Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life + Significance = Magick

Grant Morrison - Talking with Gods

I was thinking if I had any heroes that are still alive and at first I couldn't come up with any, but then like a bolt of lightning flashed Grant Morrison into my consciousness. This documentary/interview is must see!

"To me it comes down to a very simple equation: Life + Significance = Magick."

If I had to choose between oxygen and Community...

Don't worry Annie gets the room later and the Dreamatorium is relocated to another room. Dreamatoriums don't die!

Conspiracy Theory episode: Too stupid to orchestrate anything!

Secret Air Conditioning Society

I'm not ashamed to say that Troy and Abed are my realest of imaginary friends

An introduction to Banishing Rituals by Phil Hine

"If I had a £1 for every person I've met over the years who's said, "oh I don't bother with banishing rituals" - and then wondered why they started to have problems with their magic - I'd probably have, er..well enough money for a meal in a decent London restaurant. A Banishing Ritual is one of the first practical exercises that you should learn in magic (in my view, anyway), and by doing so, you can save yourself a lot of trouble later on.

Banishing is also known as Centering, which in many respects, is a more accurate term for the exercise.

So what is a Banishing Ritual? Essentially, Banishing has three aims. The first is that it 'warms you up' as a preparation for doing further ritual, meditation, or whatever, enabling you to put aside 'everyday thoughts' - "what's on TV later", etc. It allows you to take on the role of 'magician' (I'll go into this later on), and to place yourself in the 'centre' of your magical universe - the axis mundi. Secondly, Banishing sets up the space you are working in as 'sacred', so that the loft, bedroom, basement or wherever you are becomes, temporarily, a 'temple' space. Thirdly, a Banishing 'clears' the atmosphere of the area that you're working in of 'psychic debris' - I'm not entirely happy with this description, so I'll try and expand on that later as well.

Most Banishing rituals have three basic components:
  • A section to focus awareness on the BodyMind.
  • A section which demarcates the main zones, gates, quarters or dimensions of the chosen magical universe - at which you are the centre.
  • An identification with a chosen source of inspiration - merging the macrocosm (total psychocosm) with the microcosm (self)."

Check for an example of a great Banishing Ritual for beginners. If you're doing it with feeling, feeling will do something to you.