Friday, May 9, 2008

Is egotism inherent in Mysticism?

Another attribute of the mystical experience that lends itself to egotism is the overwhelming sense, feeling, or perception that one is experiencing things in a way that is primal — e.g. more real or truer than how one normally experiences things. The notion one has “seen the truth” is, once again, fertile grounds for egotism.

So the mystical experience — or at least it’s aftertaste — does not come without challenges. It is of course up to the individual how they deal with those challenges.

I liked this comment too.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this (and all the other stuff I get on your blog EVERYDAY!).

This is something I fight with. I used to be a professional writer, TV producer/host, and I was VERY good at chasing my ego and showing other people how powerful my ego was.

Then I killed it, or at least beat it into submission a little, and now am very careful that I don't go there again. ..although I often think my ego's secretly HUGE.

This is something everyone seeking secret knowledge must be wary of. Secret knowledge is 'privileged knowledge', the irony being it's there for EVERYONE. LOVE IS FREE!


Thanks for this and the amazing volume of other posts you've put up!