Thursday, May 8, 2008

IlluminatiMATRIX - What In The World's Going On?

IlluminatiMATRIX - What In The World's Going On?

Maybe first check out this extensive post about Bryan Kemila and IlluminatiMatrix and of course itself.

Prepare for strange but fascinating theories on reality, conspiracy, language and symbols. Wether it's truth, confirmation bias or a combination of it, or just wrong, or just another view of reality that we can make possible, or the many other possibilities I still haven't figured out yet. Informed comments are hoped for (after checking out the vid, post & site :p). I e-mailed Bryan Kemila a few times but it didn't make me much wiser about my remaining questions, to be continued!


Michael Skaggs said...

I think you will find Dedroid, is they have released their "formula" upon the masses that they used to create the total mind controlled slave. Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier do a good piece on this subject, makes ALOT of sense.

Peace my friend.

Dedroidify said...

Thanks Michael I'll check that out.

And here's to the person I deleted a comment of: "forget being polite."

No, you'd better stay polite.

Rei said...

Thanks for posting this illuminating video (and lots of other gr8 goodies throughout this blog). i find it intriguing and profound in some ways, but incredibly off-base in others. when they started out discussing *thought* i expected them to go into the concept of memes (tons of potential ways to manipulate with those things) - but they took a different route, which is interesting, but ultimately incomplete. here are highlights of my perspective, some food for meme, if you will:
in our current paradigm, the role of the feminine has taken a back seat and is hardly the elusive electron they use in their atom model; though the negative ideas associated with the Biblical Eve certainly do line up with such a theory, ultimately the role of the feminine archetype is not so worthy of such claims.
if we consider things more holistically, including feminine with the masculine stuff, then we would need to look at the role that electro*magnetic* energy plays in control and manipulation in this quarantined plane[t]. maybe magneto vibes don't have as prominent a role in the distortions, or maybe they are the source of incorruptible info, but whatever they are, they deserve a role in any model we try to construct to discuss these things. just because we can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't wield immense power over our world...but you already knew that. 0;-)
i disagree with the idea of Light as having a dark role. while, perhaps, physical light plays a sinister part in the game, symbolic light, imo, does not. overall, interesting proposal and kudos to them (and you) for sharing your respective versions of truth.

Rei said...

p.s. a couple more points, if you please...
~thought is NOT light. thought is vibration like everything else in our universe (sound, light, etc.) and light is vibration, but thought is not light. i am surprised such profound thinkers would engage in Socratic logic (or some variation if it, since i can't remember if what i just demonstrated is technically a form of Socratic logic).
~discussing fear the way they do in this video has, in many cases, the ironic effect of invoking a fear response. so the snake eats its own tail with presentations like this, again, in many cases. some minds are strong enough not to go into fear, but most aren't.
~what we need to overcome this stuff is neutrality. not outrage, not hugging and singing "Kumbayaa" around a campfire, and not some attempt to neutralize the fear vibrations with an attitude and projection of love energy. just the simple state of an all-encompassing, broad neutrality. easier said than done, sure, but hey, there it is.

Dedroidify said...

Your comments are much appreciated Rei.

I'm not sure about the light thingy, but that may just be cause the New Agers make me cringe with all their love & light talk.
I think Bryan did stretch his BS a little far in aspects, the thought and light thing is one of them.

I agree, we don't necessarily need to love everybody (good luck with that lol) but neutrality (which comes from understanding those you formerly *insert negative emotion here*) is indeed great. I think I even needed to hear that spelled out for me, ha! So thanks very much for that. Easier said than done perhaps, but a much easier step than loving those you formerly hated. Your comment will appear in blogpost form one of the following days ;)

Oh and I love plane[t], haha, never thought of that.

Btw there are other aspects of IlluminatiMatrix which really don't sit well to me, one is the subject of suicide, I don't even wanna repeat his thoughts on it here (to save lives :p) but geez I suggest you don't take him seriously :p

Rei said...

glad you appreciated my ideas.
and surprisingly (maybe) i do tend to 'resonate' with many so-called 'New Age' idea[l]s ... i used to call myself a buddhist christian (emphasis on gnostic xianity) but now i don't think there is a term for what i am because, as cliche as it's gotten to say this, i'm spiritual, not religious (i was claiming there is a huge difference between these before it became trendy to say it that way). so maybe since you heard some ideas from me that you appreciate it will help you, um, expand your notions of what the New Agers promote...?

neutrality can be a bitch sometimes as we don't even get the luxury of getting frustrated with things that are mind-bogglingly unjust (yes we would need to define justice for this claim but you know what i mean...justice for the greater good and all that). the key is acceptance of others' decisions, whether or not they seem appropriate to us. this is a task that is *definitely easier said than done. to share a love-'n'-light point in this, we are all equal manifestations of undifferentiated Source (since i used the occult term maybe it won't sound too New Agey for you). the dracs, the lizards, the bible thumpers, the utopian anarchists - all have a spark of that same Source or they couldn't be alive (even if we are in some way serving as comatose batteries we are still alive, and even if there are beings who are using us as energy, they are still, in some sense, alive even without the energy we're providing). so honoring their choices in a nonattached way basically defuses any malicious plans that may be afoot.

taking things to extremes as our friends at illuminatiMatrix are doing with some of their claims is kinda sad but totally understandable... polarity is the construct that makes these dark-ish antics feasible, & getting pissed off about it just breeds more polarity. if we are all parts of the same Source then it's easy to tease that out to understand how we can all exist in our own universe. in my universe, they are trying to hold on to their last means of control and independent of anything i say or do they will still be ultimately unsuccessful. in my universe they already lost control and personal sovereignty is instated...we are just remembering how to navigate our perceptions with that sovereignty (since it's been friggin' centuries since we were master creators of our experience it's taking some adjustment)...

i do think the magnetic side of life is sadly under-appreciated, but that's a subject worthy of its own thread/page/whatever. thanks for staying open-minded! to be honest, the heart is where we should be focusing (esp if there is truth to the meme-manipulation claims), but that idea is also worthy of its own space. also, we've been trained (programmed, if you prefer) to focus on the mind for so long that working from the heart is oddly foreign to many Gods and Goddesses walking around (whether or not there is a luciferian agenda at work, we are still innately divine creatures...even the atheists hehe). so yes, it all just is - it's not good or bad...

and perhaps, if i may, what has turned you off to some New Age ideology is the same kind of extremism that turns many of us off to other groups' BS - there are some moderate, Middle Path love-n-lighters floating around. i'm not a fan of the New Age version of a turn-or-burn Christian (for example) either, and anything that has a cult following is probably too extreme to embody the kind of neutrality that means we transcend all the BS (both meanings) sooner! there may be exceptions (since there usually are), but in my experience intense popularity and fanaticism rarely has that accepting part of the neutral position. ... so there's some more truth to chew on. i do hope i've (unintentionally) challenged your former notions of the New Age folks, and thanks for sharing in being an eye-opener for the sheeple - don't like that term but it is concise 0;-)

Dedroidify said...

I really liked that comment too Rei,

I resonate with some New Age concepts too, and Buddhist concepts too, and Gnostic concepts too!

I'd call myself the cliché of spiritual too, and yes, I really appreciate your thoughts on neutrality and New Age love-mania (hehe), actually today I was able to transcend negative programming for an entire day in a temp job situation that just brings back my pessimist past strongly. I've had the best day at that job ever and I thank you wholeheartedly for it. Nothing could bring me down, cause I was not trying to be or stay happy etc, but because I was ABLE to be neutral ;) Yes!

I'm very much a middle path man myself at this stage of my journey, I find balance to be awesome ;)

If you have some links or so about the magnetic stuff you mention I'd love that, as I know very little about it now.

I don't like the term either but indeed the conciseness of it ;p

ps: just to clarify, Illuminatimatrix is the work of one man called Bryan Kemila.

I look forward to reading from and discussing more with you Rei :)

And thanks again!

Rei said...

hey, congrats on averting potential pissiness with the temp job, but you should thank yourself for that, not me. ...i just reminded you about something you have been used to doing in other versions of existence.

i can't seem to find much out there on magnetic energy, which for the internet is kinda strange! the only other topic that i have similarly been unable to find much about is raising vibrations (but i guess such empowering ideas would be strictly, um, monitored). here are a couple links - perhaps if you search for "magnetics cosmology" you may be able to find more.
(owen waters does some good stuff)

(not necessary to listen to these files, but the presentation is informative and contains some ideas that go beyond the rudimentary setup)

(this one is only loosely related but something tells me there are some glorious pearls of wisdom here)

and if u wanna read more of my stuff, feel free to check out my blog type site, which could definitely use some new material:

Dedroidify said...

Oh lol, this is in my quotebox. Worth considering too.

"Photons come out of nowhere, they cannot be stored, they can barely be pinned down in time, and they have no home in space whatsoever. That is, light occupies no volume and has no mass. The similarity between a thought and a photon is very deep. Both are born in the region beyond space and time where nature controls all processes in that void which is full of creative intelligence." Deepak Chopra

Dedroidify said...

response to rei!

Oh I do ;)

Thanks for the links, will check em out along with your blog soon!

Superman said...

Kemila always talks about the wisdom state, i would like to speak to people that have actually reconnected to this state and what they have experienced.I have read his entire blog and i am still not sure of what the hells going on.Watch and wait, watch and wait seems boring.Another thing that bothers me, is the lack of support on his blog if you've got questions that need bloody answering.I still feel that he is on to something and i agree people are suffering from hypnosis,but as a result of the luciferean thinkers i dont know.Basically this whole world runs on learned knowledge and where does this knowledge come from and do thoughts originate from us ??Can anybody tell me where ideas and thoughts originate?Science doesn't know as for as i gather.Oh and i agree that people that talk technical jargon are just indoctrinated fools.They think they know something but they are just regurgitating somebody else's material which may or may not be correct.We are all regurgitates.Intellectual whores.Nice Blog Droid.

Dedroidify said...

Tbh I think he doesn't know what's going on either as everybody else.

Dean Potter said...

I think if you revisit the material again and dont dwell on or intelectualise any of it for too long,it makes more and more sense.especially in light of events within the last doesnt make sense and at first seems insane.........but thats how the egregore stays does the real agenda,we are kept by enlarge focused on the wars and the economy and the NWO........once the subliminal symbolism an mathmatical attitude of the egregore has been recognised........what is going on is abundantly clear........i find it liberating not having to choose a side anymore........its only the ego,which is their ego that forces us to care about this 3d pile of shit.......and the seduction of the beauty of the woman ,which is all of physical creation.........its just a joke at our expense and no amount of spirituality is going to stop the fabricated judgement and comming cataclysms.
just my 2 pence worth.
good luck it whatever befalls us.