Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Snake - The Spiralling DNA - Representing all Earthly Life

So imagine you recently had the most enlightning experience of your life through a mushroom trip, and a few months later you decide to try it again. But instead of enlightning visions, you end up huddled scared in a corner of your bedroom and whenever you close your eyes you see a GIANT FUCKING SNAKE FILLING UP THE REST OF THE ROOM GRINNING AT YOU. Well since I was meditating for hours on end during that time I finally know what the hell the trip was trying to tell me, that I was too frightened of Earthly life and was exploring inner space too much foregoing on the exterior space. I backed off from any psychonaut adventures for a long while after that so it served its purpose, but now I finally know, thanks to Alan Moore, what it symbolized.

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