Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tarot World History part 2

11: lust - a whore astride a ravening beast - the aspirations of empires are brought low by their desire, amoral power unchecked. Strength is now lust. Consider the conquests of Rome, while reckless orgies seethed at home, a proud harlot headed for a fall.
12: the hanged man - how light descended, plunged to dark, hard won knowledge of mankind to brute barbarian night consigned. Initiation may be a dark and desperate ride, a journey through the land of shade required before progress is made. Man's Dark Age was but a necessary ordeal, the anaesthetic dark you'd need for vital sugery to proceed.
13: death - dark ages at its peak, battlefields, the funeral, one state must end before another can start. Rebirth. Renaissance.
14: art - dawn, temperance, imagination tempered by will, chemistry, science art and beauty rose anew like gods. Through skies, consciousness flourished, reason thrived, civilization was revived

15: the devil - pentacle surmounts his frown with 4 points up and one down, 4 elements rise while spirit tramples lies, satan offers christ, materialism. In the light the renaissance brings, the age of reason spreads its wings, rationalism holds full sway and science ascends as god gives way
16: the tower - technological progress causes war. Babel meant to heaven reach, all towers men build a lesson teach. Lightning descending from the sky, reminds man there's but one most high, the divine. Industrial utopia went down in flames of world war one.
17: the star - the aftermath of war, many yearn for a more sacred path, theosophy, golden dawn, materialism ends, occult philosophy thrives.
18: the moon - the flicker of light that is the star, it's tiny and surrounded by blackness, occult nazis, darker more unreasoning side, moon's blackest face we see, nuclear stockpiles, with its end obsessed, darkness and conflict.
19: the sun - spiritual rediscovery, wealth and science and demographic surge, new ideas, buddhism, zen, astrology, i ching, hippies, psychedelics, bards and seers, zeitgeists solar flash scorches most visionaries to ash unfortunately, drugged melodramas become.
20: the aeon - judgment day, apocalypse = revelation, ideas from the psychedelics fuel progress, knowledge doubles, information.
21: the universe - new universe is begun, add card zero and ten spheres and 32 paths appear, this earth-moon path shows flesh & imagination's dance, mankind moves from earthly plane to the moon's imaginary domain, the dream-realm awaits, rejoice this is the promised time, of earth's ascent to realms sublime.

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