Sunday, February 26, 2012

Promethea Issue 10: Sex, Stars & Serpents

So in the wonderful Comic Book Promethea, she gets initiated by Jack Faust into the Chakra Kundalini System in a rather tantric way. Read issue 10 if you wanna see it all: here are some teasers. The first image is from Issue 9 though.

earthly consciousness

lunar sphere of dream, imagination, sexual fantasy

solar plexus, strength, power, desire, fire, mars, heat, fierceness

heart, sorrow, joy, soul, sun, gold, love

abyss, beyond existence, knowledge enters, where holy information leaks

female principle, roles & identities turn inside out: magicians are male, their symbol is the wand, they seek to penetrate the mystery, once they succeed, they become magic, the mystery, that which is penetrated, they become female, hermaphrodite

pure white diamond brilliance, crown, step out of time

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