Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Daily Dedroidify: Satan: a symbol of lies & ignorance

Daily Dedroidify: Satan: a symbol of lies & ignorance

The book of Job is nothing else than an allegory that has the purpose to show that evil on earth is a trial of virtue. All persons in this work are symbolic and especially their names point this out. Job is the appointed, Satan is the trial in general and harassment in particular. The story facts are just as improbable as in fabels, but the philosophy of it is very beautiful. From all of this nothing reasonable is to be concluded about the reality of a figure named Stan. (rofl, I refuse to change this typo)

In the Gospels Jesus speaks the following profound riddle words filled with eternal wisdom: 'The devil is as much a liar as his father.' The devil, whoever it may be, could thus not be a creature of God, at least not in his uality of the devil. Who or what then can be the father of the devil? The father of the devil is the lie. He is himself the lie and the father of the lie.
Satan, the representation of the fallen angel, the one that instead of soaring to the wisdom of the etheric, descends into the stupidity of the material.
He is the one all including madness. But it is a terrible, conniving, shrude power, that assumes a thousand formes, that penetrates all, sometimes threatening sometimes flattering, always destined, a power that God wanted when he wanted freedom, however destined this power brings forth slavery; a power that personifies itself in the large group of the purposefully erring.

One can read in the Gospels that the Messiah asks him how he calls himself, and he answers: 'I call myself Legion, cause we form a large multitude.' The devil is the beast, or rather the working inspiration for the multitude's working stupidity: it is the attraction of evil.

Excerpt from Eliphas Levi: Elements of Kabbala

"Benefiting as they do from our ignorance as to the workings of social engineering. The leaders in office can hardly be expected to use their power and resources to effectively change the status quo. They're not inclined to demand or cause real change, because they covet the view from tittering penthouses beyond the glass ceiling and the clammier of the audiences, unaware of their own self and power to change the world around them.

Fortunately the times are changing and the masks are finally coming down. To the surprise of both protagonist and antagonist. It has already begun to dawn on the few, that in their order for the thrill in climbing up higher above others and in their narcissistic view for reaching the skies. They have like Icarus, flown too close to the sun. So what a shock it will be for those who seek the prize of technological enlightenment and social utopia to realize after all there sacrifices they are doomed to fall back to earth with blazing wings. What cries will be heard from those whose vanity has propelled them so high above the world. When their exclusive reality comes crashing graciously down.

Already we are beginning to hear these cries and as the new millennium advances we are going to hear them more and more frequently. From the mouths of those finally recognizing that while they despotically ruled from their steely cloud crown penthouses they allowed their foundations to rot weaken and finally crumble away to nothing. We are approaching the days when many seemingly ancient myths are going to be reenacted. In fact some of the greatest so called myths are yet to occur. What a surprise it would be to find out that Lucifer's great fall from paradise was not an event of the past but an event that is still to come."

Michael Tsarion

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