Monday, February 27, 2012

Tarot World History part 1

Promethea issue 12
The Magic Theatre - A Pop Art Happening

What will follow is a very basic summary with other tarot pictures, if you want the beautiful imagery and prose you will have to read Promethea issue 12

0: the fool - the initial quantum vacume
From whence were space and time deployed, if not this empty quantum void?
1: the magician - the will, the creative, the wand, the spark
The Fool to the Magician yields, and from the vacant quantum fields erupts the singularity of all that is, or that may be. The spark from which al things proceed!
2: the high priestess - parent, mother of dreams
Parent of Suns and Substance, she! Womb of all possibility!
She's mother to all matter's schemes, its aspirations and its dreams.
3: the empress - all bounty and love, venus, bright, earth/water/fire/air = one,
union, holy spark burns in her, seeds of life in her abide.
The Big Bang!
4: the emperor - life, dna, divine energy, double helix sceptre,
the cast, life's script, scheme, cosmic play's theme

5: the hierophant - source comes alive, force, terrestrial line, adapts, thrives
This visionary papal force guides fledgling life upon its course that the initial spark divine might foster a terrestrial line. From algue to annelid worm, through evolutions hoop we squirm, from fish to reptile, snake to bird, we're scaled, or feathered or else furred. From monkeys, life adapts and thrives.
6: the lovers - modern man & woman, sex, in eden they did not know sex or death, amoebas were quite immortal and hermaphrodite (amoebas: implied by eve, grown from husband's side), serpent dna brings sex and death into play, with these two factors there can be progress and possibility, thus we fall (or in genetic terms, descend), so eden ends. unlike amoebas, kill to stay alive, animal dilemmas, it's plain: either you're abel or you're cain.
7: the chariot - the holy cup containing ambrosia, nectar, soma, shamanism, entheogens
the chariot that lifts us up
8: Justice: equilibrium, harmony from stern judgment, order, laws, civilization, society develops.
9: the hermit - human culture has to wait, gestate, grow, dark & warm from simple to more complex, retreat, evolving, the embryo.
10: (wheel of) fortune - Babylon falls, Egypt thrives till Alexanders' Greeks arrive, Romans come, only change changes not. Like sulfur, salt and mercury, the 3 principles of alchemy, one state must to the next give way.

To be continued...

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