Monday, June 10, 2013

Finished PKD's The Divine Invasion

Linda Fox said, "Each person on Earth will have to choose between his yetzer ha-ra and
his yetzer ha-ru. You choose me and so I saved you . . . you choose the goat-thing and I
cannot save you. In your case I was the one you chose. The battle is waged for each soul
individually. That is what the rabbis teach. They have no doctrine of fallen man as a
whole. Salvation is on a one by one basis.

He woke up in the morning with the Fox against him, her hair brushing his face, and he
said to himself, This is actually so; it is not a dream, and the evil goat-creature lies dead
on the roof, my particular goat-thing that came to degrade my life.
This is the woman I love, he thought as he touched the dark hair and the pale cheek. It is
beautiful hair and her lashes are long and lovely, even as she sleeps. It is impossible but
it is true. That can happen. What had Elias told him about religious faith? 'Certum est
quia impossibile est." "This is therefore credible, just because it is absurd." The great
statement by the early Church father Tertullian, regarding the resurrection of Jesus
Christ. "Et sepultus resurrexit; certum est quia impossibile est.'' And that is the case here.

What a long way I have gone, he thought, stroking the woman's bare arm. Once I
imagined this and now I experience this. I am back where I began and yet I am totally
elsewhere from where I began! It is a paradox and a miracle at the same time. And this,
even, is California, where I imagined it to be. It is as if in dreaming I presaw my future
reality; I experienced it beforehand.
And the dead thing on the roof is proof that this is real. Because my imagination could
not give rise to that stinking beast whose mind glued itself to my mind and told me lies,
told me ugly stories about a fat, short woman with bad skin. An object as ugly as itself-a
projection of itself.
Has anyone loved another human as much as I love her? he asked himself, and then he
thought, She is my Advocate and my Beside-Helper. She told me Hebrew words that I
have forgotten that describe her. She is my tutelary spirit, and the goat-thing came all the
way here, three thousand miles, to perish when she put her fingers against its flank. It
died without even a sound, so easily did she kill it. She was waiting for it. That is-as she
said-her job, one of her jobs. She has others; she consoled me, she consoles millions; she
defends; she gives solace. And she is there in time; she does not arrive too late.

 Did you realize that? That the Fox has known you totally, for a very long time?"
"The goat-creature didn't surprise her," he said.
"Nothing surprises the yetzer ha-toy of a human being," Emmanuel said.
"Will I ever see you again?" Herb Asher asked.
"Not as you see me now. Not as a human figure such as yourself. I am not as you see
me; I now shed my human side, that derived from my mother, Rybys. Zina and I will
unite in a syzygy which is macrocosmic; we will not have a soma, which is to say, a
physical body distinct from the world. The world will be our body, and our mind the
world's mind. It will also be your mind, Herbert. And the mind of every other creature
that has chosen its yetzer ha-toy, its good spirit. This is what the rabbis have taught, that
each human-but I see you know this; Linda has told you. What she has not told you is a
later gift that she holds in store for you: the gift of ultimate exculpation for your life in
its entirety. She will be there when you are judged, and the judgment will be of her
rather than you. She is spotless, and she will bestow this perfection on you when final
scrutiny comes. So fear not; your ultimate salvation is assured. She would give her life
for you, her friend. As Jesus said, 'Greater love has no man than that he give up his life
for his friends.' When she touched the goat-creature she-well, I had better not say.
"She herself died for an instant," Herb Asher said.
"For an instant so brief that it scarcely existed."
"But it did occur. She died and returned. Even though I saw nothing."
"That is so. How did you know?"
Herb Asher said, "I could feel it this morning when I looked at her sleeping; I could feel
her love."

When the poor cripple by the pool did lie
Full many years in misery and pain,
No sooner he on Christ had set his eye,
But he was well, and comfort came again.

I finished this amazing book by visionary Philip K. Dick and was blown away, I decided to do a one card tarot reading and drew the Seven of Cups.
I opened my book on the Tarot (Renée Maas - Tarot: An Open Book) to find its meaning, but I arrived on the page which had the title "The Tarot and the Kabbala" first. Pretty awesome since PKD talks about the Torah throughout the book. Many meanings for any card, this translation suits my interpretation best: In general this card points to a need to narrow your focus. When it appears, you are probably trying to do too much, and doing most of it not very well. BRB, studying everything about the Torah and Kabbalah. What's funny is, while I was opening the Tarot Book I heard someone outside on the street yell GODDAMMIT in flemish (Godverdomme!).

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