Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Puter Job funnies

The Website Is Down: Sales Guy vs. Web Dude

If you haven't worked in IT this is probably not thàt funny, but hey, explore the reality tunnel ;). Here are some hilarious computer job-related things I remember off the top of my head:

In Networking Operations for a financial company (eww):
* Calling a Russian bank to check their server which is creating an error-msg flood on the monitor screens is always an adventure.
russian: GgGhhHhello?
me: Hello, this is *me* from *company name* calling, could you check your *company name* server?
russian: Surfehrr??
me: *company name*, computer
russian: ooh, computer!
me: yes, reboot please (screw checking it, that's really the modus operandi with major companies)
russian: reboot?
me: turn off... and on
russian: off and on, yes...?
me: yes, thank you, bye

Then you call back fifteen minutes later if nothing happens on the monitor screen.

ISP helpdesk:
* first day on the job, new employees in a meeting room, manager asks: So, how many of you here know what e-mail is?
* You know the old cupholder-cdrom joke, that really happened.
* client calls on phone: You broke my internet again! (: oh my bad, here I thought I was gonna fix it)
* collegue: dude your chat shell connection just got nuked severely and botched a server downstairs (: oh, crap)


Anonymous said...

That's pretty fun. OK to go light sometimes :-)

Anonymous said...

cool, now i'm checking out boingboing, another good one is myconfinedspace