Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stuart Swerdlow: 'Illuminati' as Teachers

They (lol, I don't even know what that means) also haven't been conditioned as much as the 'ordinaries' to accept all that bullshit negative programming. I really wanna raise this though:
"If everyone and everything is a reflection of your mind pattern". If. Are there any people who visit this blog that are convinced this is the case? (Please mind, that I'm not asking who believes this, I'm asking more than that.) My current catma is 'mind patterns' influence reality, that awareness is like a search light somehow. But to say that all is a reflection is way stretching it for me (at this time), but I'm very interested in hearing other views. [The "why do you choose to co-exist with them at this time" really makes me cringe btw]


Michael Skaggs said...

All I can say Dedroid is this is a DUPE and total B.S. Who thrust this "society" upon us? You see, I am drawing a conclusion simply that "Society" is the illusion. This Earth is a paradise, but look at what their "society" has done to it!
Listen to the listing of the "physical" things "they" have that is so much better than "us". Come on! What kind of mind f**k is that? That list of differences comes straight from what "society" has thrust upon the mankind, it is NOT a reflection of our minds! Shiva H. Vishnu!! Total B.S. my friend...what a mind job, and look at the last listing: They Do have a global consciousness. Trying to really push that "one mind one world" crap in everyway they can. The POWER of POSITIVE THINKING can accomplish more for mankind then this confabulated list.

I have this posted at the bottom of my blog at the hidden agendas:

"Positive thinking on a surface level always fails...You need to re-write your sub-conscious thinking. Rewrite how you think about yourself and your beliefs on a sub-conscious level. What we believe determines what we make true. Alter a belief and you can change the reality you experience. Through your beliefs you form your reality."

That's really that simple. These meglomaniacle Eugenicist f**ks are whats wrong, not mankind. Swerdlow's mind job really fails here. If they really cared about sharing ANYTHING with mankind, mankind would not be where it is today. Simple enough. Thanks for sharing my friend!

Peace and wisdom to all!
Illuminati MUST GO DOWN.

Auberon Barnable said...

This must be from that "The Secret" camp who believe that each of our realities are entirely fabricated by our subconscious, or DNA or whatever, to teach us what we need to learn in this life. I'm not convinced. I do entertain it as a possibility, but to believe it as absolute truth requires the surrender of reason.

It's one thing to be self-assured in body, mind and bank account. It's entirely another to knowingly and gleefully aid in the suppression of everyone below your status in these things.

In what way are these individuals spiritually benefiting from their base avarice? No, there must be judgment in some form or other.

dedroidify said...

Great points Michael. I agree that Swerdlow made some serious blunders in this. I very much doubt they have global consciousness and very much doubt they have the best of 'things', I bet you a lot of them hardly sleep and their dreams must be real pretty lol. Excellent point about positive thinking, much agreed.

"In what way are these individuals spiritually benefiting from their base avarice?"
That's a great Auberon, I think very little or not at all in most cases.

Martin MS said...

Let's cut it short: The best of "things" is love, which is totally lacking on this list.

Re "If everyone and everything is a reflection of your mind pattern": I believe - or rather I work with the assumption - that things and people do exist outside my mind patterns, but the interesting question is what do I project onto them? Swerdlow obviously projects his own power trip on the Illuminati, as many people do. I am rather compelled to feel sorry for them (at least I would be if I was convinced they exist ...)
Peace, love & light

JaySeeEye said...

Maybe I'm looking at this from a different perspective in that I don't actually think the world in which I exist is so bad as many others who probably read your blog, particularly conspiracy researchers/believers, but I find the knee-jerk Illuminati=Evil Conspiratorial Overlords viewpoint as seriously lacking in many ways. I would comment on this further, perhaps in a lengthier fashion another time. I think it was a week or so ago that you had posted an excerpt from Matt Taibbi's new book "The Great Derangement." Well, I went an bought the book last week and finished it this weekend(and highly recommend it). The excerpt you posted had to do with his 'undercover' work in an evangelical church in Texas. In his book, he juxtaposes the phenomenon of the MegaChurch Evangelical Movement with the 911 Truth movement. In doing so, he, quite effectively, in my opinion, seeks to point out how these two phenomenon share many of the same characteristics of dogmatic fanaticism and very unstable foundations for what have become very powerful 'belief systems'(as they are properly viewed thru the lense of this particular Dedroidify reader). I have plenty more to say about this...more comments in the future, perhaps. I'd like to read what you have to say about this overall theme of Taibbi's book.

dedroidify said...

Martin that was just excellent. I love the way you construct your sentences carefully. Peace!

dedroidify said...

Hey JaySeeEye

Well, I don't believe that a few people are controlling the world but then again I absolutely laugh at this farce of a 'system' we have in place in mostly the western world (frankly everywhere, wtf hehe).

I do find this world pretty freaking bad ;) But that's very subjective too of course. As I may have mentioned before here, I used to be a pessimistic atheist and while I'm not going to cite reasons why I do find this world kinda sad & bad, I'll just say watch the news for evidence ;)

I agree that 9/11 truthers sometimes get scary too, as any BS followers do so (another group that's scary is Ron Paul followers sometimes, and way, way worse Obama followers, holy shit) - and 9/11 truth is of course something to be passionate about, if this happened in my country, I wouldn't just be doing a little activism on the internet.
The comparison is a little off though in my view because most 9/11 truthers can verbally bitchslap anyone in an argument with loads of evidence of what happened on that day - while most people who 'believe' the mainstream story, don't even know that 3 buildings collapsed in NY that day... Let alone what happened in general, shit, Chaser's War on Everything showed clips of New Yorkers who didn't even freaking now what year 9/11 took place in :p.
Religious people only quote scripture, which is more comparable to the people who buy the official version in my view.
There is also a pretty mindwarping history of false flag operations, and if you don't know about that yet I suggest you research that a little.

I think the 9/11 truth movement is necessary, but they have to realize what's possible - for instance, demanding another investigation I find freaking hilarious. These people do not investigate themselves. The Warren & 9/11 (C)ommission have made that clear.

Also, conspiracy 'theorists' (they never say researchers) get demonized continuously in the media. Taibbi is mainstream media and he regularly contributes to Bill Maher's show, Bill Maher has been a joke when it comes to 9/11, avoiding talking about the evidence every freaking time it came on his show and demonizing people like a Bill O'Reilly would do.

Dogmatic fanaticism is rampant in the world, the people who avoid dogma are very, very rare. I don't even know how many people would know about model agnosticism, and even those people - including me - can fall into the trap of dogma sometimes too.