Monday, July 14, 2008

Cactus Festival

Sorry folks didn't reach a computer before leaving for the Cactus festival in Bruges today, had a great time, a nice little festival, with a great atmosphere. Even kids running around collecting the plastic cups to get a free drink ticket so no trash anywhere ;) cool festival people, lots of different music & summer weather. Let me share my day with you!

DeVotchKa live with Slavic Sisters acrobatic act

Check out the great pictures at the end of this slideshow here for a great acrobatic act of a slavic sister, there are two in this video. He ended the set with his guitar against the theremin making some really cool sounds.

I really like this song by them:

Devotchka: How it ends

More Gypsy rock followed

Shantel: Disco Partizane

They opened with a semi-live version of this:

Ian Oliver feat. Shantel - Bucovina (Radio Mix)

Then this Belgian band which has some great songs:

Arsenal: Lotuk Live and a live version but the sound isn't so good and it's a guest singer. This is another good song by them: Switch.

Then The Kills, a man & woman with a guitar each and a beatmachine, I didn't really dig it but my buddy did. I can't even find a youtube vid I like of them ;) and after that some singer songwriter band named Sophia which sucked and was the worst warm-up for Bootsy Collins you can imagine ;p We also didn't see the first & last performers.

Bootsy Collins only did one song himself, but did come in the audience and walked right by us twice and the show was real good nonetheless. Mostly it was a James Brown tribute with a real good singer & dancer lookalike, and the guitarist and bassist from Public Enemy were part of the band too.

Bootsy in action, too bad I didn't get to hear this there but we got the funk ;)

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