Monday, May 12, 2008


"Man may live two lives. One is a struggle from the womb to the tomb. Its span is measured by man's own creation-time. Well may it be called the unheeding life. The other life is from realization to infinity. It begins with understanding, its duration is forever, and upon the plane of eternity it is consummated. This is called the philosophic life. Philosophers are not born nor do they die; for once having achieved the realization of immortality, they are immortal. Having once communed with Self, they realize that within there is an immortal foundation that will not pass away. Upon this living, vibrant base-Self-they erect a civilization which will endure after the sun, the moon, and the stars have ceased to be. The fool lives but for today; the philosopher lives forever."
Manly P. Hall

Thanks Figgz you freaking rock! *guitar solo*


Anonymous said...

Just a note: "plan of eternity" should be "plane of eternity." oops :p

But yes, the secrets of the Mysteries shout in patient silence, and welcome all to the House of Light. Thanks for being there, man. Your site and the work you do has changed my life and invariably continues to do so every time I visit!

Dedroidify said...

Edited, no thank you! and thanks again! ;p