Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Synchromystic Jake Kotze has a new fascinating interview up with Red Ice Creations about synchromysticism, synchronicity, 9/11 and more.

Technoccult has some amazing posts up again, I'd link 'em but I'd have to link most of the first two pages :p

Check out Postmodern times vids, consciousness & 2012 related including more, featuring Dean Radin among others.

Secret Sun has some cool posts up including a masonic city skyline overview of the US including benbens.

Synchronistic Linguistics in The Matrix Or How Bob Dobbs Became the Tetrad Manager by Robert Guffey

Obama Feigns Ignorance of CFR, NAU by Kurt Nimmo

The next two vids are from the comments of this Wu-Tang Tarot Cards page (great mnemonic devices ;) at Polterchrist (awesome name btw)

The End - Wu Tang Clan featuring Jordan Maxwell at the end.

GZA, RZA and Bill Murray : Coffee & Cigarettes... (takes a while to take off)

Bill Murray Technology Rant

"Who needs to know that? I don't need to know that."

Here's a cool Ron Paul sync in Linklater's movie Slacker at Spelunking the Ideosphere.

Check out Arnie post: Eagle ruler 888 at Konkrete Junkyard, Total Recall was on TV last night but I watched the latest Stargate Continuum (may post on that later) with a buddy instead.

I stumbled on this Rihanna topic on ats, after posting this earlier (scroll).

Human-pig hybrid embryos given go ahead

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