Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Karma Global Limited

I saw this brand name on a toaster in a sandwich place today
"Karma means INTENTION then ACTION every time you do a Good KARMA it comes back to you."
From the site ;)
this symbol was on it too, an inverted eye in triangle

Six Word Stories: Sci-Fi

Six Word Stories: Sci-Fi
“We went solar; sun went nova.”
—Ken MacLeod

“Hello Son,” it said, tentacles waving.
—G. Sulea

“The Earth? We ate it yesterday.”
—Yann Martel

“From torched skyscrapers, men grew wings.”
—Gregory Maguire

Main Bee Hive

That's what NASA calls this image, the main bee hive... of satellites ;p

Synchromystic All-Stars on Red Ice & Stormy Weather

CK posted these at Secret Sun and it's new sister blog, The Solar Satellite:
"I had a mind-bending Skype-a-thon last week with Aeolus Kephas of the Stormy Weather podcast and the first of two installments is up now."
update: part two is up.

"Henrik and Fredrik at Red Ice Creations Radio have been tapping into the Synchromystic goldmine for recent shows. The latest has Freeman discussing his Obama-Akhenaten theory (of course, I absolutely see Obama as the new Tut, but Freeman is always awesome on the symbols). And exploring the nether regions we have Ben Singleton of the essential Pseudo-Occult Media and Todd Campbell from the fearless Through the Looking Glass."
I really enjoyed CK's interview, here's one of many gems:
AK: What qualities do you like about others the most?
CK: Curiosity.
AK: What quality do you dislike about others?
CK: Certainty.
AK: Hmm, good answer.

Illusion & Reality (Esoteric Agenda Excerpt)

Illusion & Reality (Esoteric Agenda Excerpt)

I really enjoyed parts of Kymatica, the Esoteric Agenda sequel. So posting this clip of the first one.