Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Orion Conspiracy

The only new things are those which have been forgotten.

A short film by Seb Janiak

From the vid info: More than fifty years of misinformation and manipulation in the shadow of the media have divided and impoverished public opinion, so as to control it all the better. This film is neither a work of fiction, nor a documentary. (it's a bit of both :p) Forget the words "esoteric" or "fantastic", here we're speaking about REALITY...

The Orion Conspiracy part 1

The Orion Conspiracy part 2

9/11 Media 'Coincidence' Mountain Megapost

I'll present in this post a ton of 9/11 'coincidences', interpret them as you want.

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Check out this Jones Report article: The Matrix & Other 9/11 Hollywood Symbolism

The Austin, Texas based Steve Jackson Games pre 911 “Illuminati” card game

added: Click here for a Synchromystic Forum thread full of 9/11 syncs,
(I will keep updating this post, so come back)

911 "Coincidences" or Synchronicities?

Here is the first of two long series of vids including 9/11 sync clips from many movies, 9/11 Hidden in Hollywood:

9/11 Hidden in Hollywood part 1 many movies

Fromthe Blob's header & docu: Man on Wire: The Artistic Crime of the Century

9/11 Hidden in Hollywood part 2 Bruce Willis & Arnie movies

9/11 Hidden in Hollywood part 3 Fight Club

Fight Club

"...the first step to controlling your world is to control your culture. To model and demonstrate the kind of world you demand to live in. To write the books. Make the music. Shoot the films. Paint the art."
Chuck Palahniuk

First rule of any Secret Society is you don't talk about it.

9/11 Hidden in Hollywood part 4 the New World Order, more movies

"A Li" over the twin towers in Pushing Tin, ali or a lie?

9/11 Hidden in Hollywood part 5 Fox Network

9/11 Hidden in Hollywood part 6 the big picture

Red Alert 2 Westwood pc video game

911 Hidden in Hollywood - Part 7 Ghostbusters, Trading Places, Aaron Russo

911 Hidden in Hollywood - Part 8 Hook, Awakenings, Pearl Harbor, Pushing Tin, Dream Team, Astronaut's Wife, The 13th Floor, Pelican Brief, etc.

911 Hidden in Hollywood Comics - Part 9

9/11 Hidden in Hollywood all 8 vids link

Notice where Mickey's tail & finger are pointing at


This is another series Sept 11 Warning, which includes some of the same used in the first (as this one was an inspiration for the first):

Sept 11 Warning - Part 1

Super Mario Bros

This ain' t no game

Sept 11 Warning - Part 2

Sega Saturn Net link

Sept 11 Warning - Part 3

The Coup pre-9/11 2001 album cover 'party music'

Sept 11 Warning - Part 4

TMNT, one-eye illuminati symbol & stargate

Sept 11 Warning - Part 5


ad, plane on towers

more here are at FearorLove1's youtube channel

9/11 Precursors in Film TV & Media Part 1 of 2

9/11 Precursors in Film TV & Media Part 2 of 2

Check out this movie analysis: Oliver Stone's WTC is a 9/11 truth movie!

post 9/11 dark knight sync

The Dark Knight conspiratorial analysis review

From Terminator 2: Judgment Day

King Kong

9/11 Synchronicity in Art.
this video starts with no-planer evidence, though it quickly leads into 9/11 syncs.

Pre-9-11 magazine advertisement for Maker's Mark bourbon.

Original cover of the novel "Sewer, Gas and Electric: The Public Works Trilogy" (1997)

November 1993 Hustler Magazine pic obviously
inspired by the first WTC (FBI enabled) attack


Synchromysticism: The art of attributing dynamic context to phenomena, allowing patterns, themes and insight to arise out of a web of connections.

Twin Towers & B7, Twin Masonic Pillars and the third, Two big Pyramids at Giza and smaller one

Check out Jake Kotze's vids

Nosis Extended Trailer with Jake Kotze

Starmummy: 9/11, 11:11, 2K, Galactic center, Robin Tunney Isis.
By Jake Kotze and Jim Sanders from Nosis.

The 911 Pyramid Mega-Ritual

article, O (stargate) on twin towers

Soundless Dawn aka Labyrinth of the Psychonaut also has 9/11 vids up

Bridge Terrorism, Conformity, and The 11th of September

check out more synchromystic blogs and articles

Twin Towers reflected in Spider-man's eye on movie poster

Spider-man Teaser trailer deleted scene due to 9/11, stargate web between towers

Italian ad April 2001

check out Jake Kotze's The Blob for lots more 9/11 and other syncs

Also check out 111Truth111 Illuminati symbolism vids on youtube

Black Monolith Building 2001 Space Odyssey

Thanks to Stygian Port

Hit Steel Plane Must

Liam Gallagher knew about 9/11?
Carson: How do you feel?
Liam: Godlike.
Carson: The cover of the album, new york skyline.
Liam: Yeah I thought I'd pay respect before they blow you up.

Also check out PD Ouspensky: Symbolism of the Tarot: The Tower

The Moon doesn't exist.

The Moon doesn't exist.

"Believe me, and see the vid." (rofl @ consensus reality)

Etienne De Crecy's Hypercube

Etienne De Crecy live

After Daft Punk's Illuminated Triangle, Etienne De Crecy displays this Hypercube, Tesseract thingy. Check out another demo of the thing.

Mass Awakening? I'm busy.

WeAreCHANGE Ohio confronts Bill Maher on Impeachment & 9/11

I used to like this guy's show until I realised he was the O'Reilly of the left. Suddenly when it came to 9/11, this 'authority questioning rebel' suddenly became the equivalent of a retarded Fox News propaganda mongerer.
He never talks about the evidence, he always ridicules it. And best of all, to him "Bush and co couldn't have done it cause it required planning". Oh, cause the Iraq war is going bad? That's part of the fucking plan you idiot, are you supposed to be a political commentator? War is money making, if they really had 'mission accomplished' there'd be less money, what good would that be. 9/11 gave them the patriot act, the wars and the oil. Their near entire agenda has been fulfilled thanks to 9/11. Bill used to have snazzy quotes concerning impeachment of Bush, but now Bush is nearly out of office all he says is "kinda late isn't it." What a role model.
But don't worry, no need to fret that we live in a world where Faux Rebels go on stage and idiots who pretend to be free-thinkers cheer them on, I can bet you that all the confirmation bias and ignorance in the world, doesn't stop Maher from realising at times what a COLOSSAL COWARD he is.
The title alludes to this, listen to the crowd in this video, either boo'ing, laughing or getting angry. Typical circuit 2 belief-defense and circuit 4 social conformity. Unless everyone that appreciates freedom and truth over the other BS that's being peddled, starts shaping the world they want to see, there will never, ever be a mass awakening. Because I think that's what the mass awakening is, nobody sitting on their asses waiting anymore for someone else to fix it.
Granted, the WeAreChange people need to use their heads a little more, first rule of protesting: don't ruin someones time to replace it with your protest, how would you feel? Second rule: humor, the sixties and seventies activists were pranksters, have you seen a recent anti-war rally? These people are trying to bore each other into peace or something. Start reading Abbie Hoffman and go on from there.

Daily Conspiracy: Product

Nevermind making a product, let's make some money!

Only one thing is relevant in producing nowadays, money. Prices kept low because of (child) slaves or underpaid workers but whose business is that?

unhealthy foods, cheap electronics with those lovely emf fields, worthless 'upgrades', cheaper source materials, retarded material trends, new deathtrap cars because budget required cutting a few checkups, chocolate from child slave labor, cheaper thinner walls for extra neighbour friendliness, overpriced stupid cellphones, crap revenge movies & poor cgi with subliminal entrainment, recycling 'music' and video games, fake & cheap reality tv, pre-marketed subcultures, merging of companies & banks - more power for the few over the many...

"People interests should come before business interests. You can only screw yourself."
Jimmie's Chicken Shack

"The bottom line is money! Nobody gives a FUCK!"
System of a Down

"Can any melting or burning imaginable get rid of these ever-rising mountains of ruin - especially when the things we make and build are beginning to look more and more like rubbish even before they are thrown away?"
Alan Watts

Interviewer: The 20 dollar bill. A friend of mine remarked that it looked like a coupon. It made me think how abstract money really is. It's no longer a certificate that you can redeem for its value in silver or gold, it's just some kind of arbitrary credit that you have in your bank account. Obviously if there is a belief in the monetary system that keeps it afloat
Robert Anton Wilson: If everybody went to the bank and took out their money the whole system would collapse. Because the banks are allowed by law to loan 8 times as much as they have on deposit, that's considered safe because it's unlikely that everybody will go in
and take their money all at once. (Though they habitually loan a lot more).

The funnier pages popo (police provocateurs) and pluto have already been posted.