Friday, February 24, 2012

Alan Moore's Promethea aka a beautiful beginner's course in Magick

In Grant Morrison's Pop Magic, he suggests the first God to chat up to is Hermes, reading up on Hermes is quite interesting and all over the place, and maybe one of the most beautiful and engaging ways to read up on Hermes is his female version of Alan Moore's Promethea.

A true gem of comics, I finally got off my ass and started reading more comics, I had read the Invisibles, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, but the rest I didn't keep up partly cause it actually takes some effort to read a comic book. What helped was my new kindled motivation and also this new reader I'm using, I used to have CDisplay but I recently found ComicRack (mirror). It needs .net Framework 4 to work, and I read a review somewhere saying if you want a Jumbo Jet to get somewhere instead of a bicycle you can use this, since Hermes is associated with Wings on the hat or sandals, sure I'll take that Jumbo Jet, it really displays the comics great with a sexy fade visual.

And what better comic to test it out with than Promethea, probably the most beautiful comics I've ever seen using tons of different styles. About a girl who researches the mythical Promethea and turns into her. Another great primer on Magick and on Hermes that Grant Morrison directs us to.

click for bigger version
Promethea has so many wonderful tidbits of Magickal knowledge sprinkled throughout, you will want to keep a notepad handy so you don't just skip by 'em, often you will probably unknowingly just scan passed some wonderfully helpful symbols, techniques or advice. And I guess that's why we re-read comics.

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