Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Dark Knight: A Synchromystic Conspiratorial review (updated)

This is a synchromystic review, for the people new to this, Jake Kotze defines synchromysticism as "The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance." It's researching our reality's pop and other culture history for mystical and esoteric symbolism, be that esoterically (the real deeper meanings) of religious and occult symbolism or other aspects of reality, like history, politics and media for instance. So the synchromystics look for recurring memes, hidden agendas, coincidences, synchronicities (meaningful coincidences) and multi-layered symbolism. The openminded and open-ended approach along with the amount of connections one can pursue makes it fascinating and enlightening. Everything's connected, explore everything ;)

Ok to the movie, I will interpret the movie's dialogue and events in a conspiracy reality tunnel, I do not claim this report analyzes the true hidden agenda by the film makers, this is just an interpretation. I enjoyed the movie as one of the best action and superhero movies I've ever seen. Certain reality tunnels (or simplified, views) of mine notices it as a movie full of - and you can interpret this in different ways - hidden agendas, metaphorical coincidence, or synchronicity or anything else you can come up with. Let's enter the conspiratorial reality tunnel - which I do not take 100% seriously - for an analysis of the movie. This is not paranoia but metanoia, as it's beyond paranoia and includes flexible views ;) I assume if you read this you have seen the movie, as I spoil the entire thing but still some parts could be hard to understand if you haven't seen it. I'm also using the few images available online as capping them would have made people wait even longer for this post. Please check out this blog's synchromystic posts (label) and the links in the sidebar for more synchromystic goodness.

"Tonight you are all going to be part of a *social experiment*."
The Joker

The movie Dark (K)night (of the Soul) starts out with a bank robbery, a mafia bank no less with mandatory checkered floors. The Joker makes sure that every accomplice gets killed by another one or himself.

Bank Manager: The criminals in this town used to believe in things. Honor. Respect. Look at you! What do you believe in? What do you believe in!
The Joker: I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you... stranger.

A modified Nietzsche quote that Antero Alli also put a version of in his great book Angel Tech. Starts out great! I feel Heath Ledger's synchromystic well [click for a multi-sync post, if you hadn't found out yet, find out about much mysterious coincidences surrounding Heath Ledger's death here. And also check this Ledger's Dark Knight(of the soul) label to see more posts with ledger & bat synchs] positively added to the hype for me, because I wasn't really that much of a Ledger fan and this is the best Joker I've seen. That's not that spectacular, because I didn't really like Nicholson's Joker, I thought the fake jaws were a little silly. I liked the Joker from the toons and this short fan film Batman: Dead End much better and when I saw the previews I already knew I was gonna love it.

Also about this scene and more, from the Secret Sun: "The bus the Joker uses to make his first getaway is marked "District 22". This calls to mind the Fool trump of the Tarot (the predecessor of the Joker card in modern playing decks) which is numbered as 22 in esoteric circles. The Joker's apartment is 1502 and 15+0+2=17 (death & rebirth). Joker's previously mentioned cross-dressing gives us the requisite ritual androgyny elements."

We move to a scene where the Scarecrow gets such a lame intro you just know Batman is gonna finish him right away. Just like Saddam his time was up (wether he was hanged is not for certain...) The predictability lessens though as the Batman seems to be a couple of vigilantes dressed up poorly ;p. They get into trouble but there comes the crazy ass Batmobile to save the day. We see the batmobile is on automatic and it goes through 2 modes. 1 Loiter. 2 Intimidate. Which fires shots, moving on Batman jumps on Scarecrow's truck and blabla Scarecrow gets arrested along with the vigilantes thanks to a Bat package. "I don't need help." Scarecrow, who was a court psychologist: "Not according to my diagnosis." :p Batman is the order resonator, he wants to do things according to his BS.
update: A right wing aussie journalist analyzed the movie in an 'interesting' way too (thanks to Kieran for the link - And this author, writes the same. Both authors first names are Andrew, and it's public now, Batman is Bush lol), he compares Batman to Bush, who is 'more than a hero', who does what we do not like, to protect us. The comparison kinda works cause Bush is a puppet of the Illuminati (who I posted first resonated Batman) and the Joker, who this guy thinks resonates the muslim terrorists, is an agent of chaos too. (Obviously, the Joker also resonates Bush - the joke president, so in summary: terror and politics come from the same source...)
The only problem, and excuse me for not resonating with consensus reality, with his analysis is he thinks Muslims are the only evil that threatens this world. He does admit he confuses fiction with fact :p Hilarious, but that is the consensus reality of which the followers do not really consider politicians to be much of a threat... The only metaphor Joker is for the 'Muslim threat' is the joke.
I'm not worried of muslims invading my country, I am worried by politicians dropping us in fascism while advertising it as freedom, under the guise of a false threat that they created. Sound reasonable? Now if the movie featured Batman killing thousands of civilians, rigging the controlled demolitions himself and lying about it to get laws to pass for... who, the Penguin? :p And Bruce Wayne was a colossal idiot, then that'd be right. But actually, his comparison opened my eyes to what the movie was really trying to tell us subliminally, and this guy lays it out for all to see who obviously will discard it as nonsense ;p. So I edited the post with additional possible interpretations. For instance, Bush in his campaigning was the guy you'd like to party with out of the candidates, and Bruce Wayne's (engineered) image is that of a party animal too. Interesting that my metaphors worked but were a deeper analysis (batman = bush, fake illuminati puppet & joker = (muslim) terrorist, fake illuminati puppet hehe) so great that I can make it a little more clear now, interesting that the metaphors can be drawn through huh ;p and the movie analysis still makes sense.
You can also interpret the "what doesn't kill you makes you stranger" quote a little more darkly too, as in, if we don't (get the means to) kill the terrorists they'll just get more crazy!
Another interesting remark is that in the first Batman movie of 89, the Joker (metaphor for terrorist threat) is created by the Batman (Neo Cons and Illuminati resonator), but they left this out in the reinvented series of Nolan and Bale. Interesting, or the right wing author his article would have been a total farce ;p

A main storyline in the movie is police lieutenant Gordon ('left in charge in place of', remember from an earlier post? ;p) is trying to round up a series of mob banks, they used marked bills to trace them. Batman and Gordon talk about this briefly and then we cut to the temporary new Batcave at Wayne Industries while Wayne Manor is being rebuilt since it burned down in Batman Begins. Lame :p Though kinda realistic, for a Batman movie hehe.
In my Batman Begins post, I link Wayne Manor to the Twin Towers, cause the house has twin towers and now it needs a rebuild, like the 'Freedom' Tower. Interestingly, the Manor was destroyed by the League of Shadows, the illuminati resonators from the first movie :p

We move straight to one of the movie's main characters, Harvey Dent. Every Batman fan knew from the moment they saw Harvey Dent in the first movie there might be some Two-Face action going on fast (despite that in Burton's Batman of '89 Billy Dee Williams had a very little role of Harvey Dent with no consequence ;p Later, Two-Face was played by Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever, which I found was a shitty role in a shitty movie). Very interesting. Because Harvey Dent resonates Barack Obama loudly, his slogan for the election of District Attorney is "Believe in Harvey Dent." More Divide and conquer through BS! (Belief Systems/Bullshit). Here we see on this movie poster that the candidate is a Joke(r) himself ;p Or is a muslim lol. [Obviously, Obama is also the Dark Knight (in shining armor...)]

Batman also resonates Order (or the will to impose it) and the Joker resonates Chaos (Welcome to a World Without Rules says the below Dark Knight Poster, which could also mean how it was before the neo-cons, chaotic! :p The nerve hehe). The Joker also resonates 'terrorists', which interestingly aren't just muslim fundamentalists but 'agents of chaos' working for the Illuminati. Batman and the Joker together resonate the over arching secret society known as the Illuminati, if such an organization exists, or call them the powers that be if you will (I think there may be groups of people trying to create systems best for themselves which may or may not be manipulated by one overarching group - keep multiple reality tunnels and thus perspectives when you have no proof!) Who manipulate reality with order out of chaos, like the many false flag operations (like 9/11, which the same poster resonates...). Batman is, like them, a control freak of reality. He says he doesn't like copycats about the vigilantes who dress up like him. That's not what he meant by "inspiring people" ;p. You might think, how are you gonna pull this off, Bruce Wayne and Batman resonating the Illuminati. Bruce Wayne is one of the richest men on the planet, so he can get almost anything he wants but goes above the law to get even more of that. Christian Bale (Baal)'s roles in American Psycho and Shaft, were more rich guys with issues. Other Illuminati resonating movies are the Prestige, Equilibrium and Terminator Salvation. Imdb says his trademark is "often playing troubled characteres." He was arrested over assault allegations made by his mother and his sister just hours after he attended the European premiere of his movie The Dark Knight in London. His stepmother is a feminist author, but she's also a democrat so she defended Bill Clinton... lol. As pointed out in the comments, he exuded an arrogance of privilege in the interviews about the film, and he had rehearsed his promo lines well, not failing to mention so many times that Batman is now ready to let someone in the system take his place as Gotham's hero. All that being said, it's not that hard anymore to link him to Bush either isn't it? :p

Bruce's watching Harvey Dent on a screen. (remembering the inspire line: a metaphor for 'don't be inspired to go into justice or politics or affect real change? ;p) Alfred asks "Are you interested in his character or his social circle?" (we see Rachel, Bruce's ex on a screen they are watching. But Harvey Dent resonates Obama, and his social circle is certainly worth investigating. Like the infamous Zbigniew Brzezinski, or the crazy bloodline ties to Bush and Cheney.
His other Two-Face aspects are, besides being a politician ;p his oil winnings, judicial watch called him the eighth most corrupt politican of 2007, a voting record that is more pro war and anti civil liberty instead of the other way around, his words about Pakistan, his distancing from his pastor who made more sense than Obama did to me and who he first supported after flip flopping ;p, and his Israel-loyalty: he actually says in this vid he 'can deliver the message with more credibility" ;p, he will not negociate with Hamas, etc.

In the conversation between Alfred and Bruce we hear: "Batman has no limits but you do", ah the limitlessness of symbolism ;) You could interpret that the Illuminati has no limits as a symbol here ;p so all the more reason not to use that view as a main reality tunnel and keep a winner script, nobody is controlling reality, they are just trying to influence it to fit their BS and 'values'.

We move to a court room scene where Rachel and everyone else are waiting for Harvey Dent who comes in "Sorry I'm late folks!" Harvey interestingly jokes wether he'll leave the case for his girlfriend (Rachel) and flips his fathers lucky coin. "You wanna leave something like that up to chance?" she asks, he wins the toss and replies "I don't, I make my own luck." Funny if you imagine Rachel resonates Hillary Clinton for a second :p I will come back to this as it keeps working in the movie hehe.
Obama has been (ridiculously) JFK-linked a lot (Berlin just one example), and here we are in a courtroom (the movie JFK is mostly in a courtroom :p) where the witness tries to shoot him but the gun doesn't go off and Harvey knocks him out, says the specs and "Made in china. If you wanna kill a public servant, I recommend you buy American". "Get him outta here" says the judge, Dent: "but you're honor, I'm not done" ;p Here we have hope in action folks :p.

Later Dent and Rachel are in Bruce Wayne's restaurant, to get reservations Harvey had to wait 3 weeks and say he worked for the government :p.
Later Bruce shows up and it turns out to be his. A little discussion follows if Wayne Manor is within the city limits makes Bruce laugh that he maybe should know his jurisdiction! In other words it doesn't extend to Israel and leave Iran and Pakistan alone Obama :p lol. "What if Harvey Dent is the caped crusader?"
What if Obama is Illuminati? ;p Or what if Obama is Bush, meaning the next president.
Bruce: "No you don't understand. One fundraiser with my pals, you'll never need another cent."

We move to a scene where the Chinese businessman that has just closed a deal with Wayne Enterprises want to channel out the mob's money to one secure location as the cops are moving in, he can be useful as the Chinese don't extradite their own. The money is safe already even!

The Joker comes in laughing, the Joker also resonates the Illuminati, the chaos branch - order out of chaos. "How about a magic trick, I will make this pencil disappear." A thug comes at him and the Joker knocks the pencil through his skull by slamming his head on the table making it one of the coolest kills in movie history. "Tada!"
The Joker in his sales pitch to the mob (who are a kind of secret society of their own, possibly subserviant to the secret societies on top of the pyramid) says "Dent (Obama), he's just the beginning."

The Joker wants to get rid of the Batman (false flag action interpreted in the conspiracy reality tunnel ;p divide and conquer through creating bias against false or fabricated enemies with BS) "If you're good at something, never do it for free." The Joker says. He's also wired with grenades, always have a back-up safety plan.

Later a body bag with the Joker's body gets dropped at the mob boss who was the most opposed to him. Of course since we know from the news, this scene which the article said featuring the Joker faking his own death in a body bag was nearly cut from the movie, so the Joker comes out and our phoenix is once more symbolically reborn (see Hancock-Obama synchromysticism).

Lucius Fox, the man who supplies all Batman's toys, is played by Morgan Freeman. Let's open this can of worms. Resonating Lucifer (Lucius, Morgan Freeman also played God in Bruce Allmighty...), the sly Fox, and Obama - as he played a president in Deep Impact. In 'Wanted' with Angelina Jolie he plays the seeming same kind of role (haven't seen that movie yet) of Ras Al Ghul in Batman Begins as the leader of a League of Shadows like assassins group. Lucius knows about military and CIA projects that aren't very public. In the Bush comparison, he resonates the Military Industrial Complex (and the subliminal justification for it in the movie)
Later in China, they use Cell Phone Sonar technology through Wayne Corp's associations with the Military (obviously!).
Lucius Fox apologizes for blowing off the deal with the Chinese to the same dude who tried to channel out the mob's money. "A simple phone call might have sufficed" says the Chinese man. Lucius Fox answers: "Mr Wayne didn't want you to think that he was deliberately wasting your time." "Just accidentally." Is Morgan Freeman, so Obama, wasting our time? Later meeting up with Bruce he says "Mr. Wayne, good luck." Batman is gonna use Black Ops tech in China involving a window, a cable thingy, and an airplane :p which should be easy compared to his other requests to Lucius.

Of course, the China business man has the cops in his pocket and wonders why he's paying them if it takes them so long to get there after security was breached by Batman, Batman flies up a plane through his black ops tech with the business man and delivers him to the Gotham police doorstep.

The police round up the mob, "emberass me in front of my friends" says Eric Roberts, "they're coming too" grins lieutenant Gordon ;)
549 criminals charged at once thanks to Harvey Dent. They talk about how the head guys can make bail but the midlevel guys can't, they'll cut deals and get jail time. "Think of what you can do with 18 months of clean streets." says Dent to the Mayor. Now Gotham there's some hope to believe in ;p.
Then a hanged Batman-doll (impending sacrifice warning :p) slams into the window with a joker make-up, smile and card. Made me think of the first Batman of '89 where another fake dead joker face in a batman is found (I think :p), but at the end also the real joker.
It comes on the news and then...

Time for 'terrorism' to enter the movie, the Joker releases an Al Qaeda like vid on the news of a Batman-impersonator vigilante. "Are you the real Batman?" "No" "Noo? Noo? Then why do you dress up like him?" (in the Bush comparison: Are you the real 'decider?' No, then why do you act like one? :p) "He's a symbol and we don't have to be afraid of scum like you"
Joker:"No, you do Brian, you really do... So you think Batman made Gotham a better place? hmm? ... Look at me, look at me! (authorative hypnotic induction) You see this is how crazy Batman's made Gotham, you want order in Gotham, Batman must take off his mask and turn himself in. Oh and everyday he doesn't, people will die, starting tonight, I'm a man of my word. HAHAHA"
(This is interesting, we could interpret that this is a metaphor for the conspiracy researchers - that want to unmask the Illuminati - are the terrorists, and are unreasonable and the Illuminati is their scapegoat. Chaos, Order and Politics or the Criminal Justice system, all different sides of the same coin, as the poster and movie illustrates.
Or if we take the comparison to Bush and consensus reality, that we have to be afraid of muslims... and the crazy war machine that the Western politicians have used against the Middle East forces them to act in this way.)

Right after the words "I'm a man of my word. HAHAHA." the next scene shows Harvey Dent and Rachel, please eat this subliminal: Obama is a man of his word (and so is Hillary, she's not that feminine :p).
"Harvey Dent, scourge of the underworld, scared stiff by the trust fund bigrade." says Rachel. Maybe he should be ;p

Bruce Wayne flies in with a chopper: "Where is Harvey, where Harvey Dent? The man of the hour? ... When Rachel first told me that she was dating Harvey Dent I had one thing to say, 'the guy from those awful campaign commercials 'I believe in Harvey Dent', yeah nice slogan Harvey. (ouch! Every Obama supporter just got laughed at in the face) But it got Rachel's attention. And then I started to pay attention to Harvey, and all that he's been doing as our new D.A., and you know what, I believe in Harvey Dent. I believe that on his watch Gotham can feel a little safer, a little more optimistic, look at this face, this is the face of Gotham's bright future, to Harvey Dent, let's hear it for him. (Bruce does his over the top Obama sales pitch :p, it doesn't matter who's posing to watch if the watcher's puppetmasters go along with business as usual) later, "Gotham needs a hero with a face." (Two Faces? ;p)

The trinity of next possible Joker victims (pointed at by DNA, which the Joker was able to obtain!) need protection, the first is a judge who gets offered an envelop with a destination that not even the cops (supposedly) know of. Who'd accept an envelop with a secret destination and go to it? Well in this movie, those who do blow up the car on ignition. One down.
Another victim, the police commissioner says to lieutenant Gordon his best solution to these threats has been a good drink for all these years. Victim of his own habits cause the drink contains poison thanks to the Joker. Two down.
Harvey Dent the third victim, gets knocked out by Bruce Wayne at the party when seperated from the other guests since he knew about the info, to secure him cause the Joker crashes the party shortly. He only has one question "Where is Harvey Dent?"

Bruce kicks some ass and enters a secret passage, a girl of a couple that was fooling around says "thank god you got a panic room" but Bruce is long gone :p This seems to hint that no matter how secret you try to be, you'll always fumble a few times. And also, the top of the pyramid doesn't give a damn about what's under it.

Rich dude: "We're not intimidated by thugs."
Joker: "You know, you remind me of my father, I hated my father."
Ah the paternal judging order imposing aspect of reality ;)

The Joker threatens Rachel by telling a different story about the origins of his scars around his mouth, either he's repressing the real reason which could have lead to his current psychological status, or he lives in an internal world without rules too ;p, or it's just a different alter of a monarch mind control victim. Or *fill in here*

Blabla, stuff happens and we move to another interesting convo between Bruce and Alfred.
Bruce Wayne: Targeting me won't get their money back, I knew the mob wouldn't go down without a fight but this is different, I've crossed the line.
Alfred: You crossed the line first sir, you squeezed them, you hammered em to the point of desperation, and in their desperation they turned to a man they didn't fully understand.
Alfred: Criminals aren't complicated Alfred, we just need to figure out what he's after. (Actually, criminals are complicated and their childhoods, upbringing and social conditioning are huge factors in shaping their belief and value systems, their psychology and the choices they make. What they want is a symptom, not the cause.)
Alfred: With respect master Wayne. Perhaps this is a man you don't fully understand either. A long time ago I was in Birma and my friends and I were working for the local government. They were trying to buy the loyalty of tribal leaders by bribing them with precious stones, but their caravans were being raided in a forest by a bandit. So we went looking for the stones, but in six months we never met anyone who traded with him. One day I saw a child playing with a ruby the size of a tangerine, the bandit had been throwing them away.
Bruce: So why steal them?
Alfred: Well because he thought it was good sport, because some men aren't looking for anything logical... like money, they can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negociated with, some men just wanna watch the world burn. (and we see the Joker in his earlier talked about video on a screen)
This can be interpreted in many ways, first there's the straight movie line, the empathy-less psychotic maniac, then there's "illuminati want to depopulate the earth reality tunnel", the "islamo-fascist threat reality tunnel" (hey I got it right the first time ;p), the the "christian apocalypse reality tunnel" (Jehovah seemed to be a man fitting that description :p), etc etc.

Then another twist, a Wayne Enterprises employee demands 10 million dollar for the rest of his life or he'll spill who Batman is, from the evidence he found after Lucius asked him to do the numbers again.
Lucius Fox: Let me get this straight. You think that your client, one of the wealthiest most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands, and your plan is to blackmail this person? ... Good luck.
That took care of him (for now).

Rephrased: Let me get this straight. You think that the wealthiest most powerful men in the world are secretly vigilantes - taking the law into their own hands aka acting above the law - who spend their nights planning how to destroy their opposition and fulfill their agenda, and your plan is to blackmail them? ... Good luck. Just so you know where you stand ;p The way to conquer the Illuminati or the Neo-Cons is not by fighting them (which could quickly turn you into one of them or something like them, and impeaching them won't help because they have too many buddies in high places and a new 9/11 investigation won't turn up any facts either) or interacting with them - which is dangerous too, but by pursuing your own dreams to create the reality you want on this planet.

After the Bus trick after the bank robbery, during a police funeral the Joker and one of his accomplices are dressed up as one of the police and thus is impossible to find.
"We must remember that vigilance is the price of safety." is part of the speech, another reminder. Chaos breaks out (heh) and the police scatter everywhere because of shots fired (interesting metaphor for justice breaking apart?), and they get his accomplice who gets shot, not the Joker of course. Commisioner Gordon is shot, we find out later that was staged to protect his family, I fell for it dammit ;p I was wondering why they'd get rid of Oldman, I don't think he's doing a great job as Gordon but he's ok. Harvey Dent gets into the ambulance with the shooter, after just walking through hearing a gun shot, symbolizing his fearlnesness and suitedness for the job. He's a mental patient from Arkham. An easy recruiting place for the Joker.

Batman beats up the mob boss Eric Roberts his thugs authoritavely, there is little sign of Batman's more ninja like martial arts training with Rhas Al Ghul as he basically 'Krav Maga no quarter style' beats everything out of his way. A symbol of military dominance as Krav Maga is a much used military martial art.
Batman throws Eric Roberts off the building and breaks his legs. After that Eric Roberts ironically says Batman's weakness is he's got rules, and the Joker hasn't. "Just take off your mask and show your true face. Why don't you let a couple more people get killed while you make up your mind." Until the NWO, or the truth of the real leaders behind the scenes, is fully exposed, or revealed, people will keep dying? Batman walks off without a reaction or an answer.

Harvey Dent talks to Rachel about them being targeted and that she's no longer safe at Gordon's office. Rachel (Hillary :p) interestingly tells Harvey (Obama) that Bruce (the illuminati/Bush) can be trusted, "trust me" she says again. Trust is bias is Belief System BS. The X-Files' quote on government conspiracies is Trust No One. Then we see Dent starting to turn to his dark side as he has the Joker accomplice strapped to a chair. The chaos is getting to him, and he is another order resonator, as the D.A. which is, in some U.S. jurisdictions, the title of the local public official who represents the government in the prosecution of alleged criminals (people who don't follow their laws - "Fuck 'em, and THEIR law!" The Prodigy :p) and highest officeholder in the jurisdiction's legal department. And as an Obama resonator a politician who wants to impose their order through laws and regulations to achieve their (received) agenda. This gives an interesting twist to "you become what you fight", the order resonator will give in to his chaotic opposite, or... the illuminati engineer the different sides.
"You wanna play games?" says Harvey to his prisoner
Harvey screams after firing his gun.
"I will!!! You don't think I will! ... No I wouldn't. That's why I'm not gonna leave it up to me (but my puppetmasters, which are disguised as 'chance' in the media and this movie :p) Heads you get to keep your head. Tails, not so lucky, so you wanna tell me about the Joker?"
Prisoner: laughs uneasy -
"heads, let's go again"
the prisoner screams he doesn't know anything.
Dent: you're not playing the odds, let's do it again.
Batman comes in to bring Dent to his senses: You're just gonna leave his life to chance?
Dent: Not exactly
Batman: He's Schiff Thomas, a paranoid schizofrenic (Multiple Personality Disorder Mind Controlled victims are the supposed tools that the 'Chaos-starting' branch of the Illuminati use), a former patient at Arkham, the kind of mind the joker attracts, what do you expect to learn from him?
Dent can only look down: The joker killed Gordon, he's gonna kill Rachel.

If you see the Batman as an Illuminati resonator and Dent as an Obama resonator (and Illuminati tool) it makes sense during the entire movie from start to finish (it doesn't really for the Bush metaphor alone, not if you use facts to analyze the movie - instead of the mainstream media propaganda about Bush, the false flag operations and wars), so let's just keep this in automatic:
Batman: You are the symbol of hope I can never be. (Bush his unpopular decisions? :p) Your stand against organized crime is the first legitimate ray of light in Gotham in decades. If anyone saw this, everything would be undone, all the criminals you pulled off the streets will be released and Jim Gordon will have died for nothing. (they actually use a lie to pursuade someone on their own side to comply) You're gonna hold a press conference tomorrow morning.
Dent: Why?
Batman: No one else will die because of me. Gotham's in your hands now.
Dent: You can't. You can't give in. YOU CAN'T GIVE IN!
There are so many ways to interpret this :p Obama gets the control over the imaginary kingdom. Dent is reluctant, or another way to interpret is that he states that the Illuminati can't give up control, or taking responsibility is something humans in general have a damn hard time with, it's so much easier to follow someone else...

"Bruce don't make me your one hope for a normal life" says Rachel during another complicated relationship conversation, another interesting reference to hope you can believe in ;p Don't make anyone your one hope, especially a politician ;p

Everything has to be burned at Wayne Enterprises' improvised Bat cave that can link Bruce (Bush & Illuminati) back to Lucius Fox (Obama and/or Lucifer resonator :p) and Rachel (Hillary lol).

Bruce: People are dying Alfred, what would you have me do?
Alfred: "Endure, take it, they'll hate you for it, but that's the point of Batman (the symbol) he can be the outcast, he can make the choice that no one else can make, the right choice. (The formerly- and still for the mainstream - secret societies can 'make the necessary choices'... or consensus reality version: the 'Neo-Cons can')
Bruce: Today I found out what Batman can't do, today you get to say "I told you so" (A way of saying he can't leave the world to chaos and must impose order)
Alfred: Today I don't want to ... But I did bloody tell you ... I suppose you're gonna lock me up as well, as your accomplice?
Bruce: Accomplice? I'm gonna tell them the whole thing was your idea.
(the illuminati and neo-cons usee scapegoats of their own, lower on the hierarchical pyramid to be blamed for atrocities throughout history, one of the million reasons why joining them isn't such a bright idea)

Harvey Dent Press Conference time!
"Everything that can be done over the Joker killings, is being done."
*noisy crowd not quite agreeing with the usual authority rethoric*
Harvey Dent: "The Batman is an outlaw... We've been happy to let the Batman clean up our streets until now." (Ouch! Yes we've been 'allowing' the secret societies to run their systems and their - form of - 'protection' over those of us who don't get in their way :p. This picture symbolizes Batman's dominance over the police)
crowd: Things are worse than ever! (hint to Dubya's legacy)
Harvey Dent: Yes they are, the night is darkest just before the dawn, I promise you the dawn is coming. One day the Batman will have to answer for the laws he's broken, but to us, not to this madman. (More Luciferian and Phoenix Rising symbolism, see Hancock and Will Smith, another Obama resonator. Answer to our secret society, we deal with sin in our own way of judgement, depending on how useful they still can be.)
crowd: No more dead cops! He should turn himself in.
Harvey Dent: So be it, take the Batman into custody. I am the Batman.
Lies Dent, who's a Two Face after all and he is arrested, this goes down at a press conference, there is little truth in the media or politics :p, even in the movies they are staged now haha.

Rachel: Alfred! Why is he letting Harvey do this?
Alfred: Perhaps both Bruce and mr Dent believe that batman stands for something more important than the whims of a terrorist ms Dawson, even if everyone's hating him for it, he's not being a hero, he's being something more.
Rachel: Yeah that's right, letting Harvey take the fall for this is not heroic at all, you know it better than anyone. (Stab at the Secret Societies and governments)

But it was all a scheme, they are anticipating the Joker attacking and the Batman will be ready. When Dent is taken in, a reasonable nr of cops, despite losing their buddies clap their hands rather limply, when they see this (partly fake :p) symbol of 'justice' walking in. They are just pawns themselves and don't know what's really going on. Though for all the Batman had done, despite the great timing, it's rather weak. And shows how resolute and uncaring about popularity someone who fights for real justice must be. Though the movie is probably trying to entrain you to accept the Neo-Cons had to make unpopular decisions for the greater good, this is complete bs of course.
Rachel: You make your own luck, as Dent enters the escort truck. (Which could mean Obama won't leave things to chance either, and will act.)

The escort needs to take another route early on because the Joker left a truck burning on one lane, always draw the enemy to your territory and always try to stop what they had planned. Or 'deviate' them, in this case metaphorically and literally ;)

The Joker attacks the escort with trucks, one has a stargate pherris weel image painted on it next to a circus tent. He upgrades from weapon till weapon to breach the truck. It's a game to him. He dents the truck with his artillery and Dent asks the cop if the truck will hold.
cop: "He's gonna need something a lot bigger to get through this."
cop in front of another truck: "What's that, what's that a bazooka?"
*BLAM* :p

Meanwhile the Batmobile is damaged and the new Batcycle or whatever it's called rolls out, it's pretty damn cool :p the tires look kinda silly but driving it must be awesome.

The Joker: "Now there's a Batman. Oeh you wanna play? Come on." batman passes the truck
Joker: he missed!
but Batman straps the truck with cables and makes it tip
Joker climbs out and shoots once, shoots a car or two, but doesn't shoot at the joker while saying: "come on, come on... come on... come on I want you to hit me, come on HIT ME COME ON HIT ME COME OOOON!"
But Batman dodges his target and drops, why man :p Joker tries to pull of Batman's mask but gets an electric jolt (lol, like a clown!). "Hahaha!" The Joker can still laugh, you gotta love Heath's performance.
"We got you, you son of a bitch." says Gordon, Joker's arrested, the truck is opened and Dent is surprised and pleased that Gordon's alive.
So why man? To catch the Joker, man. Plan worked and Harvey is safe. (Entrainment that the authorities risk their own skin to protect us :p...)

Dent: "I'm no hero. Gotham's finest, they're the heroes" and about working together with the batman "no, but I trusted him to do the right thing, saving my ass." says Dent to the press.
Interesting if you retain the Batman-Illuminati metaphor ;p Even more if you consider him meaning that Bush saved the Western World asses by... starting two fake wars that didn't have much to do with the false flag op...

In the police jail, the Joker seems to be untraceable in any records, no name, no other alias. (So they 'need' ultimate surveillance to prevent people like this...) But that doesn't matter that much for the spirit though, cause - hope injection - the mayor names Gordon the new commisionner, yay!

Even the Joker claps ;)

"This time, I saved him." says Gordon about Batman to his son. Gordon is a justice resonator, but could also be seen as a loyal unknowing pawn in the conspiracy reality tunnel ;p

to the interrogation room, because Gordon just received a message.

Joker: Evening commissioner .
Gordon: Harvey Dent never made it home, what have you done with him
Joker: Me? I was right here, who did you leave him with? Hmm, your people? Assuming of course that they are still your people and not (intelligible), does it depress you commissioner just how alone you really are? (as a just man) Does it make you feel responsible for Harvey Dent's current predicament. What time is it?
Gordon: What difference does that make?
Joker: Well depending on the time, he may be in one spot or several...
Gordon: If we're gonna play games, I'm gonna need a cup of coffee.
Joker: Ah the good cop, bad cop routine?
Gordon: Not exactly (as he leaves the room)

Batman appears and slams Jokers head into a table, "never start with the head the victim gets all fuzzy" *another hit* ... "see?" :p
Batman: You wanted me, here I am.
Joker: I wanted to see what you'd do, and you didn't disappoint, you let five people die, then you let them take your place, even to a guy like me that's cold. (the chaos maniac is disgusted by the secret society tactics :p Or the muslims are disgusted by the neo con tactics... the Neo cons let more than 5 people die though...)
Batman: And why do you wanna kill me?
Joker: I don't wanna kill you. What would I do without you, going back to ripping off mob dealers, no, no, no! No, you... complete me. (Order through Chaos)
Batman: You're garbage who kills for money. (money is your god...)
Joker: "Don't talk to me like you're one of them you're not, even if you'd like to be, to them you're just a freak, like me. They need you right now, when they don't, they'll cast you out, like a lepar, see their morals, their code, it's a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble, they're only as good as the world allows them to be. I'll show you: when the chips are down, these 'civilised' people they'll eat each other. See I'm not a monster, I'm just ahead of the curve." Batman grabs him: Where's Dent?
Joker: All these rules, you think they'll save you. The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules and tonight your gonna break your one rule...You're gonna have to play my game if you wanna save them... You know for a while there I really thought you were Dent, the way you threw yourself after her, whooh! (gets thrown) [this can be seen as further entrainment that rules are good, chaos is bad, in extremes. Obviously we need rules, but not a million of them that restrict every damn thing we do while giving the government money.]
Joker: Look at you go. Does Harvey know about you and his little... (ouch)
Batman: Where are they! While he beats the Joker (justifying torture entrainment? Yup Neo-cons or the Illuminati needs to torture people to keep you safe! :p nevermind it's from their own attacks :p)
And Joker tells him he has to choose and laughs: "You have nothing to threaten me with, nothing to do... Don't worry I'll tell you where they are, that's the point, you'll have to choose..." and he tells them the two locations. (The fearless person is demonized, fearlessness doesn't mean recklessness)
The Batman goes to get Rachel, and sends Gordon out to Dent.
Remember, the Joker is chaos, so he lies about the locations which he switched :p

Rachel and Harvey talk on the intercom before one of them is sure to explode, everyone realises Dent will be reborn as Two-Face very soon.

The Joker tells the cop watching over him: "How many of your friends have I killed?"
The cop tells him he killed six of his friends.
"Do you wanna know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick, you can't savor all the little emotion, you see, in their last moments, people show you who they really are, so in a way, I know your friends better than you ever did... Would you like to know which of them were cowards?"

The cop takes off his jacket. "I know you're gonna enjoy this, I'm gonna have to try to enjoy it even more." obviously the Joker takes him over, tss easily tricked. He takes him hostage and says he just wants his phone call to some other cops, which will set off a bomb sown inside another former mental patient from arkham in the police jail. BOOM. The police jail explodes and Joker rides off with a cop car.

Together with the impending other two explosions at Rachel and Harvey's whereabouts, that's a trinity of explosions. Three buildings blowing up, 9/11 for you. Of course, if you see the Joker as the muslims which is what the subliminal intention is that's obvious. But if you see the Joker as the chaos branch of the illuminati, the whole picture changes.
Batman saves Dent as he was tricked by the Joker about the location, and Dent's face of which half was soaked in oil from dropping to the floor along with a rigged barrel to explosives, gets torched. Rachel dies. (Hillary is out of the election! :p)

Gordon realises the Joker planned this all and wanted him to lock him up.

And here we go, a huge 9/11 resonator (well, the first may actually be the poster with the batman signal burned into a building): Ground zero with firemen extinguishing fires while Batman stands over it, rotating Harvey's coin.
At the hospital, he says, "I'm sorry Harvey." and leaves him his coin.

Gordon visits Dent, and Dent asks Gordon to tell him the name he called him while he was at Internal Affairs, SAY IT!
Gordon: Two Face!
Two Face: And why should I hide who I am?
Gordon: I'm sorry.
Two Face: No you're not, not yet.

Interestingly Two Face his dark side makes me think a lot of the movie They Live, interesting as he resonates Obama... Could this mean Obama will show his 'true face' (two face) soon after becoming president? I don't know, I doubt as Two Face's ending is swift in the movie.

The Joker has another amazing scene. First he slides down a (illuminati) pyramid pile of money. And then burns the crapload, because after all, we're moving towards a different system of currency... :p
Joker: "I'm only burning my half, all you care about is money, this town deserves a better class of criminal, and I'm gonna give it to 'em." (so we're moving from a money based system, to a power based system?)

Meanwhile we move to more Joker Chaos
Coleman Reese, the dude who earlier tried to blackmail Lucius Fox to give up Batman's true identity is on the news, the Joker doesn't want Reese to spoil it for him and calls in: "If Coleman Reese isn't dead in sixty minutes, I blow up a Gotham hospital."
The hospitals need to be evacuated and obviously everyone who has family members in hospitals could get impulsive... It doesn't take long before the first shots at Reese are fired.
A cop runs by a Hospital evacuation where we see a checkered board sign with EMERGENCY on it. (the movie hints the question: Oh noes, what if muslims target hospitals next!)

Gordon who escorts Reese, gets a message from Alfred which cops have relatives in hospital and could be risks. And of course the cop across from him in the car has a relative in a hospital... His wife. Oh oh.

Meanwhile, the Joker dressed as a nurse is with Two Face.
Joker: Hi... You know I don't want there to be any hard feelings between us Harvey, when you and...
Two Face: RACHEL!
Joker: Rachel were being abducted. I was sitting in Gordon's cage, now I didn't rig those charges.
Two Face: Your men, your planning.
Joker: Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am, I'm a dog chasing cars, I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it! You know I just do things, the mob has plans, the cops had plans, Gordon's got plans, you know, they're schemers, schemers trying to control their little worlds, I'm not a schemer. I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are, so when I say - ah come here - that you and your girlfriend was nothing personal, you know that I'm telling the truth.
(Very interesting comparison between the mob, cops and oops, he forgot Batman. Maybe because Bush couldn't be compared to a Schemer ;p. I compare the government to the mob "this neighborhood is ours" that made their practices legal, taxes etc. Follow their rules or else, obviously the joker is a kind of schemer himself, being a joker he can lie about it :p)
Joker: It's the schemers that put you were you are, you were a schemer you had plans, and uh, look where that got ya... I just did what I do best. I took your plan and turned it on itself, look what I did to this city with a few drums of gas and a couple of bullets. Hmm? You know what I noticed, nobody panics when things go according to plan, even if the plan is horrifying. (So maybe some researchers like Alex Jones are the CIA spoiler agencies to prepare the ones worried about the government about what happens, the joker says "people don't panic if everything goes according to 'plan') If tomorrow I tell the press that a gangbanger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics because it's all part of the plan, but when I say that one little old man will die, well they just lose their minds! Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order and everything becomes chaos, I'm an agent of chaos. (The Joker, the agent of chaos working for the Neo Cons or Illuminati, not necessarily a Muslim.) Oh and you know the thing about chaos, it's fair. (very telling about all the chaos in the media and the apathy of the majority about it. Plus a justification that chaos is fair, randomly choosing which people die is hardly fair :p)

Two Face flips his coin, Joker lives... and walks out of the hospital as it blows up, he has some trouble with the detonations lol, but there it goes, another controlled demolition...

Meanwhile Bruce Wayne saves Reese with his Lamborghini from a car ramming with the excuse that he was trying to speed a red light to Gordon ;)

Dent is lost along with two busses.
Gordon: "We're gonna need the National Guard" (interesting... more impending martial law talk...)

Meanwhile another Joker terrorist-like video with a journalist hostage reading his message comes on the television. "You failed to kill the lawyer, I have to get you off the bed and into the games." Everyone that doesn't wanna get into the game, has to leave Gotham now, but there's a surprise at the boats... hoo hoo hoo.

Switch to Lucius Fox seeing his screens with the earlier talked about sonar technology depicting entire Gotham City. The solution they want to implement to keep all of us safe from maniacs - not including them... while ensuring their own safety and that of their agenda... (this poster resonates the all-seeing bat :p)
Lucius: "Beautiful, unethical, dangerous, you took my sonar effect and applied it to half the city, this is wrong."
Batman: I have to find this man Lucius
Lucius: At what cost?
Batman: The database is encrypted and can only be used by one person.
that's why Lucius is getting it
Lucius: Spying is not part of my job description.
he can help Batman triangulate his position
Lucius: I will help you this one time
Batman already has a failsafe, type in your name (and the database is destroyed), there, that assures everyone that his (and the authorities) intentions are benevolent... :p Right... Please accept the Big Brother society, trust us. :p

Two Face has the mob boss Eric Roberts with him, he wants to be let go if he tells him what he wants to know, but obviously the coin gets flipped. He's lucky, but the driver isn't :p Two Face puts on his seat belt and BAM shoots the driver and the car tips

Two boats of people get evacuated out of Gotham, one carries prisoners, the other civilians.
The boats stop and the people on the boat find something, a detonator, and a message by the Joker through the intercoms: "Tonight you are all going to be part of a 'social experiment.'" (if we buy my analysis, we can see that the experiment has been going on since the start of the movie ;p hence the early quotation of it)

Anyone attempts to get off the boat, everyone dies. Each boat has the detonator of the other boat he says. He adds: Each of you has the remote to blow up the other boat. At midnight I blow you all up, if however one of you presses the button I'll let that boat live. So who's it gonna be? Dent's most wanted scumbag collection or the sweet innocent civilians, you choose, oh and you might wanna decide quickly cause the people on the other boat might not be quite so noble.

Of course, it gets noisy on both boats!

Ramirez is forced by Two Face to lure Gordon's family into a trap, she has luck with the coin and just gets knocked unconscious.

On the civilians boat, the police forces use a voting system (to buy some time and give people something to do before they possibly go crazy :p), the vote is for blowing up the other boat, but the person in charge says "we're still here"

A terrorist scene where the Joker is found thanks to Lucius his tech, has clowns lined up in a clear window, the aware viewer realises before the cops that they are hostages dressed up as clowns with guns taped to their hands. The SWAT's are targeting the wrong people Batman tells Lucius. So Batman has his work lined up for him having to save the hostages from the police and trying to get the baddies too.

Batman gets to the Joker but he releases a trinity of dogs on him. The Dog Star Sirius. Why so serious? Remember the movie got released during the rising of the actual star Sirius.

On the civilian boat, one civilian - obviously in suit and tie - stands up and takes the detonator saying the convicts made their choices (in life, and now by not blowing up the other boat yet). It obviously makes sense to choose civilians over prisoners, though this part in the movie had me really wondering just how chaotically f'd up this movie was gonna be ;p
In the prisoners boat, the dude that played Zeus in that Hogan movie No Holds Barred goes up to the guy in charge "Give it to me and I'll do what you should have did (that's how he says it ;p) ten minutes ago." He takes the detonation device from him and throws it outside the window into the water, and sits down to accept his fate, the other prisoners accept theirs too with the cops looking on uneasily.

Joker: We really should stop this fighting or we'll miss the fireworks.
Batman: There won't be any fireworks.
Joker: And here we go (he gestures a countdown...)

while we see the civilian with the detonator in his hand, but hesitates and puts it back.
The Joker seems to have studied some excellent chaos theory mathematical predictions of human behaviour :p Like the illuminati and the (esoteric) behaviorist movement study us as their lab pets?

Joker: You can't rely on anyone, you gotta do everything yourself... Do you know how I got these scars?
Batman: No but I know how you got this one.
And kicks the Joker off the building, who laughs while falling - lol again, but gets caught on a rope
Joker: You truly are incorruptable aren't you, huh? You won't kill me out of some misplaced sense of self righteousness, and I won't kill you because you're just too much fun. Hah. I think you and I are destined to do this forever. (Order and Chaos forever, geez no thanks, though this poster illustrates how they are intricately linked)
Batman: This city just showed you that it's full of people ready to believe in good.
Joker: Until their spirit breaks completely, until they get a good look at the real Harvey Dent (Obama) and all the heroic things he's done (ahum). You don't think I'd risk losing the battle of Gotham's Soul in a fist fight with you, no you need an ace in the hole, mine's Harvey. (Obama's future, how long can the hope illusion stand knowing what's supposedly in store? Or The illuminati saying Obama will be a chaos resonator, not an order one? ;p)
Batman: What did you do?!
Joker: I took Gotham's White Knight and I brought him down to our level, it wasn't hard, it happens as you know, it's like gravity, all it takes is a little push. HAHAHAHA :p

Oh how the ego is so easily misled. Granted, the Joker used some extraordinary means. Or Obama will be pushed to his limits by the fake Muslim threat? ;p Two Face threatens Gordon (the commissioner and thus a symbol for justice) and his family out of vengeance, he's going to hurt the person he loves most. He finds out quickly it's his son by his kind of response depending on where the gun is pointed...
We hear dogs barking and see the police around the building.
Two Face: You brought your cops?
Gordon: All they know is there's a situation, they don't know what, they're not creating a perimeter.
Two Face: You think I wanna escape from this, there is no escape from this.
Batman (just got there): You don't wanna kill the boy Harvey.
Two Face: It's not about what I want, it's about WHAT'S FAIR! You thought we could be decent men in an indecent time. You were wrong. (apparently if you look at the government's excuse for their behaviour, nevermind they engineered most those indecent time causers) The world is cruel and the only morality in a cruel world is chance. Unbiased, unprejudiced, fair. His son has the same chance she had, 50-50. (Two Face his new reality tunnel is living through chance is the only fair way of living to deal with the pain of losing Rachel)
Batman: What happened to Rachel wasn't chance We designed the act, we three (Batman: Illuminati secret societies, Dent: Justice, Obama-resonating Politics too, Gordon: Police).
Two Face: Then why is it me who is the only one who lost everything!
Batman: It wasn't...
Two Face: The Joker chose me!
Batman: Because you were the best of us! He wanted to prove that even someone as good as you could fall.
Two Face: And he was right. (Conspiracy isn't the only way to explain world affairs, BS, ignorance, temptation, lust for power and revenge are others.)
Batman: You're the one pointing the gun Harvey, so point it at the people responsible.
Two Face: Fair enough, you first. (Batman).
Heads (if I saw correctly!) but he shoots anyway(!), Batman goes down (we know he has no bulletproof-weaknesses in this suit) then points the gun at his own head, flips and... heads, no kill (hmm, though these additions make it silly if batman's toss was tails, though I really couldn't see it on a cinema rip!), then the boy. He tells Gordon to lie and assure the boy, like he had to with Rachel. Batman jumps Two Face and he falls of the building, Batman loses his grip and falls too but you know he's gonna be alright :p

"Harvey (Obama) is its (Gothams) true Hero. You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." Batman repeats Dents words. (Will the Neo Cons or Illuminati assassinate Obama?) He tells Gordon that he should say Batman killed Two Face's victims. Batman isn't a hero, he sacrifices (hanged batman from earlier) his hero status for the greater good. And history is faked again, BS over truth for the greater good in some's view. (Bush takes the fall for Obama decisions? As Obama will be the next president of an America with little civil liberties left?)

"Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded" says Batman, while Lucius Fox (Obama, Lucifer :p) destroys the surveillance equipment, which is done in a manner that could leave an expert team to probably save a lot of it :p Big Brother is only here to protect you says the movie... More to protect themselves. This is sadly where the cinema rip I found, and I had to find a different one each day as they are taken down :p, ended so I have to end here too. I know from seeing it at the movies that they smash the Batman Signal. Batman will now be hunted by police (so the symbol is literally hurt, for a while. Or Bush makes way for Obama) to make the agenda believable to the people...

Exit conspiratorial reality tunnel! You can't deny that I made the metaphors work for most of the movie. I hope you liked it, it took a long time and I'm gonna take a few days off me thinks ;p

Synchromystic Roundup

Labyrinth of the Psychonaut: The Silver Cord, The Womb, and the Revolution of Resonance
I haven't had any experiences with the Silver Cord, but when I saw 'Death' personified in my most profound mushroom trip he was holding a pair of scissors (not a scythe - both used to cut the cord? ;)) and gestured 'not your time yet' with a smile, I haven't feared death since this experience.

Matthew Delooze: Obama, Meet the new puppet, same as the old puppet.

Secret Sun: Must See TV: Magical Egypt & The Shemsu Hor, Praying to the Aliens, Brave New World Indeed, and an interview with Culture of Contact (great to hear from others the need for real evidence, agnosticism but exploring attitude :)). I think I'll just watch the entire Magical Egypt series again.

Hidden Agendas: The Illuminati Formula of Mind Control: Part 4, "Sun-eating dragon" returns to China

Through the Looking Glass: Renegade Rockefeller? And this quote: The TRUE Occultic spell of the HIGH Occult is... "The ability to get the victim to accept his/her own demise" Alan Watt (not Alan Watts)

PseudOccult: W, The 2008 Olympic Terror Patsies Revealed by IntelCenter, ArgOZ, and everything else ;)

Obama's Berlin Speech (B.S.)

A buddy of mine said about Obama's Berlin Speech, if what he's saying is true it'd be awesome (later after hearing this he apologized and said to his defense that he saw a summary on the 'news' ;p). So after a comment about me not being agnostic enough about Obama, I had to check it out, he actually could have even SAID something that would appeal to me? (politicians usually do that, but Obama hasn't for me, nor had Hillary or McCain, because they're all so see-through). So I watched it from start to finish, where is the hope? What change is he talking about? I heard neo-con like rethoric, the most blatant push for a New World Order and nothing substantial once again. The new puppet as the same as the old puppet, coated in a different kind of bullshit. This is how easy it is to deceive the majority of a planet's population.

here's my summary, highlighting text isn't even necessary:
"Berlin wall metaphor, cue to 9/11, pakistan is gonna bomb paris, we can't be divided, global citizenship, partnership between nations is not a choice, the citizen will have to do more not less, let's tear down the nation walls, now is the time, shared sacrifice and global commitment, defeat terror, cannot shrink to combat this real threat, dismantle networks (interesting choice of words) that have struck in madrid and hamad, and london and bali and washington and ny, battle of ideas, afghan people need your and our troops, no more nuclear weapons yay!, nations of europe choose your tomorrow, we need a strong european union (nevermind all nations who voted, voted against lisbon treaty, interesting use of 'choose' followed by 'need'), build on wealth (ignore crazy rising cost of living and gas), carbon!!!, stand as one, reject torture and stand for rule of law (that would be cool, but waterboarding isn't torture... right? :p), welcome immigrants, this is our moment, this is our time, US hasn't perfected ourself (lol), haven't lived up to our best potential (interesting use of negations :p), answer destiny, remake world once again."

Thank you for believing in the hopenosis? I don't want to believe, I trust no one politician. Here's a test, ask any Obama supporter why they support him, see the faces light up and the bullshit come out :p.

Alex Jones & Freeman

Alex Jones - Freeman Pt1

civilian37 & utrudnos youtube channels have all vids

This is really interesting, I can't classify this interview as disinfo. On conspiracy, occult rituals, bloodlines, and much more. I noticed that the dollar bill has a snake skin motif & color looking background :p. Though I disliked the tedious commercials (in the version I watched but lost the link of, to his credit Jones cut off the commercials once ;p) and some Jones language ("they wanna kill your family" :p it's his style I guess, though it makes him suspicious for a lot of people, including me :p Freeman is from a military family too, something he openly talks about but who knows if there might be something more behind that, metanoia eh :p).

Freemasonry and the Survival of the Eucharistic Brotherhoods

article about 'Entheogens and Freemasonry' by Mark Hoffman & Carl A. P. Ruck
...Given such an underlying assumption of gnosis as a kind of basic and defining experience at the esoteric core of all the Mysteries, dogmatic and doctrinal differences were only of marginal concern and interest, and crass literal interpretations were easily abandoned in favor of a mythological richness infused and sacralized by a common gnosis.
Thanks to Joe, "I noticed that the Scottish Rite (foundation for Schizophrenia) was the primary sponsor for Strassman's DMT studies and it got me curious..." Joe. John Mack and Terence McKenna were funded by the Rockefellers too, even though I'm a little metanoid about this, I don't think there's necessarily anything nefarious going on here just through association (that's why metanoia is so much more advisable than paranoia ;p btw have you ever noticed how everyone else's paranoia but your own seems unnecessary and annoying? Simply because they have different associations that led them to those conclusions or questions. The more openminded metanoia (beyond paranoia) gives for more pleasurable reading and not turning people off anytime. Though it's impossible to please everybody and it's hard not to use strong language once you're convinced of something. Of course, if you provide ample evidence - and there is little or no evidence to the contrary - you are voicing genuine concerns and are not being paranoid.) I have no idea what's going on :p

Daily Conspiracy: Don't be too Paranoid

Daily Conspiracy: Don't be too Paranoid

From Crackle: Terence McKenna on Conspiracy

Don't be too paranoid kittens. Nobody is running the world, they're just clumsily trying to :p

"In those huge ministry buildings after one o'clock in the morning, there are so many lights on, so many lights are burning in the chancellaries and the ministries of the governments of this planet and you know why? Because it's getting out of control, it's slipping from their grip. They are worried. They're poring over maps, they are looking at computers, saying: 'what the hell are we going to do?!' They're not gayly conspiring to run the world, they're frantically planning to try and hold on to their pathetic bit of turf." Terence McKenna