Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Synchromystic Roundup

Labyrinth of the Psychonaut: The Silver Cord, The Womb, and the Revolution of Resonance
I haven't had any experiences with the Silver Cord, but when I saw 'Death' personified in my most profound mushroom trip he was holding a pair of scissors (not a scythe - both used to cut the cord? ;)) and gestured 'not your time yet' with a smile, I haven't feared death since this experience.

Matthew Delooze: Obama, Meet the new puppet, same as the old puppet.

Secret Sun: Must See TV: Magical Egypt & The Shemsu Hor, Praying to the Aliens, Brave New World Indeed, and an interview with Culture of Contact (great to hear from others the need for real evidence, agnosticism but exploring attitude :)). I think I'll just watch the entire Magical Egypt series again.

Hidden Agendas: The Illuminati Formula of Mind Control: Part 4, "Sun-eating dragon" returns to China

Through the Looking Glass: Renegade Rockefeller? And this quote: The TRUE Occultic spell of the HIGH Occult is... "The ability to get the victim to accept his/her own demise" Alan Watt (not Alan Watts)

PseudOccult: W, The 2008 Olympic Terror Patsies Revealed by IntelCenter, ArgOZ, and everything else ;)

Obama's Berlin Speech (B.S.)

A buddy of mine said about Obama's Berlin Speech, if what he's saying is true it'd be awesome (later after hearing this he apologized and said to his defense that he saw a summary on the 'news' ;p). So after a comment about me not being agnostic enough about Obama, I had to check it out, he actually could have even SAID something that would appeal to me? (politicians usually do that, but Obama hasn't for me, nor had Hillary or McCain, because they're all so see-through). So I watched it from start to finish, where is the hope? What change is he talking about? I heard neo-con like rethoric, the most blatant push for a New World Order and nothing substantial once again. The new puppet as the same as the old puppet, coated in a different kind of bullshit. This is how easy it is to deceive the majority of a planet's population.

here's my summary, highlighting text isn't even necessary:
"Berlin wall metaphor, cue to 9/11, pakistan is gonna bomb paris, we can't be divided, global citizenship, partnership between nations is not a choice, the citizen will have to do more not less, let's tear down the nation walls, now is the time, shared sacrifice and global commitment, defeat terror, cannot shrink to combat this real threat, dismantle networks (interesting choice of words) that have struck in madrid and hamad, and london and bali and washington and ny, battle of ideas, afghan people need your and our troops, no more nuclear weapons yay!, nations of europe choose your tomorrow, we need a strong european union (nevermind all nations who voted, voted against lisbon treaty, interesting use of 'choose' followed by 'need'), build on wealth (ignore crazy rising cost of living and gas), carbon!!!, stand as one, reject torture and stand for rule of law (that would be cool, but waterboarding isn't torture... right? :p), welcome immigrants, this is our moment, this is our time, US hasn't perfected ourself (lol), haven't lived up to our best potential (interesting use of negations :p), answer destiny, remake world once again."

Thank you for believing in the hopenosis? I don't want to believe, I trust no one politician. Here's a test, ask any Obama supporter why they support him, see the faces light up and the bullshit come out :p.

Freemasonry and the Survival of the Eucharistic Brotherhoods

article about 'Entheogens and Freemasonry' by Mark Hoffman & Carl A. P. Ruck
...Given such an underlying assumption of gnosis as a kind of basic and defining experience at the esoteric core of all the Mysteries, dogmatic and doctrinal differences were only of marginal concern and interest, and crass literal interpretations were easily abandoned in favor of a mythological richness infused and sacralized by a common gnosis.
Thanks to Joe, "I noticed that the Scottish Rite (foundation for Schizophrenia) was the primary sponsor for Strassman's DMT studies and it got me curious..." Joe. John Mack and Terence McKenna were funded by the Rockefellers too, even though I'm a little metanoid about this, I don't think there's necessarily anything nefarious going on here just through association (that's why metanoia is so much more advisable than paranoia ;p btw have you ever noticed how everyone else's paranoia but your own seems unnecessary and annoying? Simply because they have different associations that led them to those conclusions or questions. The more openminded metanoia (beyond paranoia) gives for more pleasurable reading and not turning people off anytime. Though it's impossible to please everybody and it's hard not to use strong language once you're convinced of something. Of course, if you provide ample evidence - and there is little or no evidence to the contrary - you are voicing genuine concerns and are not being paranoid.) I have no idea what's going on :p

Daily Conspiracy: Don't be too Paranoid

Daily Conspiracy: Don't be too Paranoid

From Crackle: Terence McKenna on Conspiracy

Don't be too paranoid kittens. Nobody is running the world, they're just clumsily trying to :p

"In those huge ministry buildings after one o'clock in the morning, there are so many lights on, so many lights are burning in the chancellaries and the ministries of the governments of this planet and you know why? Because it's getting out of control, it's slipping from their grip. They are worried. They're poring over maps, they are looking at computers, saying: 'what the hell are we going to do?!' They're not gayly conspiring to run the world, they're frantically planning to try and hold on to their pathetic bit of turf." Terence McKenna