
your stocks have fallen, your investments have failed you

the man from whom you took orders has been ordered to jail by his and your subordinates
the impression what is this world coming to?

what is the profit margin when you're forced to pander to the monetarised
where's the glory you dreamt of as a child
dressed as a cowboy
your playgun pointed at real targets

and your mother holding your tongue as your father consoles you with the words
it's just boys stuff

you joined his fraternity
you grew into his old suits
you acquired his beliefs
you embodied his dreams and
lived in his oversights

how long did you think it would last?
it's just a matter of time
the world is far from over

your mother outlives your father
your sister outlives your brother
and if you jump from this window today
she'll also outlive you
look at her sitting in her midwestern home
tuned into oprah once again
today she learns to meditate on a second hand couch

meanwhile you stand outside this window twelve stories above the ground
one story remaining untold...

you contemplate the setting sun
i'm aware of your disorientation
dis-orient: turned away from the east

the shifting current seems to conspire against you
mr nichols you fail to see that you've always stood outside of this window
perched on the threshold of oblivion
countless man made stories above the truth
for so long you stood facing the setting sun
mistaking the complementary unified duality of nature as being right or wrong
good or evil
god or devil

mr nichols instead of stepping from this ledge into the downfall of your uprise
why not just turn around?
lessen the intensity of your western glare and face the rising sun
know the energies swirling from the center
how it illumines us all
and only the birds fly first class

there is your inheritance: the warmth of a kiss
invest your tongue into the mouth of mystery
allow her breath to seep into your lungs
surrender to her touch and guidance
there's no other way

your dreams of dominance will only help you forsake yourself
while your family continues its search for understanding
and your daughters outlive your sons...

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Charles Manson interviews

Charles Manson Interview with Geraldo Rivera.

Last Manson post for a while. Also check out this one with Tom Snyder. Both interviewers are so obnoxious the majority of youtube viewer comments cheer on Manson lol. These interviews seemed to be inspiration for the movie Natural Born Killers. Some hilarious and tense moments. Manson shows some excellent moments of clarity concerning the system and different reality tunnels here and there, but is evasive as ever about his responsibility. One thing that crossed my mind about all that, is that Manson could have wanted to emulate the president - who gives orders for all kinds of atrocities and is untouched too, although it didn't really work out.

Added: PseudOccult Media had a post on Manson, check it out.

John Lilly's Simulations of God - Science of Belief excerpt 3 God as Science

Earlier excerpt and another one, and the book download link.

God as Science
Western science became divided into two major movements: experimental science, which depended upon careful observation and experiment, and mathematics, which depended upon an intuitive grasp of abstract principles and the reduction of these to equations and functions expressible by a new symbology. Several mistakes were made by commentators on this scene. One of them was that science was neglecting sources of information other than that from the natural external world and experiments upon that world. In an almost underground way the subjective aspects of experience were paid court by the mathematicians and their intuitive sources of inner knowledge, examined and expressed in a disciplined, careful "inner experimental" way.

For those who think that science originates in the external reality, I ask the question: "Where does mathematics come from?" This is as deep a mystery as the mystical experiences of the Eastern philosophers and mystics. The "Yoga of the West" is divided into the "Mathematical Yoga" and the "Experimental Science Yoga." Each of these disciplines requires just as much discipline, mastery of self, and ability of inner and outer actions as anything imported from India, China or Japan. In my teaching experience, teaching science of the West and teaching technique from the East, I find that those who need the least teaching, i.e., who already have the self-discipline necessary to master any of these techniques, are those in the West who are trained in mathematics and/or science.

...As a student of science, I was shocked to realize that scientists depend upon mechanics, and mechanics depend upon previous mechanics who taught them their trade. I was shocked also to find that metallurgy was not yet a science; it was an empirical technological, heuristic, pragmatic, empirical art. When I was working in scientific instrumentation, I discovered that most of the knowledge I needed was not in scientific journals or the scientific textbooks at all; it was in engineering handbooks, it was in various "how to do" manuals from technology, it was in books like John Strong's Procedures in Experimental Physics. These sources depend not upon scientific experiments so much as "try it - if it works, use it." I found that to be a scientist I could be a technologist, a mechanic, a carpenter, a plumber, an electrician, a wire man, a circuit designer, an optician, a bacteriologist, a farmer and so forth. True science is imbedded in practically every human activity that one can conceive of. It is not something alone, by itself, apart from the rest of the reality of human existence.

I make these points in order to show that it is totally inappropriate to make science into God. Science is the result of human activity; it is not something God-given and forced upon the human race by some superior being. And yet there are those in legislatures, in public life, in the media, in the performing arts, who have not been educated in science and thus put it on some sort of pedestal and worship it as if it were a god. This can be extremely dangerous; it means that one is setting up a w hole sphere of human knowledge, of human activity, as if seperate from oneself and hence subject to attack or to worship, or whatever else one wants to do with this simulation.
Once one simulates Science as if God, or as if the Devil, he has lost contact with it. It now is in the position of a paranoid system of delusion which he can then treat unrealistically and as if not part of his own planetside trip. As is discussed in other chapters of this book, science has much to offer - in the region of cosmology, for example, in the region of submicroscopic reality, in reality, in the region of explaning the operations of our own brain. I agree with those who maintain that science is only the best application to our planetside trip of the best thinking of which man is capable (and I would include in the planetside trip the inner realities as well as the other realities). Science is not something to be worshipped; science is something to be acquired as one's own thinking machinery can assimilate it, as one's own biocomputer can be trained by it. Science literally is a Yoga, a union with our own humanity, a union with the universe as it exists, not as we may wish it to be.

Science of itself is ruthlessly indifferent. It is an expression of the state of High Indifference. Science does not take sides; its products can be used to kill, to create, or to grow. Science as we know it is now capable of feeding adequately every human being on the face of the Earth. Science as we know it is now capable of turning the seas into vast farms, of turning the deserts into green paradises. The proper use of science could make a veritable Eden of our planet, without pollution and with a balanced view of the totality of all species of plants and animals. Science can then function as a benign god rather as the devil that we make of it when we worship God as War, God as Righteous Wrath, God as Power, and so forth. Science is our handservant, science is our concubine, science is our wife, science is our husband, science is our children, science is our thinking, science is our feeling, science is our doing.

Robert Anton Wilson: Don't Be Afraid of Black Magick

Article written by Robert Anton Wilson for "Gnostica" about Black Magick. (If you sign up for scribd you can download the pdfs. And at the top right-side of the document there's a fullscreen button.) Here is just a little excerpt:
The Big Lie
The old theological cliché that the Devil is the "Father of Lies" contains an important neuropolitical truth. Occult knowledge beings with the realization that the ordinary reality of the conditioned citizen is somewhere around 99.97 percent mythology.

Mindwarping, brainwashing, demonology, the hurling of curses, etc., begin with the barefaced lie that the mindwarper's alternate reality is not mythology at all but "really" "real."
The Satanist's reality is real. So is Rev. Sun Myung Moon's. And the nudist reality. The snake-worshipper's reality. The Methodist reality. The Republican reality. The SLA reality. The Buddhist reality. The vegetarian reality. The scientfic reality.
Everyone of these realities is "real" to the nervous system programmed to convert all incoming energy-signals into the coding (language categories) of that "reality," and to exclude as backgorund noise all signals not fitting the code.
The Biggest Lie in the World is the idea that there is one "true" reality. That is the lie which keeps the conditioned citizen trapped in the one static reality imprinted by parents and schools in childhood. It is the lie which the Black Magician exploits in making the demons of his reality in your reality.
America is the greatest country in the world, to the conditioned American. Fernando Poo is the greatest country in the world, to the conditioned Pooan. Catholicism is the one true religion, to the Catholic. Voodoo is the one true religion, to the Voodooist.
Mirrors and blue smoke.

There are dozens of meta-programming rituals in occult manuals, showing how to insulate your reality from attacking demonic forces out of some black magician's separate reality. Some of the best and most commonsensical are in Dion fortune's Psychic Self Defense.
Personally, I regard such rituals as unnecessary, since they take the terrorist too seriously.
Read the entire article here. (3 pages)

Sigil Magick

Sigil Magick

Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn

Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn

Daily Conspiracy: Michael Tsarion GodsOtherDevil Remix

Michael Tsarion: God's other Devil Remix

Check out more vids from Godsotherdevil

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John Lilly's Simulations of God - Science of Belief excerpt 2 God as War

Earlier excerpt and book download link.

Excerpt 2 from John Lilly's Simulations of God - Science of Belief. In this one John Lilly's stretches our associations of war.

In the old-fashioned sense, God as War, War as an instrument of God as is recounted in the Bible, war between small villages in the Middle East, is not to be compared with modern warfare simultaneously involving several hundreds of millions of people. The old Gods of War are too small for modern human society. The Jewish God is too small. Baal and Maloch are too small. Ra is too small. Kali is too small. And the philosophies of all these ancient Gods and all the other ancient Gods, such as Huitzilopochtli and Tezcatlipoca of the Aztecs, are too small.

...If either the Spaniards of the Aztecs had had atomic energy at their disposal, the planet would probably have become sterilized. We no longer can afford God as War. We now have God-like instruments of destruction. Our God must be greater than a protagonist in human battle.
The basic assumption that "We are right and they are wrong" also must be treated as a delusion. As a substitute for violence we must negotiate; we must bring disparate belief systems into congruence through communication, not through violence. The language barriers of the world must not only be crossed but toppled. The belief barriers of the world must be diminished to the point of triviality. All modern technology must be used to increase the knowledge of all peoples throughout the planet. National security boundaries must be abolished bilaterally. Self-righteous virtue and concerted anger must be denied to those in power. Profit through war must be abolished.

It may be that all the above reasoning is idealistic and totally wrong. It may be that war on our planet is the result of orders sent to the human species from other superior civilizations hundreds, thousands, or millions of years in advance of ours. War may be a laboratory for the development of weapons to be used elsewhere. War may be the supreme form of human achievement. It may be that our short-term view of the destruction of human bodies, of human vehicles, one by the other, is a technique for freeing up essences needed elsewhere in our galaxy or the unvierse. If we want to continue with God as War, some such belief systems as this must be carefully taught to al peoples on Earth. There are various methods for such teaching. For example, we can declare that it is necessary for the Americans and Chiense to carry on their military research and their testing of new material in real wars in order to develop super-weapons which will eventually could be used against extraterrestrial invaders.
Further alternatives are that the screams of the dying, the pain, the terror, the panic of war, all telepathically broadcast throughout our galaxy, may be needed as energy - as food or as fuel - somewhere else in the galaxy.

It may be that Earth is merely a small portion of some other beings' laboratory in which they are testing out various ways of exciting various kinds of organisms to high energy states. It may be that the supervisors of this laboratory must every so often dump some sort of destructive antibiotic activity on us, the bacteria, to keep our numbers in control. It may be that they finally have furnished us with the formulae for our own antibiotics. We, as the bacteria in the laboratory they have set up on this planet, are merely living out their instructions. These instructions involve observing how organisms with our size brain can kill one another most efficiently. These superextraterrestrial beings furnish us with ideas of God, of the devil, of prophets, of power, of inflated egos, of megalomanic belief systems in order to play games in their laboratory.

Or it may be that we are just simulation computers at the behest of very much larger computers who are in control of us, and that we are simulating a war they are waging among themselves; or that they have agreed to take sides on this planet, some controlling one side and others controlling the other side. These lesser gods of cosmic war games are undetectable to us because we have post-hypnotic trance orders to forget the fact that we are under their orders. Our simulation does not include the simulation of Them. Our orders say: "Accept the orders that we give you in sleep. When you are awake do what we have dictated and forget that we gave you these orders in sleep."

Paranoia has two components. We forget that paranoia includes a megalomanic center-of-the-universe arrogance. This state could easily have been programmed into us by Them. The only additional component needed to start a war would then be fear. Fear is easily excited because it has been built into the biocomptuers as a survival program. Many things - including the natural forces - can be used to excite fear. Start a hurricane or a typhoon and move it in the right direction across the surface of the earth. Or begin a very large earthquake, or excite a solar flare and cause the particles from the flare to hit the earth's atmosphere, thus changing the mood of all the earth's creatures, including man. Or beam secret information into the world's houses of power - that on the opposite side of the world are you enemies, so go there and kill them.

Such projections of responsibility upon the cosmos in the past were called God. Now we must perform an operation almost out of science fiction in order to simulate the same sort of results. Imbedded in us is a righteous wrath of our own fear, our own megalomania, our own arrogance. When we become angry enough to kill - then is the time to stop, to stand off, to find out how much of our program is biologically determined, how much is determined by communication with others through at-present-unknown channels, and how much is determined by our peer group and by the known physical pathways of communication between humans on this planet. The destroy-to-create simulation either must go or must be carried to its full extreme of totally destroying in order to start totally over somewhere else.

A&E Biography - Charles Manson

A&E Biography - Charles Manson part 1 & The rest

Here's a docu with interviews with Manson (much less spectacular now), and the women of the murders (holy crap). Hallucinogenics and brainwashing gets talked about. It's pretty intense and shows a very different story than what Manson was selling in the interview posted yesterday.

Hyatt's Psychopath's Bible

I read this book from start to finish in around 3 hours yesterday, you can download it here.

I liked the approach Hyatt took in the book 'Undoing yourself' and I guess this sync'd with the Manson vids I've been checking. Though I have to say, it's a twisted book in some ways and I'd only recommend it to people who understand the relativity of belief systems well. I wouldn't give this book to anyone unstable and don't really recommend it to anyone.

There is some real twisted shit in this book lol, but sneakily Hyatt is convincing the potential 'psychopath' reader to be a nice helpful empowered person. From a perspective though that in a mad society the only (zen) way to help people is to make them persist in their folly, so they can come to their own realisations when the dynamics shift. Which is way more helpful than telling people what's wrong with their illusions - because they'll prefer the illusions over the truth most of the time anyway.

My own highest ideal is truth, but I've found too that most people do not share that, and instead prefer the comfort (and relative ignorance) of their belief system. To keep kinda sane socially I have elevated 'fun' to as high or even higher as truth in another main reality tunnel, as I used to be a pessimist - you can imagine how different my life is from ten years ago. Adaptation is the key to survival or something ;p. Though I've also come to understand the relativity of truth itself and how fun and harmony is perhaps more 'real' to pursue, and how some 'sleepwalkers' are having way more fun and fulfillment than some 'seekers'. This is why it helps to learn from anyone, anyone can have associations, perspectives, strategies that can be helpful to you.

Hyatt paints a grim view of the world, but if you have many other views already, one can always find some use for more perceptions. Along with the grim view though he suggests a strong (sometimes questionable though) attitude, a kind of high indifference, with associations over lots of life's ills that empower the individual. Some information was really useful though I'm more of the "example" guy that don't give a damn instead of the social manipulator, the relativity of it all (and the cosmic giggle factor :p) has made me extremely laid back and Hyatt tries to create that attitude as well.

Speaking of duality earlier, Hyatt seems to be quite the Luciferian too, which I guess depending on the interpretation can sometimes be seen as the opposite of humanist? :p So to let go of the attachment of the idealism to preserving human life instead of the sacrifice that is supposedly needed for further evolution. This is heavy stuff. Though I can't say I agree with that, it does help to further understand a Luciferian mindset.
Here are some quotes, the book starts out great with different definitions of the psychopath, which basically is 'someone who doesn't follow regular social convention', a type of "Manson zen" can be seen in this book. The first quote about the DSM is on the money:
"If you've never picked up DSM-IV, we strongly refcommend that you do so. You'll find yourself in it. You'll find your friends and associates in it. You'll find your family members in it. Indeed, you'll find everyone in it. In other words, from the point of view of psychiatry, everyone has a "mental disorder." For psychiatry, there is no such thing as mental health, only degrees of pathology."

"The entire process is a food chain which the Master actively supports and utilizes for his comfort and fun. He knows that everything is part of the problem and that there are no solutions from the conventional point of view. He knows that millions die daily and millions are born to take their place, he knows that the planet is alive as a stomach is alive - it digests everything."

"One of the key factors in understanding why people are so pathetic is that, during the infantile stage of development, they "come to constant erroneous conclusions" as to "what causes what."
In other words, they learn erroneous negotiation strategies right from the very beginning and come up with conclusions about themselves, the world, and their interconnections which they continue to use and be victims of until they are buried alive.
The reason they survive at all is because of "slop" (i.e., most people have the same wrong conclusions.)
Building upon wrong conclusions leads to habits which once ingrained, are difficult if not impossible to break. People's minds become calcified. They blindly proceed through their lives, deceiving themselves and repressing the immense spite they have accumulated over all the years for continuously being treated like children."

"All governments (some might assert that I should have said "authoritarian" governments, but this is, in fact, a redundant notion) count on "their" "citizens" to respond in typical infantile fashion. This includes identifying unconsciously with a more powerful force even if this force enslaves, brutalizes and humiliates you. For most people, slavery is freedom.
Thus, democracy is nothing but a ruse to hide the power and force of this technique. Adolph Hitler was an expert in its use. He knew that the German People wanted to be children with a strong magical father to care for them. However, the German people, like any other group of people, would have felt offended if their nose was rubbed in what they had to become in order to get what they believed they wanted.
The chronic process of making - and being made - the child is a technique at which every bureaucrat and government official is adept. This is fundamentally how the police operate. The Master is an expert in this area."