Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Daily Dedroidify: The tree of knowledge

Daily Dedroidify: The tree of knowledge

When we bit the apple, we ate the lies that came with knowledge. Now that lie lives in us, the mind is fertile ground for concepts & opinions. The lie takes root in our minds, there it can grow big and strong just like a tree. So we produce a big tree of knowledge in our head, which is everything that we know. But what is it that we know? Mostly lies.

After we ate the fruit we judged ourselves as no longer good enough, and of course we judged others too. With judgement came guilt and shame and the need to punish and be punished. And we no longer respected and loved all of creation. We no longer believed that God was loving and just, we believed that God would punish and hurt us, it was a lie - but we believed it and we separated from God.

From this point it's easy to understand what's meant by original sin, it's not sex, no that's another lie. The original sin is to believe the lies that come from the snake in the tree, the meaning of the word sin is "to go against." To sin is not about blame or moral condemnation. To sin is to believe in lies and to use these lies against ourselves, from these lies all other sins are born.

Loosely adapted from "Don Miguel Ruiz - The Voice of Knowledge."
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"The creation of life and that is within in it was created without being sinful... yet the church instills in it's believers that we are all sinners... To believe we are sinners... goes against what creation was all about..."


Dr.Alistair said...

original sin is a game to bind us to guilt and shame.....those who reject the imprint of such things are forever adrift of modern commmercial culture, finding no solace in the material.

those who exist outside the status quo are free to inquire and ask questions.......and learn to realsie there are no answers, only more questions.

Michael Skaggs said...

Exactly...always questions, the inquisitive intuitive free mind that walks away from the sheeple is never satisfied with any answer, but always pondering more questions.

Nice one Dedroid!