Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Daily Dedroidify: Artwork through history

Daily Dedroidify: Artwork through history

Quite an imagination those ancestors of ours had.

Looks like the (endogenous DMT?) sightings started a little earlier than the 1940's :p Click the link to see more UFO Artwork through history with information on each work.


Brynjar Harðarson said...

This is pretty interesting and I've seen you post before about things like ancient sculptures of airplanes or flying machines, but though it's interesting what's really missing is, since you don't cover these things in detail is links to books, blog posts, articles, essays and so on that do cover it, it's not enough to just show a bunch of images, even if they are interesting and mind bending.

dedroidify said...

You may be right, though those who really want to know more will search for more themselves and really deserve the information.