Thursday, May 1, 2008

Machine Elves

Machine Elves! (original link of comic)

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Via Dosenation


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think that the faberge egg self-dribbling machine elves (as Terence McKenna described them) were molecules, cause once on acid (in the Alps in Austria, but that's another story) I saw the LSD interacting with my own molecules, as an inner-visualisation, and it wasn't something like anything I've ever saw or imagined before or since (like any other psychedelic visuals of course).
And it was alive in its own way, and very friendly.

LSD is very interesting, in terms of where it naturally occurs - in a parasitic fungus on crops (which doesn't seem to impair the plant though, overwise I guess they wouldn't have been harvestable), and in climbers. Both are plants of sorts that need other plants to support them.

(obviously LSD is different from DMT, where the machine elves McKenna reports come from)

Unknown said...

I've had that fractal/molecular experience several times deep in the throws of nitrous.