Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Crowd Control Weapons

Goo, ray guns aim to protect @ Yahoo! Video
Click link for video

Ah CNN magic, protestors are terrorists and rational people don't worry about being exposed to the police's crazy new weaponry. Wonderful objective reporting, that's not propaganda at all :p


Anonymous said...

Crazy shit. I don't really it matters much, though. Governments / The System will not be overthrown by protesters fighting the police, but by a mass consciousness change, and the only thing I'm wondering about is if we'll need something like a Third World War to catalyze it or if we'll be able to avoid it.
Btw: As much as I hate to defend CNN, but I think the reporting was comparatively okay, I mean hey, they even had this ACLU guy interviewed!

Dedroidify said...

That consciousness change sounds good but sometimes I think it's not that far removed from "jesus will save us".
Shit I wonder what you're used to if you think this reporting is ok :p

Anonymous said...

Well, we've seen a lot of pure shite come out of CNN (shall I use the I-Word? Okay, I'll do it: IRAQ), haven't we?
Uh, and when it comes down to it: I'd much rather be saved by Jesus than by some violence-prone youths ... ah, no, of course it's great people are protesting, but I think there's a lot of truth to the saying that whatever you fight against only becomes stronger. (Sunday's my Enlightened Night :-)