Friday, October 17, 2008

Double Illuminated South Park Feature

A short Synchromystic write-up for episodes 12x8 and 12x9 from South Park. Synchromysticism on this blog is learning about the esoteric (consciousness or conspiracy related) from the exoteric. I didn't bother to watch the episodes over again entirely so let me know if you want to add anything.
As the good Thuth from ConspiracyGrimoire (site down now) let us know in his Thuther Thoughts PDF: (also broken link sorry!) Kenny=Buddhist, Stan=Mason, Kyle=Moralizer and Zionist, Cartman is the Fascist Neo-Nazi Neo-Con Bullshit Racist Illuminati Authority Figure in the Illuminated South Park. South Park usually has brilliant (though how hard is it to rip on other 'entertainment') but crude multi-layered humor that I'm quite sure most young viewers don't pick up on, as I notice it as I watch it with others.

In Episode 12x8 The China Probrem Cartman (Illuminati resonator) gets Butters, the gullible follower and Sheeple-resonator to join him to save the US from China. Multilayered symbolism again, as Butters also resonates Al Qaeda, or any government false flag mind controlled chump ready to follow orders. Though obviously there is initial resistance, it doesn't last long.

Butters: "I can't stop the Chinese tonight, Eric. I'm suppose to make a model car with my dad."

Things quickly get f'd up in a Chinese Restaurant, as Cartman hands Butters the gun and tells him to shoot. Though things get out of hand and allow me to translate the following:

Cartman: Aww.. dude. You shot him in the dick. (You cut his head off/You tortured him)
Butters: Huh?
Cartman: That's not cool Butters. You don't shoot a guy in the dick. (You don't cut a guy's head off/torture someone)
Butters: But I was just tryin to stop him 'n you said-
Cartman: It doesn't matter Butters! You never shoot a guy in the dick! (...) Everyone knows that! Shooting a guy in the dick!? That's just.. that's just weak... I can't believe you Butters.

So Cartman distances himself from his MK puppet quickly, like the puppetmasters of Al Qaeda and the Army Chain of Command about the Abu Ghraib scandal. Confusing the shit out of the puppet and everybody else.

The episode also rapes Indiana Jones, it alludes to the raping of Indy by Spielberg and Lucas as the ending was not well received by many, though the ones raping Indy really are of course illuminated Matt & Trey themselves, ironic.

At the ending of Indiana Jones we see a spiral staircase and 13 (bloodlines?) aliens turning into one big Grey (sick representation for the hive Illuminati mind? - or less nefariously and plain weak, just higher consciousness) and burns and kills the evil Cate Blanchett cause she is not worthy.
Compare to James Arthur's talk on the Ark of Noah, which may have housed the entheogens that the priesthood wanted to keep secret. So in the first movie for instance, you get burned and killed if you open the Ark, in actuality perhaps, the priesthood would have done that themselves because you found out their empowering secret. A key to Gnosis - Any right-brain activating practice is one of these keys, you don't need anything outside of yourself really. Of course, as James Arthur also mentions, someone ill intentioned and/or unprepared can suffer quite the bad trip too, like the shady government scientist who wanted to use them for Mind Control, haha. Another fascinating take on the Ark here by Daniel Pinchbeck talking about Nassim Haramein's theories.
So Indy has a Circuit 8 experience symbolized by the spiral staircase and extradimensional contact. A rather weak way of symbolizing an altered state of consciousness or higher consciousness. Basically ridiculing it entirely for the masses.

During the reference to The Accused Indy gets raped on a Pinball machine, there is also a reference to Deliverance (pig squealing). Later Spielberg and Lucas get arrested for raping a Stormtrooper, on a mandala like Carpet.

Fitting cause I hate the fact that in the prequels the Clone Troopers were Oztralians all of a sudden.

Butters: So wait, that's it? What about the Chinese invasion?
Cartman: I really don't care anymore, Butters. You see, I've learned something today. As Americans, our fear of seeing another country become powerful can turn us into monsters. Watching how crazy you went, watching you just shoot people in the dick like that, it made me realize that I want America to be safe but not at the cost of losing its dignity. I'd rather us be Chinese than a nation of unethical dick-shooters. (or torturers, aka waterboarders...)
(turns to walk away and points at Butters) You think about that. (Cartman walks away)
Butters: Can't believe they put 'em in jail. I thought that movie was pretty good.

In episode 12x9 Breast Cancer Show Ever Eric really shows his Illuminati colors as just being a real fucking asshole (I think I never wanted to punch him more lol) mocking Breast Cancer of all things, pissing off Wendy Testaburger so bad she ultimately just has to kick his ass.
[added: It can be interpreted as criticism on the "Breast Cancer Awareness" agenda. Thanks Celtic Rebel: "Awareness leads to more worry leads to more stress leads to more breast cancer, no? Where is all the money going??? We know its not the cure. I'm thinking a good first step towards avoiding breast cancer might be for women to stop irradiating their breasts through mammograms..."]
While alone with Wendy he's a cowardly asshole manipulating her anyway he can to save his own skin, but when others are around he's a monster. Never forget this, the "enemy" perceived as powerful are attached to their attainments and scared to death to lose their precious toys.
Btw folks, this might be more useful to some than others but ever think of investing in good dictaphone? I can only imagine how handy it can be when faced with cops, bosses, government officials and other career-whores who forget what's really important in certain situations.

The Divine Feminine can overcome the Patriarchal bullshit control system easily, it's just that the latter seems so powerful and keeps up appearances no matter what, as illustrated by Cartman's fat body and wretched behaviour, he just doesn't quit. And so Wendy finally gets fed up, draws the line and beats his ass behind it. Which is really what we should be metaphorically doing (in any peaceful way first obviously) during this economic powergrab, wage slavery wasn't bad enough as it was, but no! They have to up the ante even more, a little too much.

References in the episode: Snatch. (notice the point, it is part of the movie title): The entire fight scene between Wendy and Cartman in the end of the episode, is exactly the same as when Brad Pitt fights in Snatch.. What about Snatch.? How about 700 Billion dollars in the states, and the billions across the world The Government-and-Bank cartels stole from the tax payers?

Another reference is to the movie There Will Be Blood: After Wendy wins the fight at the very end of the episode her last line as she walks off is, "I'm finished." She is referring to one of the most popular quotations from the famous ending of the 2007 hit movie There Will Be Blood. (Haven't seen it myself.)

Of course they had to switch things up, because here Wendy takes the role of Daniel Plainview, who is the Oil asshole, and it's the other way around in South Park, she beats the Oil Asshole. Daniel Day Lewis plays Daniel Plainview, as in it's all in plainview suckers, emphasized by the actor and character having the same first name.

There will be blood is about the Oil Family Business. from the trailer: "Why don't I own this?!" Plainview. The tagline for the movie: "When ambition meets faith." When Fake Christians (or other religions) and Greedy Bastards unite. Synopsis of the movie: A story about family, greed, religion, and oil, centered around a turn-of-the-century prospector in the early days of the business.

There will be greed
There will be vengeance
There will be blood

boy: "When do we get our money Daniel?!" ...
Daniel: "I broke you and I beat you!"

"We have a sinner with us." Of course the only thing born in original sin is the institution that came up with that bullshit...


Anonymous said...

I had actually bookmarked this a couple of days ago wanting to read it later. You also seem to be in synch with neuro-linguistic programming.

Haven't seen any of the new South Pakrs yet. Your analysis of the first seems dead on. I'm tired of people worshiping Stone/Parker and those in our own community who think the team is "revealing" to us.

I may have to disagree somewhat with the second. Kids in my neighborhood are getting suckered into this "Breast Cancer Awareness" agenda. Awareness leads to more worry leads to more stress leads to more breast cancer, no? Where is all the money going??? We know its not the cure. I'm thinking a good first step towards avoiding breast cancer might be for women to stop irradiating their breasts through mammograms...

I saw there will be blood and didn't pay "close" attention. Offhand, it seemed like a love-letter to the Rockefellers, a insidious effort to destroy the image of one of their few real competitors from those days when they had some...

Dedroidify said...

Hey CR (my initials are RC)

Good point, thanks for that. Didn't think of the agenda push when seeing the episode... even though last year over here 3 (old) belgian celeb women were pushing it too with billboards in bare shoulders - blwerk,
it's like "Got cancer yet?! No? Well spend some money on radiation to see if you're lucky"

Though the episode kinda also created more awareness no? ;p Will add that to the article tomorrow though, every post a work in progress on this chaotic webspace and that's a useful addition.

That does sound like a good idea, indeed.

That movie seemed like a Rockefeller love-letter without seeing it too!

Peace & thanks

Anonymous said...

The episode actually came on tonight. So, here's my $0.02

I felt kind of sorry for Cartman actually. Wendy is one brainwashed but motivated strong young woman. She thinks she's working for a good cause, but like all the other "breast cancer awareness" raisers, she's being played for a fool. It also plays right into the agenda of further increasing the divide between the sexes.

On the young(er) people particularly, I see a trend of pushing women towards violence against men, further emasculating males.

On cancer, Too Long in This Place wrote a woman's perspective on the topic...

Dedroidify said...

Cool CR

Love multiple interpretations.

Emasculated males are not a symptom I worry much about myself - there's little trace of it in Belgium. At least among the young. The wrong eye-contact and you'd better watch out... And I just couldn't shake Cartman's evil-resonance ;p