Friday, July 4, 2008

Puter Trouble

My video card is busted, as soon as its replaced I'm back.

Update: Wednesday is the soonest I'll get my hands on a new AGP video card, so I hope to get some posts up by then. Check out the wonderful archives and links and stuff ;) and thanks for all the support!

Update: Early return!


daytoday said...

You are an amazing man. Please keep up the good work.

astrolint said...

I get nervous whenever you tell us you might be slowing down. Your work has really helped me on my journey. I use you on a daily basis.
Hurry back!

Thank you so much brother

Michael Skaggs said...

Oh no, was it Nvidia or ATI? I have had such great luck with ATI...

Looking forward to having ya back Dedroid!

Keep it real my friend.

dedroidify said...

Twas an nvidia but it lasted at least five years so no complaints.

I seem to be only able to get my hands on an ATI agp card, but it's ok since I read recently nvidia wants to start charging for their drivers lol (cause the hardware is so cheap? :p)

I hope the tv out controls are just as good for ati though, your puter hooked up to the tv? Any word on that?

Thanks for the kind words, I really love all the support I'm getting here and in e-mail, that's really motivating :)

Michael Skaggs said...

The ATI card worked most excellently Mr. Dedroid with a t.v. for a montior. :) I had an ATI Tv in/Out for quite sometime, and its lasted over 5 years. Good luck my friend.

Only thing about a t.v. is you can only use 60hz starts to get to the eyes after awhile...which explains a lot about the frequency when watching t.v. itself...Hmmm. Later man!

dedroidify said...

Cool thanks for the info, I only use the tv to watch streaming & dl'ed video, do everything else on flatscreen, and now temporarily on an old crt monitor cause the flat says "out of range" with this old puter lol, wtf? All settings are normal!