Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kali Yuga:The Patriarchal Dark Age

Kali Yuga, the Dharma-Ending Age, the Age of Iron. Most traditions have a name for the final Dark Age. What does it mean to us?

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Anonymous said...

Why can't they just make a universe without crap parts in it?

I could. Oh but then - I don't get my kicks from putting good people through tests and other rubbish like that; I'd make any of my universe inhabitants perfect from the beginning. And because there'd be no reason for them to hate me, because they'd be entirely free, if anything did go wrong with them I could kill them and know I didn't make a mistake.

PLAN before you go creating.

Anonymous said...

It's like when I momentarily caught a glimpse of enlightenment last fall. What I had not factored in was that I had just caught fire.

Burning man... :)

- jj