Monday, February 13, 2012

Make 2012 a Bucket List year

Hey, you never know the Mayans may be right (lol, about what?), but anyway, an interesting way to make 2012 a fun year is to cross everything off your Bucket List! It'll make the rest of your life more interesting too as you've already done a lot of cool shizzle! So do what you always wanted to do, see what you always wanted to see, listen to what you always wanted to hear, experience what you always wanted to experience, etc. Don't mistake this post for me going to share my entire bucket list with you, though I might some :P, actually it's not a bad idea lol, hmm let me mull it over. Starting, I actually saw a play, ok it was on the computer, but I watched the downloadable video of the play of Wilhelm Reich in Hell and it was pretty cool, recommend it to anyone, GO.

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